How I Lose Weight Without Even Trying

Improvement pill here today I’m gonna
show you how to lose weight fast without even trying now I’m fortunate enough to
be able to travel the world multiple times throughout the year but everytime
I go to a new place I end up gaining a lot of weight because I’m obsessed with
trying new things out especially when it comes to food one of my most recent
trips brought me to the island of Taiwan which is well known for its night market
culture there are streets filled with vendors selling sweets fried foods and
snacks that are open late into the night all very delicious but also very very
fattening I stayed there for only two weeks and I’m proud to say that I was
able to put on ten pounds but I wasn’t worried at all because I knew exactly
what I had to do when I got back home to lose all of this weight fast without
having to torture myself in fact I was able to lose those 10 pounds in under a
month by simply doing two things so if you pay close attention and follow what
I’m about to teach you you will be able to get similar results as well now
before I tell you what you have to do I want to teach you about the three major
hormones that determine weight loss they are ghrelin leptin and insulin now we’re
not going to dive too much into the science behind these hormones in today’s
lesson as they all do a variety of different things but I’ll give you a
quick idea of what each of them do when it comes to weight loss
ghrelin essentially makes you feel hungry if you can decrease it you’ll
feel less hungry throughout the day which means you’ll eat less and also
spend less time fighting cravings leptin essentially makes you feel full if you
can increase it you’ll get full faster when you eat and stay full longer which
again means you’ll end up eating less and finally we have insulin insulin
basically controls how fast you burn fat the lower your insulin level is the
faster you’ll lose weight so our goal on a very basic level is to lower our
ghrelin increase our leptin and lower our insulin if you can do these three
things you will be able to lose weight extremely fast without suffering at all
the first thing I do in order to alter these three hormones in my favor is to
do some form of fasting there are many varieties of fasting such as alternate
day fasting the three day water fast the one meal a day fast but the hands-down
easiest form of fasting to pull off is what’s called intermittent fasting which
is when you only eat within in eight hour window meaning that you are
allowed to eat for eight hours and then you have to fast for sixteen hours now
this sounds a bit harder than it actually is but if you sit down and do
the math you’ll realize that you’re technically fasting when you’re asleep
so that’s already eight hours gone and the other eight can be done by simply
skipping one meal throughout the day either breakfast or dinner you can skip
breakfast and have your first meal at around 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning and
still eat dinner at like 6:00 or 7:00 or you can have breakfast when you wake up
at like 7:00 or 8:00 eat a late lunch at like 3 or 4 and skip dinner personally I
find it easier to skip breakfast but there are some studies out there that
suggest it’s slightly more effective to skip dinner but it’s really up to you to
test and see it doesn’t matter too much because as long as you’re doing
intermittent fasting you will be able to alter the three weight loss hormones in
your favor if you like to speed up the process and see results even faster you
can consider doing the one meal a day fast where you just eat one gigantic
meal every single day or the alternate day fast it one day and fast for next
both are good alternatives to intermittent fasting on top of that
there are also a bunch of other benefits that come with fasting such as an
increase in muscle growth and prevention against disease if you’d like to find
out more about the dozens of other benefits of intermittent fasting you can
check out my video on the subject which I will link to in the description box
below now intermittent fasting is only half of the puzzle there’s something
else that I do in order to lose weight extremely fast which is to eat what I
consider to be really really delicious meals that’s right you can actually eat
delicious meals and lose weight at the same time let me explain see I have to
go to meals that I will eat over and over again just about every single day
when I’m trying to lose weight and these aren’t sad weight loss meals like
chicken breasts and steamed broccoli these are meals that are extremely
satisfying to eat they’re so good that I don’t even feel like I’m on a diet what
is a pork belly dish cooked crispy in its own fat douse with cayenne pepper
and Parmesan cheese with a large side portion of mixed vegetables and the
other is a large steak cooked the traditional way medium-rare with salt
pepper and butter again with a large side of mixed vegetables both of these
dishes are high in fat and high in protein with a low amount of
carbohydrates that which is found in vegetables what I’m doing here is
essentially sticking to a low-carb diet I’m keeping my carbohydrates low by
avoiding things like rice pasta bread beans and grains and by doing so I’m
able to alter the levels of my weight loss hormones see low carb diets have
been shown to drastically reduce the levels of ghrelin and insulin while
increasing the levels of leptin which is ding-ding-ding exactly what you should
be looking for when you want to lose body fat on top of that meals like the
two dishes that I mentioned are high in protein which literally takes longer for
your stomach to digest this means it will sit in your stomach way longer than
foods that are high in carbs will which means that you will stay feeling full
longer as compared to getting hungry again just two hours after eating that
bowl of rice or pasta you know what I’m talking about and what’s great about
meals like this is that cooking with fat actually makes the food really really
tasty when the food industry started going on the whole low-fat trend taking
fat out of every product they immediately realized that this made
their food tastes pretty darn bad so they decided to replace the fat with
sugar and it’s only recently that we started to realize hey sugar is actually
worse for you than fat is C sugar raises your insulin levels like crazy which
again means that you store more of your calories as fat sugar is what makes you
fat by eating high fat high protein meals you eliminate the need for sugar
you don’t have to add any sugar because it tastes great without it by combining
this with a form of fasting you will lose body fat extremely fast without
even trying that’s how I lost 10 pounds in just one month now if you have some
extra body fat on you right now you might want to consider working out and
building some muscle because you’re actually in a pretty good position to do
so but if you want to do this then you need
to make sure that you’re getting enough protein which brings us to the sponsors
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each serving has 25 grams of protein they’ve actually combined three powerful
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muscle growth not only that but it’s perfect for your low carb diet having
only two grams of that just about carbohydrates per serving
whey protein is one of the most important tools to have in your muscle
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supports muscle recovery my favorite flavor that I’ve been using for months
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and start looking good – besides that guys stay tuned

