HOW I LOST 14 KG (30 LBS) AS A TEENAGER | My Weight Loss Story (Healthy Tips)

hi I just would like to say first of all
I’m not an expert on weight loss or anything I’m just sharing what I’ve
learned through my journey and that’s it I used to be kind of a chubby child but
well I started putting on weight when I was around seven or eight years old and
from that point on it just like kind of got worse as I grew older when I got
into my teen years it really became evident and kind of became a problem too
with my body going through changes and growing up when I was 12 or 13 also
I started battling depression which is kind of a whole other story in itself
but that’s essentially when it got like really bad I would always be you know snacking and eating and it got out of control and I would eat at night because
I also couldn’t sleep so and I also suddenly started eating lots of junk
food which was never really a thing for me like in my family we’ve never really
been much into that at all so yeah I should probably point out what I mean by
that is I was eating so much fast food lots of saturated fats highly processed
foods and so many sugary drinks and on top of that I was taking some
antidepressants at the time which kind of made it worse and also I’m not even
really sure that that’s the heaviest I’ve ever been because after a while I just
stopped you know taking pictures of myself or even weighting myself it just
would make me feel even more miserable which isn’t fun so at one point while I
was recovering I just got fed up with it I wanted to feel better so I started by
getting a general idea of how many calories I was eating in a day which I
already knew was too much but and also a general idea how much I was supposed to
be eating through those BMI calculators you know online which
aren’t really that accurate either because they don’t take into account
your muscle mass so and I kind of took it as you know a general guideline for
how many calories I should be eating which is actually my first advice for
you make sure you’re eating in a calorie deficit because that’s kind of how it
works you know you need to be eating less than you’re burning through your day
tracking your calories can really be helpful with that obviously don’t obsess
with it like as I said I totally took it as guideline and the second thing to
working out of course I actually started working out well it wasn’t really
working out but it was something you know and anything is better than nothing
so definitely keep that in mind I started using one of those beginner
at home workouts apps around the same time I also got a new puppy
I was always walking around a lot every day which also helped I think to give a
real advice on that I would say find something that you really enjoy even if
it’s not the most you can do it’s still something and at least it’s gonna be
easier for you to stay motivated and keep doing it if you actually have fun
and you know enjoy it oh and another thing
try out activities that actually get your body to start sending out endorphins to your brain because if you don’t know that’s what
gives your brain that happy euphoric feeling once you’ve worked out I
actually started taking it far more seriously after you know quite a while
got into CrossFit that’s another story – the thing is you don’t have to start
going is super hard or whatever just do something that’s more than what you were doing
up until this point another thing I did was I went vegetarian after a while not for
any health related reasons actually but rather ethical ones it actually ended up
helping me a lot with my health – and not even just with weight loss but I
would see it in my actual blood tests results you know and it’s great like it affected
my body so positively and I didn’t do it cold turkey like I first dropped red
meat and when I was eating like chicken and fish and then I stopped eating that too
– it was kind of gradual it helped me a lot and I mean obviously I started also
caring more about what I ate too – and of course the healthier you eat the
better you’re gonna feel the better your body is gonna work I personally believe
that changing your lifestyle so that you always consume things that are better
for you is more effective and more helpful for you in the long run than any you
know diet or whatever I just think obviously it’s more of a commitment it’s
also better for you however you choose to approach this weight loss journey
just make sure you’re still getting enough macronutrients especially once you start cutting out
calories and cutting out certain kinds of food which also means oh god please
don’t stop eating carbs or whatever because you actually need those balance
is everything make sure you’re aware of what your nutritional needs are and what
your body needs that’s truly essential it might also vary a lot
based on what kind of lifestyle you’re living or how active you are in your days
you know which is one more reason why it’s generally always a good idea to not
just do this on your own but actually get the help of professionals – which I didn’t do but – you also
want to make sure you’re staying hydrated and actually drinking water
yeah not other stuff which is very very important and I used to struggle with
this because as I said I always would drink so many sugary drinks and not only
that’s a lot of calories that you’re just drinking for no reason it’s also
like obviously not the best thing for you drinking enough water is not only
obviously good for you it also makes it so that your body isn’t retaining water
and that’s also one of the things that can make you look into the mirror and
feel like you’re not losing weight but actually you’re not drinking enough and
on that note please please please stay off those magic detox teas or whatever
drinks people try to sell you online at best they’ll do nothing and at worse
they will be laxatives that actually will damage your body one last thing don’t
obsess over the mirror or the scale changes won’t be noticeable from one day
to another but they’re gonna still be happening weigh yourself every once in a
while take pictures of yourself and once you look back you’ll start noticing there’s
a lot of difference be patient with yourself on a day-to-day basis and
please don’t think that even if you fall off track for one day it’s a good enough
excuse to just give up on it well that’s it also if you got this far into the
video this is kinda like our exclusive secret moment because barely anyone ever
gets to this point so have you ever struggled with weight loss
are you currently going through something like that? thank you for your
time and bye

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  1. great video, im 15 and im trying to lose weight too! about only 25 lbs by april. i live with really unhealthy family and even tho i have my own healthy foods i always get so tempted 🙁 did you go through this?

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