How City Water Meters Calculate Your Usage

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The Corpus Christi Water Department strives to improve
efficiency and productivity to support customer satisfaction.
To ensure residents arecharged accurately for water
use, the City uses an automated
meter reading system.(Mark Van Vleck)
At your house there’s a meter
and on top of it is actually a
register which does something
similar to the odometer in your
car and instead of counting miles, it counts the number of
gallons that you used and sometimes it rounds to ten
gallons. It doesn’t always read to the gallon. (Mario Longoria)
The water billing information is then transmitted from the
meter to a computer server,which bills residents for every
thousand gallons of water.
(Mark Van Vleck)
Let’s say you’re reading from the meter in May was 13,999.
That number would be transmittedvia wifi to the software at City
Hall, but then when it sends the
information to our billing
software, the only number that
would go is 13. The billing
software would not see even the
rest of that number. Then the
next month, the meter would send
a new reading and lets say its
16,001. Again same way, wifi to
system, but then the number that
actually gets sent to the
billing software would be 16. So
your actual usage would be about
2,002 gallons, but what the
software would do is it would
take 16 minus 13 equals 3,000
gallons. So then your bill
would actually be the minimum
which includes 2,000 gallons
plus 1,000 gallons.(Mario Longoria)
By rounding down to the nearest
thousand gallon, the automated
meter reading software ensures
that residetns are not being
billed for water they have not used.(Mark Van Vleck)
The key is we don’t bill in
anticipation of people using
water. We bill for what they
actually use. It wouldn’t be
fair to assume they’re going to use a certain amount the next
month which would occur if you rounded up. (Mario Longoria)
Citizens continue to be mindfulof how much water they use. For
more water saving tips visit[business news music]

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