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– I totally understand the ShamWoW guy now because now that I am on keto, I just wanna talk about it all the time, I wanna sell you on it all the time, everybody should be doing
it, that’s my pitch. Hey everybody, welcome back
to Dayna of All Trades. Today I have a very special
topic: all things keto. So what you need to know
is I (bleep) love keto. It has a hundred percent changed my life and it is a diet that I swear by. So over the course of my adult life, I have tried every diet,
exercise that’s out there. I’ve done AdvoCare, I did 21 Day Fix, I did literally every Shaun T workout that he has from Hip Hop
Abs to Size Insanity, Insanity Max:30, T25,
everything in between, I’ve done it all and I never
got the results that I wanted. I never got results like
I have gotten with keto. But before we get into
that I just want to say somehow I have like
1200 friends on Facebook and only 200 subscribers on
YouTube so that’s not math. Make sure you subscribe
to the channel right now. Many of you have probably
heard the word “keto” but don’t really know what it is. So the whole concept behind the diet is to fuel your body with
fat instead of carbs. It’s a high fat, low carb diet. So forget everything you
ever heard about fat, you cannot blame fat for what carbs did. The best thing about the keto diet is that it has never
felt like a diet to me. I can still have cheese, I can have bacon, I can have burgers, I
can still have alcohol. I don’t feel like I’m really sacrificing. So when I first got started
I was really overwhelmed with the keto process,
I thought that I had to come up with all these recipes and become (bleep) Martha Stewart in the kitchen and I will never be that person,
so instead I simplified it. I took all the things
that I make all the time and just took out the
carbs, took out the bread, took out the mashed potatoes,
and substituted things. And that just made keto so much simpler. Instead of doing one cup of pasta that is 20 net carbs, I substitute it for one cup of broccoli
that’s only four net carbs. So it was just small changes like that that made keto so much more manageable. On top of that, I downloaded this app called Carb Manager, it makes counting your macros so simple. So what you do is you put in your weight, you put in how much you wanna lose, and it calculates for you
your macros for the day. So it lets you know how
many grams of protein, how many grams of fat, and how many grams of carbs you are allowed to eat. Then throughout the day,
you just track your food. It’s just a super helpful
app, very user-friendly, really simple, if my dad can
figure out how to use it, I promise you you can
figure out how to use it. Besides the weight loss, there’s so many other benefits to keto. One, you feel like you
have so much more energy. That’s because we’re not
eating so many carbs, carbs make you drowsy,
it just drains your soul. So you have more energy
throughout the day, you sleep better at
night, it actually helps clear up your skin, it could help limit your chances of getting certain cancers, and with heart problems,
my dad’s girlfriend that’s been on keto, she has diabetes. She would take a shot of insulin every day but she’s been on keto for one year and she’s only taken a shot two times. So it’s helped her immensely leveling out her blood sugar levels. Not to mention she lost over
40 pounds, that is insane. I cannot tell you how
many times I have heard, “you didn’t need to lose weight,” I understand that in theory but in my mind I needed to lose weight,
I didn’t feel comfortable being 207 pounds, I just
didn’t feel confident. I felt very insecure, I
didn’t like going shopping, I didn’t like going to the beach, I hated seeing pictures of myself. It’s just weighed on me every day. Now a year later, I’ve lost 30 pounds. I went from 207 to 175, I lost 20 inches over my whole body, in my
neck, my arms, my waist, my hips, my thighs, all over
but none of that compares to just my overall
confidence that has changed. So I started keto as
a weight loss solution but it turned out to be
an overall transformation. The confidence that I’ve gained
in one year is paramount. And so because of that I will
be a keto guido for life. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change and it is a lifestyle that
I can totally get behind. If you’re interested in getting started, I’d love to give you
any advice that I have, all the tips and tricks that
I’ve learned along the way, and help inspire you and motivate you. Thank you guys for watching, make sure you subscribe to my channel,
and I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

9 thoughts on “How I lost 30 Pounds on Keto | Keto Guido FOR LIFE

  1. Best Keto video on YouTube!!! Absolutely love it. Very informative. Well thought-out. Great story. I'm inspired. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very informative! Giving up mashed potatoes
    (instant) would be the hardest part. I would give up bacon in a heartbeat.

  3. I love this video! Please do more on keto, I am always watching other channels what I eat in a day and recipe videos to get ideas for myself. Great job Dayna!

  4. I'm learning more and more about keto. Thanks for explaining and being helpful. Love the colorful nails. New friend to the channel.

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