74 thoughts on “How I Lost 24lbs Of Fat~ Tips For Toning Up

  1. Girl your thumbnail got me I'm a new sub here
    Your American living in Korea? Chile, I needto be pointed in the right direction.. why are you in Korea and how long have you been there ? I need a q and a video or something lol help me I'm so into your content

  2. I know you said your weight fluctuated at one point, but it only took you 3 months while taking your diet and workout regime seriously to lose the 24lb of fat?

  3. You are perfect already. Now you are mega super. Just remember we are your fans for your super personality and mind no matter how you look.

  4. What do you do if you don't want to gain so much muscle but remain lean 🤔 I can't get muscle yet because muscle to expensive girl 😔

  5. Megan, I've been watching your for years! I have struggled with my weight all my life, and even though I am very frequen gym goer, I still struggle to find a right formula to keep the numbers down. I loved your insights on this beautiful sport! You definitely inspire me to not give up!! Hugs from a Mexican in Germany

  6. Now if she stopped making koreaboo clickbait titles like "My KoReAn™ husband doing my make up" (why tf does it matter if he's Korean while he's doing your make up, these "My man does my make up" videos are annoying anyway, idk what point they trying to prove), I might start investing more time into her videos cause this one was actually interesting but then you see other ones and it's just…disappointing.

  7. Thanks so much for this video Megan, I started weight training as a way to keep anxiety at bay, but also because I wanted to become stronger, not necessarily lose weight. I found that not only did I begin to enjoy weight training but I started to fit into my clothes even nicer, as you say, you begin to turn fat into muscle. I'd love to know what kind of set training you do (and the kinds of specific exercises) if you'd be interested in making a video like that? I general do legs every day but split my exercises between chest/shoulders/triceps and back/biceps. Anyways, thanks again! you're an inspiration and I hope more women would be interested in weight and strength training 🙂

  8. I'd really love to learn more about caloric intake and macros..because I have done that annoying diet where I cut my calories by a lot and count my macros and I just don't find it sustainable for me cuz I love food (I hate feeling restricted when it comes to food) and I don't just want to be skinny I want to build lean muscle. I really hope you make an in-depth video on that and how you decide how much calories you should be eating and how to divide those calories into specific macro numbers to build muscle while also losing fat. I pretty much have the same body type as you where you look skinny but have no muscle just fat (skinny-fat lol)

  9. I'm so proud of you , I've been following you so many year's and I'm really happy that you achieved your goal.
    I'm currently on my fitness journey as well but it sometimes get's hard but I'll get in there (I'm a Muay Thai athlete tho) so I don't do crush diet's the only time i did was for a fight but i wanna be always in a good shape so i don't have to do any crush diet's for a fight ever again

  10. wow. i have been going so hard on cardio some before and after my strength training and wondering why i haven’t seen much muscle increase. i needed this

  11. Hi Megannnn! I love watching all your videos! I’m getting ready to order some teami Greens from the website. Is there anything else you recommend front their site you use and love?
    I’m also gonna grab some OWYN protein powder. I’m starting to get my butt off the couch and start working out and I need all the advice since I’m gonna live off smoothie/protein drinks! Any advice would be! Thank you!

  12. Your video was short and to the point and I was able to learn a lot from it, most videos on YouTube don’t give you this much and are full of unnecessary rambling, thank you so much this is definitely going to help me start my journey right!

  13. What happened to your fitness channel? I'm ready to subscribe, watch, learn and subscribe! My eating is the issue. I'm skinny fat with some muscle. I need to burn the fat to get to my muscle

  14. hey megan, firstly you look amazing. i’ve always been insecure with being so boney and i struggle to gain muscle. is it possible for someone who has a high metabolism to gain a bigger butt?

  15. ORDERED! ☑️ can’t wait for the greens to arrive!!! 🥬
    P.S. Has anyone tried this while breastfeeding? Currently breastfeeding my babygirl!

  16. I’ve been so discouraged with losing weight ever since giving birth to my beautiful babygirl. I weigh more now than what I weighed during my pregnancy. You have encouraged and motivated me greatly, not only to lose weight but to be healthy. I want to teach my babygirl to love herself and to know she is beautiful once she is old enough to understand, but first it starts with me loving myself NOW, and set the example for her. Thank you girl!!

  17. Girl more videos like this!!! I'm so underweight and i'm naturally really skinny and it's hard for me to gain weight. However I know that doesn't mean i'm healthy. Can you do a video on your meal plans or how you eat? Do you track macros? What are some workouts you do?

  18. Thank you so much for this video. It is so motivating ! I am going through a big body change due to a surgery and you give so much advice ! Thanks 😍

  19. Omg Megan!!! You have come a long way from your floor in America 😍😍🙏
    You inspire me every year, I know I'll get the courage to do sh** one day, because of people like you ❤❤❤

  20. i getchu… but im still confused.
    so you have to have eaten at a caloric deficit to have lost the weight, but ive heard its impossible to gain muscle on a deficit?

  21. You look SO fit and healthy!!! Congrats on all your success! You are ready for the movies!😁. Please give us more information about how u did it …maybe some meal plans and exercise routines. I learned so much from this video. Thanks.

  22. My brother went to America last week for natural bodyweight championships. It's crazy what you gotta do. I'm just not this dedicated.

  23. Let me just drop a hallelujah!!! I’ve started my fitness journey 2 years ago and honestly everything you are saying I had to learn it as well! My body is not close to where you are but I am so proud of myself for continuing to train for so long and I can see the changes it just makes me feel super proud!

  24. I’m living in korea and veggies are hella expensive what do you recommend I do to still stay healthy without breaking the bank

  25. Wow, that Teami stuff is pretty cheap. Like, even if it didn't work, I wouldn't be mad cause it's not that deep. Also EXCELLENT explanation on nutrition

  26. Please do some at home workouts!! Also maybe some what I eat in a day/week vids? I remember when you started your journey! Especially when you were doing pole dancing!

  27. Can we get Megan as every Companies' Nutritionist and Sportsperson? Cuz if they'd just listen to megan, no Idol would have to starve to death man..

  28. Girl, if you decided to teach calculus, I'd start learning calculus, because I love the way you present things. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🥰


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