How I Lost 40+ Pounds! NO EXERCISE EASY TIPS

Hey everyone, so I told you guys how I have reached this milestone where I have lost over 40 pounds And you told me you wanted to see the story about how I did it and everything that worked for me So here I am! and I do want to say that I would have lost this weight a lot sooner had I known everything I know now But I was just misinformed and not educated enough on Like weight loss and all of that so I really really hope that what worked for me can also work for you I actually Gained a lot of weight because of the depression I went through before, um you guys probably saw the video and know all about that now But yeah, I gained a lot of weight and even though I got better and everything the weight stayed on completely I honestly started to believe that I wasn’t gonna be able to lose the weight, but Here I am today I am gonna put some before-and-after pictures up on the screen so you guys can see This is me recording a video today, but this is what I look like Recording back then. so currently I’m around like 106 to 108 and I just want to point out That different weights look different on different people. This is healthy for me I could lose 10 more pounds and still be considered a healthy weight But if you’re taller than me you’re definitely gonna have to weigh a lot more So please just keep that in mind. so before I get into what worked for me I just want to put out there that please try to have a Realistic mindset to all of this, it doesn’t matter how little you weigh How skinny you are like you’re gonna have rolls like that’s normal, just be realistic things that you see on Instagram and stuff It’s not Necessarily real. A lot of those fitness and model people have put up before and after of how they pose on Instagram To look really good, but how they look on like the everyday so please just be realistic about all of that obviously in Pictures and everything people are gonna flex and gonna suck in and do all of that, but we all have rolls. So please just be realistic about all of this So Exercise was not what did this for me, and they say abs are made in the kitchen and that’s definitely true I always thought that was a bunch of crap, but it’s so so important and To go along with that I just want to say that the one thing that changed my life so much was counting calories, and I don’t mean counting calories So you can restrict and not eat calories no I just mean that once you start to see how many calories are and everything you eat. It’s like such a shock to you There’s things that you may think are healthy and have little calories and have a ton And there’s things that you may be like staying away from because you think they have a lot of calories and they don’t for example there could be something that’s like a portion this small and has 700 calories or You can have a huge meal. That’s gonna fill you for 700 calories like this is seriously what changed everything for me there was a lot of things that I kept eating and stuff thinking that you know they probably don’t have a lot of calories I Can never even looked at calories and now like I know So much better. There’s people who I’ve told this to that. This is what changed everything for me. They’re like “Oh, you know that seems like a lot of work that seems I could be annoying” and it definitely is annoying like the first couple days, but you just get used to it You don’t have to know calories right down to the like the last digit point or anything But just so you get an idea of what you’re eating what I personally recommend Is that like maybe for a week Every time you eat something look up the calories and what you’re eating you don’t have to write it down or anything But it’s just so that you’re aware. so once you start doing that, that’ll definitely put everything in perspective for you And you’ll be able to tell okay I need less of this I should be doing more of that and things like that. This is seriously like what changed everything for me Another thing that really helped me was to stop eating late I don’t know about you guys, but something about when you’re getting all cozy in bed, food It’s just like you get all these cravings you want to eat and I would eat all the time like really really late Whether it was a full meal, a craving, Whatever It was. I’d always eat so late and that’s not good because since you’re going to sleep your body doesn’t have the energy to burn all of that up and Therefore you end up gaining weight so it’s not good I try to stay away from that what I do is that I don’t eat past like 7:30 and Before we would eat dinner, like I’d start making it at like 7:30 Or we’d eat even later. if there’s a special event or my family’s gonna go out to eat I obviously still go and I eat and I enjoy my time because I don’t think it’s good to like over Think about all of these things There’s people who end up like obsessing too much about this, and then they don’t even enjoy like going out to eat with family So definitely everything just needs to be balanced. So if it’s your birthday go out and have fun But just don’t make it a daily thing where you eat so late because it really does have an effect on you So talking about eating out we used to eat out like every day or like multiple times a day and it was so bad now I Cook most of our meals. so there was a time when I was cooking like every single day like all of our meals but I also I feel like that could be kind of stressful like having to come up with a bunch of different things to Make and all of that so what we do now is that I cook during the week and on the weekends we eat out. so going From