How Do You Find Out Your Goal Weight? (Goal Setting for Weight Loss)

– When people come to Code Red, one of their main concerns is knowing how much weight they have to lose. Oftentimes, it’s dictated by what they think they can achieve versus believing in what
they actually should achieve. For example, oftentimes we
see a five-foot-four female choose a goal weight of 200 pounds because she knows she can
actually get down to 200 pounds. But she doesn’t believe that she should get to the
weight that she should be, which is around 140 pounds. Some people think it’s impossible
to lose over 100 pounds with a simple nutrition plan, but I’m telling you, it’s possible. Not only is it possible, it’s been done by hundreds of people on the Code Red lifestyle. To help you get stared,
I want you to download my free “Code Red Lifestyle
Guide” in the link below. (gentle music) People can only see what
they think they can achieve. If the goal seems too big or overwhelming, we limit ourselves down to
what we think we can achieve instead of challenging
ourselves to reach higher. We realize that when you’ve
been 100 pounds overweight, when you’ve been 250
and you need to be 150, it is absolutely daunting
to think of yourself as 150. In fact, we have a lot of people that come to the Code Red lifestyle and they’ve never been 150
pounds, not even in junior high. They were overweight
their entire childhood. But the thing about us, the
thing about our coaching and our staff and our
leaders and our whole team, we believe that you can do it. We will believe in you, even if you don’t believe in yourself. And that’s when you
really have to trust me and trust your program
and trust the process. Because I promise you, we will
get you down to that weight. You can do it. Again, even if you don’t
believe in it yourself, you just have to trust
me, let me believe for you until you can start to see it happen. So a big question we get on Code Red is, how do you determine how much weight you really have to lose? Now, on our custom
programs, I have a formula on how I figure out what
your goal weight should be. There are a lot of factors that go into what I put in your custom program. But let’s say you don’t
have a custom program, you’re watching this video, maybe you’re doing
accountability only with us, or maybe you’re in a challenge
or just reading the book. That’s totally fine. But in this case, it’s up to you to determine your own goal weight. And let me tell you that you’re gonna wanna pick a goal weight where you felt really good about yourself. Identify a time in your life, maybe right when you got married, or right before you had your baby, or when you graduated high school. That’s the weight that you
wanna try to get down to. Now, in some rare cases,
you have been overweight, very overweight all your entire life, even through junior high, high
school, even grade school. In fact, we have one of our
staff members, Leisha Pylack. Leisha has been overweight
since she was nine years old. She has never been 130
pounds as she is now. So when she received her custom program and she saw that I put
her at a 130-pound goal, because that was what was appropriate for her height, her age, her everything, she absolutely could not believe it. Her eyes just bugged out of her head. But she trusted me, she
trusted the process, and she lost 110 pounds, and she’s sitting below goal weight now. This has never been her weight, not even when she was nine years old. Regardless of the amount
of weight you have to lose, this is about giving you hope and healing and the life that you’re meant to live. There is so much more going
on here than weight loss. In fact, you’ll talk to our rebels and you’ll notice that weight loss is number five on the list,
number three on the list, behind so many other good things that are happening in their life, because they chose to
take their life back. The increased confidence, the
no pain, the increased energy, sleeping better, getting your libido back, so many great things that are happening. Their whole life is becoming elevated because they lost weight. So don’t think that we’re
putting all our eggs in the basket of weight loss. So many great things are being healed because you’re deciding to fuel your body with real food, with water, with sleep. You’re making great choices,
you’re getting off medication, at your doctor’s direction, don’t take yourself off medication. And you’re deciding to get
your life back and take control and play with your kids
and be with your grandkids and be a great aunt and uncle. So many great things are
happening because of this. The only limitation you have is the one that you put on yourself. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. If you’re ready to take your life back and make a lasting
change, I wanna help you. Download my free resource
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what you were surprised at when you lost the weight. What surprised you? What happened that you didn’t expect? Put it in the box below, and
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6 thoughts on “How Do You Find Out Your Goal Weight? (Goal Setting for Weight Loss)

  1. I’d forgotten how much easier clothes shopping could be when you wear regular sizes. I used to worry about if I’d fit in a booth at a restaurant or scanning the room for the most reliable chair. Not having to do that anymore is worth it! I was surprised how people look at you differently from when you’re overweight. It is strange when I’m working with someone overweight because they often don’t know I know what they’re feeling & been there before. ~Kim Tuschhoff

  2. I was surprised when I flew right on past the goal weight I set for myself. I weight ten pounds less than that now, and I feel amazing. The best decision I have ever made was to become a rebel!

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