How Cindy lost 70 pounds on keto

I used to wake up four to five days a week
for such a severe headache. I would wake up and my head could be
drawn back in such a pounding headache that before I woke up,
I knew it was going to be a bad one. I started following a low-carb lifestyle when my sister Debbie Stokes
sent me the doctor Sarah Hallberg TED talk where she talks about what if
we’ve been treating type 2 diabetes wrong. First I thought it was
just going to be a diet, something short,
something as a stopgap, but what I found was it does much more
than help you lose weight. It’s a metabolic rearrangement and an internal healing process
I’ve been going through. If we think about that type 2 diabetes
is a carbohydrate intolerance, much like peanut allergies,
peanut intolerance, isn’t it logical that we can reduce
our carbohydrates therefore reduce the need for meds? Because we can treat a blood sugar,
but we’re not treating the disease. We’ve seen so much hope for people
with infertility problems, so much hope just
in the low-carb community for people when you regulate your carbs
and you increase your fats, hormone production is normalized. And when you can optimize that,
so many other things fall into place. When you become a fat burner,
it was like someone turned on the lights and I was like, “Ah, I feel amazing!” And I wasn’t hungry and I wasn’t irritable
and I felt focused. And it was just the first epiphany of many
of this to your journey. This was me before low-carb. So I was probably a little bit heavier there
and I thought I looked cute. They see me at the educational event
and they’re like, “Huh!” or they walk by me
and they don’t recognize me. And they’ll be like, “What are you doing?” Because I think one of the loudest voices
that we can have is to just live the lifestyle
and let them see the changes. I think if anyone out there
who is listening to this at any point in time, in any remote way
has struggled like that, the only way I can explain this
is I’ve been set free. And I thought, “I won’t ever go back
into that bondage again. I won’t do it.”

20 thoughts on “How Cindy lost 70 pounds on keto

  1. Cindy has described exactly how the LCHF has affected my life, too. I turned 80 yrs. old in March and, after visiting with an Endocrinologist for my Type 2 diabetes and stage 3 kidney disease, receiving the latest meds and suffering their side effects, decided I didn't want to live the rest of my life feeling like that. After scanning the internet, I ran across the Diet Doctor website, studied it, and something clicked. It's truly been a life-changer for me and I can't thank everyone, involved in setting up the program, enough for their dedication and expertise.

  2. Very sincere testimony to something I'm trying right now lchf & fasting. I refused type 2 diabetes medication and started this lifestyle and I am positive this is right for me.

  3. Exactly! Nurse Cindy is saying exactly how I feel. I am NEVER going back into that Bondage again! Food no longer controls me! Love Nurse Cindy's simplistic explanation of what this life style is and has done.

  4. I don’t know—I’ve been on keto since March and lost only 5-6 lbs. I am 82 in good health, take no meds, exercise. I am up and down with how I feel. I feel good, not great, although I believe my brain works better. So many people out there losing all kinds of pounds and even tho I am religious about following this plan, 5lbs today, maybe 6 tomorrow!

  5. Well, I lost 26 kg in 6 months, sometimes I cheat the keto for sweets but I don't give up keto for the rest of my life, hopefully.

  6. The most noticeable change for me has been my joints stopped aching.  I am losing weight slowly.  Amazing.  It did not take much for me because I have been a health nut for most of  my life but I still had little aches and pains. Gone!

  7. I did it to (lost 70 pounds) and my body relax on LCHF. Every time I get to much carbs my body and stomach hurts so I find my way back to LCHF

  8. Question …. I've been doing strict keto with intermittent fasting a little over 200 days and have lost almost 70 pounds. I do test my ketones/bg on a meter and know I'm burning ketones. Fairly certain with this amount of weight loss and length of time that I'm fat adapted? Happy with the results. However, I have never experienced the burst of energy everyone talks about. Wondering if it has to do with what else is going on in your body? How metabolically sick you are to begin with? I have quite a bit of insulin resistance with PCOS to overcome and a lot more weight to lose.

  9. Yeah, me too! I tell people I set out to cure having insulin resistance but many people don’t know what that means.
    I like the term carbohydrate intolerance, that’s something people understand.

  10. So you guys told a bit of your stories but you don't mention at all how to do it. I'm a person that needs a lot of help and no one is really saying anything other than praising that they're doing so much better. Can someone help here and say something meaningful to help someone like me that in some ways doesn't have too far to go before I of my disease? Thanks.

  11. Thank you for your testimony of low carb diet. It's scandalous the way a whole generation has been poisoned by powerful food and pharmaceutical industries.

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