How Do Magnetic Inductive Flow Meters Work?

AutomationDirect’s ProSense FMM Series Flow
Meters measure flow rates of conductive liquids up to 160 gallons per minute. And the compact
low-profile in-line design makes them easy to install and since they have no moving parts
they are super reliable. But if there aren’t any moving parts, how
do they work? Inside the flow meter there are two coils
that create a magnetic field. When the fluid is sitting still, the positive and negative
particles are evenly distributed. When the fluid starts to move, the magnetic field forces
the particles to separate. The faster the flow, the more the particles separate. The
more the particles separate, the more the voltage differential. These electrodes embedded
in the side walls are then used to measure the voltage created by the separated particles.
And since that voltage is directly proportional to the rate of flow, and the cross sectional
area is known, the meter can calculate the total flow.
So as long as you have a media with a minimum level of conductivity, these magnetic inductive
flow meters from AutomationDirect are a great way to measure flow.
If you need any help with AutomationDirect’s flow meters, please contact our free award
winning support team during regular business hours. They will be happy to help. And don’t
forget the forums – there are lots of folks there that love to share their years of experience.
Just don’t post any questions directed at AutomationDirect’s support team there, they
don’t monitor the forums on a regular basis.

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