How Does Dynamite Work?

Hey, everybody. I’m Ben Bowlin, and
today’s topic is dynamite. Dynamite is used
in so many things. It’s used in construction, it’s
used in mining, bank robberies, cartoonish acts of
villainy– Wile E. Coyote, huge fan of dynamite. But the big question
is, why does it explode? To answer this question
let’s look at gasoline, because gasoline
contains a lot of carbon and a lot of hydrogen. Now let’s say, just for
the sake of example, we had a big old
bowl of gasoline. Don’t sweat the details,
just assume for some reason we have a bowl of gasoline. We thought it would
be a good idea, and then I also
decided to ignite that. What happens there is that
the oxygen, the hydrogen and the carbon start a reaction,
and then soon enough there’s a fireball. But oxygen takes a little while
to move into this reaction, so the explosion might
not be that intense. Dynamite, however,
has two things that could make it
much more powerful. First, the chemical in dynamite
already contains oxygen. This means that it doesn’t
have to draw oxygen in from the surrounding air. Second, and here’s
the kicker, dynamite contains lots of nitrogen. And nitrogen will
react very quickly with a tremendous
amount of force. Dynamite’s not the only
thing that contains nitrogen. TNT, nitroglycerin,
some of the fertilizers that you hear about
mentioned in stories of truck bombs, these
all have nitrogen, and they use nitrogen to make
these tremendous explosions. Spoiler alert– nitrogen is sort
of the Keyser Soze of dynamite. It’s the power
behind the curtain. So I hope this
answers your question, and we really appreciate
your time watching. Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your
questions, comments, feedback, suggestions for
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31 thoughts on “How Does Dynamite Work?

  1. he mentions nitroglycerin, nitroglycerin is dynamite, the only other ingredient is diatomaceous earth to reduce its ability to go off by shock force

  2. ok the bole of gasoline will not explode when ignites it will just burn !! this guy doesn't know anything about what hes talking about .. he didn't even say anything about dynamite.. this guy really needs to do some research !

  3. One of the worst YouTube videos ever made. You explained nothing. It's either because of stupidity or ignorance of science

  4. You do know dinomite is just nirtogliserin and diotomic earth

    The microscopic shells in diotomic eath helps to separate the molecules of nirtogliserin making it more impact resistant. Dont think of it as a tube though, more like a cinnamon roll the paper being the dough and the diatomic Earth and nitroglycerin being the cinnamon. Thats why you need a great enough force to set it off, blasting cap, or posibly just shooting it. Thats why nitroglycerin wasn't used as much becouse dinomite was just as powerful but can also be touched with going off.

    Todays more complex explosives like C4 and semtex need a percussion and heat to detonate.

  5. you did not explain a fuck about dynamite for what I know after you explaining is nitrogen is explosive so next time if you light a lighter, the whole surface of earth will explode and all humans will die because nitrogen is in air

  6. I want to know how to buy it in the USA I can only find firecrackers I do demolition for people that want to remove stuff

  7. Boom 2019, and this guy is wrong. BECAUSE….

    The earth is flat, there's 97 genders, atomic bombs make bigger explosions than tnt, and with Trump taunting every other nation, nuclear winter will hit before winter 2021

  8. Ok. So it explodes because it contains Nitrogen? That’s it? By some form of unexplained magic, things with nitrogen just explode? This video didn’t answer anything.

  9. I know this was like six years ago but I have a question about dynamite. I heard it’s an incredibly unstable explosive. And that you could just throw the stick and It will blow up on impact. Is this true?

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