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  2. I've tried so many "diets" over the years and intermitted fasting is the ONE thing that is truly effortless and effective, since it's more of a lifestyle change you can apply quickly. Great video!!

  3. I want to point out fasting isn't a miraculous thing, if you exceed your daily calories in your eating window you'll still gain weight, and, it's actually easier to when fasting, since your blood sugar is low when you don't eat for a while, when you eat you'll produce a lot of insulin. Fasting just helps regulate your ghrelin and leptin. The insulin can be regulated with optimal diet. But don't think fasting can make you lose weight at a calorie surplus.
    Also, also yes low carb diets show amazing results but there is an ongoing debate on it's toll on the average human. While native inuits have genetic factors that let them live on meat alone, the average human doesn't and protein at high enough quantities is detrimental (also not eating carbs means you'll take calories out of protein more often which is even worse), and fat well that's debatable.

    So proceed as you may, I am not discrediting their effectiveness since they work, just remember not to over do things and that while these will help you lose weight they are not sustainable for you to keep up forever. Instead learn to count your macros and avoid saturated fat, highly processed carbs (carbs with no fiber like white flour) and sugar and you'll never put the weight again.

  4. as a student i agree that intermittent fasting works. I lost 10lbs in like 2 months by not eating food after 6pm and before 9am.

  5. I feel related when you said you are overwhelmed by the food in Taiwan hahahhaha

    It’s really hard for me to stay fit living there damn

  6. In my religion there is a whole month for fast and you fast without water and food but when it's time to break your fast it is about 6'o'clock hope you read this!

  7. I struggled with weight for a long time. I was underweight as a kid and eating was a chore, a burden. In middle ans highschool I got really depressed and used this "burden" as punishment, purposefully overeating till I felt sick. I gained a lot of weight and began stressing over calories and exercise. I would eat 800 calories a day and workout 2-6 hours a day. A single calorie over would stress me out and I would say "screw it I already went over" and just binge.
    A lot of other stuff fell apart in my life, and gradually I decided to focus more on repairing things other than my weight. With less stress and less focus on food, I naturally lost weight.
    Stress creates cortisone, which makes you store more fat. And when I wasnt working out till I dropped dead, I was less hungry. I started to eat when I was teuly hungry, not when I felt bad. Naturally I kind of ended up intermittent fasting because I wasnt late night snacking as much or waking eaely for the gym. Overall I was more happy and 10 months later, I realize I lost 20lbs.

  8. Looking at that 8-hour vs 16-hour intermittent fast: would it still be effective if I had breakfast at 10.30am, a light lunch at say, 2pm, then dinner at 6pm? Basically I'd like to try it without actually skipping a meal.

  9. Low carb diet is tough. Considering I'm a asian student with strict parents that wants me to stay healthy and EAT RICE.

