How He LOST 60 POUNDS – 30 Day Cleanse Challenge😱😱😱

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video as always let’s get into the video now this video touches my heart I’ve
seen this video a while back ago a few a few years ago and I know it’s gonna be a
new video to some because it didn’t get a lot of views on it kind of sort of
like my story on my channel I don’t get that many views on my video but I’m a
small channel so in time it’ll grow but anyways back to the story but this
touched my heart because in this video this was a gentleman who was struggling
with his weight and his weight was consuming him but the the driving factor
to him losing the weight was the fact that he had a breakup with this
beautiful girl that’s in this picture here um and he he wanted to lose weight
because he was already insecure in that relationship and probably in his mind
the driving factor to the break-up so he want wanted to like we all do probably
get back at his ex whatever your reasons are for why you lose weight sometime we
should we should always do it for ourselves but in some cases we do it to
get back at the ex whatever the reason is losing weight to get healthy for
health reasons it doesn’t matter who you’re doing it
for you it’s gonna make you live a long a happy productive life so in this video
he talks about what he did the steps that he took to basically get himself
healthy and I’m going to share with you some of the things that he said that he
did because everyone’s journey is different so when I share
weight loss stories or whatever kind of stories that I share with different
people on a daily basis everyone loses their weight at their own time they had
their own story and they did it in their own way this is what he did to lose 60
pounds in 30 days in this video it always like I said touch me because I
knew prior to started my own weight loss journey if I only changed just a few
things like you know stop drinking sodas and replaced it with juices and things
like that and maybe you know less carbs and more natural sugars and you know
vegetables and all that stuff that I would have lost away just as quickly as
well what he did was he replaced all of his sugar products with water which
basically took away the empty calories in his diet he also went to the gym once
a day and he said that if he if he let people places and things you know set
him back to maybe eat or to lose his focus he would go to the gym twice a day
so that’s something that he promised himself but he basically changed how he
ate he ate clean you know food took away all the processed foods and he replaced
his liquids with water and he worked out to me that regimen is kind of basic you
know so a lot of people might say well you know people are doing like more um
you know uh you know the the other ways that are different today how people
whose extreme weight but I think that this was a story that I needed to tell
because this man lost weight by just changing a few simple things and I
wanted to make this video because I’m struggling as we speak with
not understanding that I can’t stay on a juice fast for the rest of my life I
must learn how to eat I must learn what to eat so that I like he says in this
video can not only maintain my weight will lose weight maintain my weight and
keep it off plus also get that mental clarity that you get once you lose
weight but you’re losing weight by detoxification that’s how he lost his
weight he not only lost the weight he detox his body because what he ate to
lose is the weight wasn’t like Lean Cuisines or Jenny Craig processed foods
they were whole foods in its natural form and he lost the weight naturally
from the foods that he ate and taken away processed foods and and drinks with
empty calories in it that’s how he lost away incorporating which is the 20% the
the working out because as we know weight loss spots in the kitchen so if
you don’t get control of what you put in your mouth
you’re not going to have success stories like this success story of losing 60
pounds and I’m going to tell you this I lost 64 pounds in a hundred and four
days it is very possible for people who need to lose this kind of weight for
health reasons or just for your own reasons to lose 60 pounds in 30 days as
well if you basically just do simple um you know portion control just little
simple steps to improving your health and you can do that over 30 days just
like this man did and lose maybe even more it is possible because you know in
this mainstream society we are told that these numbers are not possible anything
is possible if you put your mind to it anything is possible
anything is doable if you are willing to put in the work this man
the work and he lost 60 pounds in 30 days I’m gonna tell you this before I
end this video sacrificing when you’re on a weight-loss journey is gonna be
hard but if you can give 30 days of your life so even when it gets tough to say
no to something that you know what’s not good for you for 30 days you’re willing
to change without even realizing your life for a lifetime so with all that
being said I’m not gonna stay long on this video just keep striving for your
goals you will get to the finish line that’s why they call this a weight loss
journey because it’s a journey and the journey will still continue after you
lose the weight loss so please leave a like on this video subscribe to the
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5 thoughts on “How He LOST 60 POUNDS – 30 Day Cleanse Challenge😱😱😱

  1. This is awesome! You always have the best ideas for weight loss & healthy options. Interesting story, this was my first time hearing it. Yes you will grow in time, girl keep up the good work! Your on your way

  2. I love Ernestine Shepherd. Losing weight starts with what you consume. But, I am older now and want to be independant always. Her 'strength' and commitment is undoubtly what I need as a mentor to persevere. I kinda get nutritition. Whole foods. Always change up. Fresh. Lifestyle, for sure

  3. Thanks for all the videos. I’ve been kind of lacking too. I’m now starting to get back into the groove of cleaning my body. Seems hard this time for some reason.

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