How I lost 27 kg weight | Weight loss in Tamil | Weightloss motivation | USA | Tamil vlog

let us discuss today on my weight loss I lost around 35 kgs and 27kgs was mainly because of the points we are going to discuss I have lot most of my weight in 6 months I gained little weight recently so this video is also for my motivation to lose weight lets support each other and lose weight i need to lose 10 kg now I was 105 kg when Nathan was born when I stopped feeding him I was around 80 kg Im 5’2″ tall my ideal weight is 50 to 57kg my Dad was a heavy person as well 1. Motivation family member or friend weightloss buddy motivate each other on weightloss if you have no one then let us be weightloss buddies 2. Diet – eat clean I followed low card diet this time being strict on diet is mandatory for weightloss Im a sugar addict so I stopped sugar completely my father was diabetic I crave mostly for sweets NO Sugar – dont start then its hard to stop avoid sugar for quick weightloss as soon as we see little weight loss we will stay motivated when we see results in weight loss the results will boost us for more weight loss put your heavy picture and slim picture your fridge it will be your weight loss success Consistency is very important for weightloss dont have cheat days keep a food log, log everything you eat calculate your macros and stick to it Exercise have a fitness schedule and stick to you use day today activities as your workout stick to the workout you love the most portion control will help from overeating resulting in weight loss Take progress picture and measurement for self weightloss motivation try different dresses that dont currently fit lets support each other and lose weight together measure your hip size and track your weight loss sometime scale may not move but you may still be losing fat, this is where measurement really helps if you have a supportive environment then inform then about your weightloss else not inform we dont want negativity Meal Prep was an important key for my weightloss keep your meals simple so you will stick to it cook your favorite food with ingredients allowed in your diet I make my diet version of cakes, biryani even my fav falooda avoid negative comments dont try quick weightloss it will create other health issues Thanks for watching see you all soon in Part -2

56 thoughts on “How I lost 27 kg weight | Weight loss in Tamil | Weightloss motivation | USA | Tamil vlog

  1. That’s a drastic change sis👌, u got great will power , ur hardwork shows😊, all the best. Keep inspiring 👏🏻

  2. Nice sharing sis ♥️ ungala maadhiri dhaan sis naanum .sweet romba pudikum .unga speech motivational ah erundhadhu .15.20 apparam unga voice double ah eruku.little mute also video va check panunga sis ♥️👍

  3. Crct crct sis nanum chocolate fan. My partner n weight loss s my bro. My second partner n weight loss s my hubby. I use healthify me for weight loss. Now u don't Luk fat sis. U smile s too gd. I am also short feeling same pinch.

  4. Sis u r so blessed to have such a nice friends! Apovum
    Azhagadha sis irukinga ipo adha vida😍 i really appreciate ur effort🤗 editing konjam pathukonga sis ! Andha chair udanjarum sonna friend ku thanks sollidunga unga mela ulla caring ku😊Take care dr

  5. Kandipa nanu weight koraikanu pa.but mudiyala now me also try .I will tell you after 3 month avalavu weight kammipannanu . okay now you looking normal weight I think

  6. I can easily relate to the video dear.. even I gained more weight after my second delivery.. I have sweet tooth as well 🙌

  7. Neenga romba cute ah irukinga sis….Neenga ivlo fat ah irundhinga la???Ipo vum super gunda irundhalum super….Unga voice so super…..Last la 2 voice kekudhu…..🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  8. Jhansi sis, ur efforts amidst of work.. That’s the gr8 challenge. We can’t do it simultaneously.

    Gym is the best option as regain will be very less coz of strength training. So u have been on the right track.
    You look soo beautiful both now and then. Face – never shows the age.

    I’ve picked a few tips from you. Will definitely lose some more weight 😂😂😂 With Consistency 😝😤

  9. Sema super. Now I understand why you are of so much positive person. You are blessed to have good friends sis. Video vida last part la audio koncham overlap ayeduchu sis. But still able to understand what you said. Keep motivating n inspiring 🙂👍

  10. 105 kg la irundhu kuraicheengala….Semma determination sis….
    Excellent friend sis….I always feel ur always around too good friends…..
    Very good share dear…..

  11. Seriously wt u all said s rite dear.. nice vlog.. everyone must do exercise n practice tat on daily basis..tats really good for health.. keep doing dear👍I too love sweets a lot.. same pinch..

  12. Very motivating video dear 👌👏 it’s always good to have motivating frnds around 👍 putting photos in fridge is the highlight 😁

  13. Really useful upload sis, nice motivational words, so cute sis, ❤👌👌☺☺👏👏

  14. Very inspiring story.
    self talk , self motivation , sharing your stories to ur group .. nice tips
    ennaku romba pudichathu u made this talk with funny and motivational .
    I was smiling throughout the video 🙂 keep up

  15. Wow very inspiring video. Great job my friend.👍🏼 thanks for sharing my friend. I joined your channel and watched 'til the end hope you join me as well. I'd like to be your friend 😁il see you around😁

  16. Super video…very interesting motivating speach….super trick by sticking photos on the fridge 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  17. Neenga solra ellame en life la nadandhuchu.. First baby porandha appo neenga solra ellame try panni korainchen.. But 2nd delivery ku aprm marubadiyum remba fat aagiten 90 kg aagiten.. Ipo palaiyabadi ennala koraika mudila

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