  10. Wait but about the second thing, wouldn’t eating fat make your overall health worse although u r losing weight

  11. I always eat crazy but as I start Gaining wait I start controlling after a while when I’m set I start eating crazy again 😂

  12. I am a student from a competitive school, in our school, we are trained to do Intermittent fasting by tasking us to do a lot of tasks, because of this, I skipped lunch and dinner, with an added bonus of learning how not to sleep 3 consecutive days. Because of this practice, I lost 25 lbs since I started middle school.

  13. so
    eating only dinner
    getting a low-carb diet whit a lot of protein
    will dereese my body fat and make me lose weight?
    Yaho goodbye 84 killograms of fat that are really unhealthy for a 11 year old.

  14. I was able to lose 11 pounds in 6 days. Im a 17 year old kid. All I did was water fasting. Then my body got into ketosis and got keto flu which caused me 3 days o nonstop headaches. But its worth it.

  15. Is there a way to have a low carb diet whilst also being vegan? Because I want to try the diet but I don't eat meat…

  16. Intermittent fasting is basically the Ramadan fasting that we musilms do every year for a month. I got to admit I feel really healthy in Ramadan. Perhaps I should try this in other days too, then

  17. Thanks for this video! I'm currently doing this method, and within a couple of days I lost a few pounds. I've been eating less than 1000 calories a day, exercising for 2-3 hours a day, and skipping breakfast. For anyone calling b.s, I'm a big guy. I weigh around 285lbs and around 6ft tall. I'd recommend everyone atleast give it a try.

  18. It's so hard for me to avoid sugar. Although, it helps to find "treats" that don't have much sugar in them, even if they're still a bit unhealthy.

  19. You're a life saver, I ised to do crazy diets and workouts that didn't do anything but deterioate my health, with this I'm healthy and losing weight as well, I love you ❤

  20. Yeah. Going all day without eating and then eating the same no carb diet is soooo easy.
    Here's an even more effective approach!
    Don't eat anything for 1 year.

  21. Alright so I kinda thought this would be some fuckshit at first to be honest but. I’ve been doing this and steadily losing weight since I started. I’m sure it’s not a permanent solution, but tbh anyone reading this I highly recommend it, even if just for two or three weeks. I’ve been doing it for a week, maybe a week and a half and I’ve lost 6 pounds which is really like a miracle.

  22. Improvement pill, there are studies that describe that keto diet (the diet that you are describing) can be potentially dangerous due to the debilitating effects on the liver. What is your take on this?

  23. 1:35 You are like a hybrid car. You have two "combusting engines". One is running with sugar. The other one is running with fat. When you run on sugar, you won't run on fat. What you do with intermittent fasting is running in "fat burn mode" for a larger amount of time. Everytime you start eating sugar, you immediatly stop the "fat burn mode" and start "sugar burn mode". When sugar goes into the blood, the hormon Insulin is released, to burn them to create energy. If there is too much sugar in your blood, there is a "combusting engine overload", and the sugar is put aside into fat cells. The "sugar burn mode" has some advantages: fast burning, and some disadvantages: easily overloaded, creating free oxygen radicals (which let cells age/get destroyed/cause cancer?). The "sugar burn mode" is like a "turbo" for the engine. It should be used sparingly, to avoid a "burn out".

  24. OK I know ppl will prob ignore this but wth: as you prob knew before tuning into this bs vid, it's a matter of calories. Consume below your required amount of calories per day and you'll lose weight. Hence, give the man a low calorie PURE SUGAR diet, and he'll lose weight (look it up). But you prob knew this already – don't get the science confused by YT'ers 🙂

  25. hey improvement pill. i would like to gain muscle and have all the positive effects of fasting and doing these things, but I'm underweight. what can i do?

  26. I need to gain weight…

    I'm just a picky eater and even if I eat until I'm at my peak of fullness…

    I just get hungry again within 1 hr or so..

    Also, I like Taiwan's night markets! They always have delicious food…

  27. I went to Taiwan for a couple of weeks a few years ago and lost weight while there. It mainly came down to walking a lot, exploring different cities and sites.

  28. I tried all these methods and was never able to lose more than 10 pounds over 2-3 months (I am 200 pounds btw), while I put back then 10 pounds over 5 days

  29. This is really helpful! Since my mom is pressuring me to lose weight. :"D
    I already eat two times a day, run on the treadmill & go to Plant Fitness, when I have the time. Guess I got to cut rice out. Its just going to be hard since I'm in school & I buy/eat the food from the cafeteria. But I'm going to try harder now!

  30. I haven’t eaten breakfast for years

    Does that mean I’ve been fasting for that long, but somehow still managed to keep the same weight throughout?

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