How do smart meters work? | Smart Energy GB

The smart meter system is made up of two
parts the smart meters, which replace your traditional gas and electricity
meters and the in-home display a portable screen that shows you how much
gas and electricity you’re using and how much it’s costing you. Both parts of the
system work together to ensure you receive accurate information about your
energy use in near-real-time for electricity and half-hourly for gas. Your
smart meter securely shares only these readings automatically with your in-home
display and with your energy supplier, making sure your energy bills are always
accurate. You have the option to have this information sent to your supplier
monthly daily or even half hourly. The more frequently your supplier receives
this data the better they could advise you on where you can make savings. Smart
meters can also help reconnect you more efficiently should your energy be cut
off unexpectedly. Contact your energy supplier today about getting your smart
meter at no extra cost

4 thoughts on “How do smart meters work? | Smart Energy GB

  1. No extra cost ! Who pays for the Electricity used by the Smart Meter ? If the Consumer Main Switch is in the OFF position the Smart Meter continues to use Electricity which is paid for by the Consumer. It cannot be SWITCHED OFF !

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