like eating out for every meal to cooking them makes a big change and let me just say I thought I was gonna be One of those people that was gonna be a horrible cook like I don’t know I thought there was no saving me But Pinterest has become my best friend, if you’re new to cooking and that’s why you eat out a lot Pinterest is definitely like a lifesaver They have recipes there and all of that so that’s what I do now, and I’m a pretty good cook I think this is number four I’m not sure, but what I also did was that I cut out sugary drinks I would drink so much soda like all throughout the day or juices or Gatorade Powerade like just sugary things I’d have throughout the day and I’ve cut most of it out. Again If it’s like a special event, a birthday party, or if we’re out somewhere I will have like a soda juice or something But I just I don’t have it as Often as I used to and if you look at the calories in those drinks a lot of them have a lot Me and my husband would have shakes and smoothies a lot from Dairy Queen and things like that and the really good thing about stopping those bad habits Is that as time goes on you stop craving them as much and when you do have them they don’t have the same effect on you as they used to. I love food so I still do have the things that I used to enjoy but now my body kind of like puts a limit to it Example, we used to eat Donuts all the time before now I’d have one and be fine and before I totally go and get like another one and now it’s just like too much sugar for me So once you start putting everything in a balance your body kind of just goes with it So I just touched a little bit on Having balance so going back into that you know I still like to eat the foods I like but it’s all about just not over indulging and knowing that you’re not overdoing it Also, like I said earlier You can still go out to eat But if you know you’re gonna have like a big dinner Try to balance that out with what you’re having for breakfast for lunch just don’t overdo it And that was one of my things, that I always ended up overdoing it So if there’s a weekend where I know that I’m gonna go out with my family, and we’re gonna go and enjoy some dinner I’ll just keep it light for like my lunch and my breakfast so I Totally think you should still have the things you like definitely if you can stay away from like sodas and juices Do it for sure, but I’m talking more so like actual food food like I really like things like Takis and stuff And I don’t cut those out of my diet I just make sure I don’t overdo it and Everything “con medida” with Balance. The reason I do think you should cut out all sugary stuff is because most of those have the calories that a full meal would have so I think it’s easier to cut that out and then still have Things that you like and this is something I think is really important, and I know most people Think you should cut out everything you love But I think it’s important not to but I do Truly truly believe that if you cut out all the things you love you’re just gonna end up like Having a day where you just like binge and eat everything and that’s not good I do think it’s okay to like let yourself have pizza here and there have chips or whatever just Keeping a balance That’s the most important thing the thing I keep going back to is that you just have to keep a balance with everything make sure You’re not overdoing it with your calorie intake per day and things like that So let’s talk about exercise now for me personally I felt like I really just needed to change my eating habits to be able to lose all the weight and Now if I wanted to I could start to exercise to kind of like tone up further But I don’t think it’s realistic to think like “hey Exercise eat whatever you want, and you’ll be fine.” That’s the mindset I had for such a long time Like I’m like “oh I can eat whatever it doesn’t matter like exercising is gonna like minus that out” But that’s not how it works. so in no way am I saying not to exercise because exercise has so many benefits but Just know that that’s not the most important thing when it comes to weight loss like I used to think that you needed to exercise to Be healthy, but it’s not just about that um exercise It’s not something that I could easily fit into my life for a really long time at the point I am now like I’m thinking of maybe doing zumba once or twice a week Just to like get going because that sounds so fun to me obviously it’s a form of exercise and at this point I’ve lost the weight where I can just go and tone up now But before I definitely wasn’t something I could easily put into my schedule or anything like that I tried to do at home exercises, and I have to say like I did feel and see it like Toning up areas like my stomach It wasn’t as jiggly and things like that But I wasn’t losing the weight or having this drastic change as I have now. so that’s it for this video guys Thank you so much for watching. I hope this was helpful Good luck to any of you guys who are trying to lose weight well These are all the things that helped me a lot of these things I didn’t know and maybe to some people they’re so obvious like for example one thing I didn’t mention was drinking water I didn’t really drink water before and I drink so much water now You know you should be doing these things like drinking water, but you don’t do it But when you do do it, it changes everything. if you guys liked this video I might make more cuz there’s different things I could talk about. That’s it for this video Thank you guys so much for watching, and I’ll see you guys next time

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