How I Lost 60 pounds in less than 6 months… No exercise.

hey everybody good morning I’m Phillip
Bridges and i’m gonna tell you how I lost 60 pounds and six months without
even exercising but let’s talk about when I started six months ago I was at
to about two hundred and fifty pounds and I just really wasn’t happy with
myself I was telling myself I was gonna lose weight and it’s everything I did I
just I just seemed like I was gaining weight I’d lose ten pounds getting it
back and it came to the point where I just did some research and looked around
and I came across this diet that you know I was kind of skeptical about at
first so I decided you know I’m gonna give it 30 days I’m gonna try it for 30
days I’m gonna bear down I’m gonna do it and 30 days I was getting results
obviously I lost 20 pounds almost in 30 days and it’s just basically I was I was
doing the keto diet and you know a lot of people bash the keto diet and
everything but for me it worked amazingly you know it’s simple really it
is after you get past about the first two weeks of it it’s pretty simple
people say that you’re gonna you basically on the keto diet you get rid
of your your carbs and sugar and what you’re gonna do is you basically just
you’re you’re taking in higher packs and you’re you’re minimizing yourself to
about 30 grams of carbs a day and I was like you know I don’t think I can do
that 30 grams of carbs a day first what I did before I even like started doing
the dicot I kind of watched what I ate for a couple days and kind of did a
count of you know how many carbs I was taking in you know the sugar and
everything I was taking in and it was kind of mind-blowing to me of what I
would what I thought I was taking and what I really was taking in I was
taking well over 500 grams of carbs a day and that’s just ridiculous
and the sugar was just off the charts – and you you find out that there’s a lot
of products out there that are in supermarkets or even at the gas station
that you think that’s healthy for you and it’s not it’s just garbage like some
sodas you think well oh I’m not gonna drink a Pepsi but I’ll just like maybe a
sprite or or even come you know I’ll drink Gatorade whoa
Gatorade and it has about the same carbs and sugar as it can a pop does it it’s
kind of crazy to even when when you actually start counting your carbs and
your sugar and taking it all in that just just uh one can of pop on the keto
diet is your almost your whole it’s more than actually more than your whole carb
intake for the day and that’s just mind-blowing that just like getting rid
of your carbs basically how you can you can better yourself that’s why I did I
decided to do the keto diet is because it I figured I can do it it was it was
gonna be a challenge but I heard from a lot of people that first first couple
weeks are the tough you get that that keto flu that they they talk about yeah
I I kind of got it is you you get the headaches and stuffing basically what it
is it’s a detox and you’re you’re cutting off carbs and sugar completely
from your body and your body doesn’t know what to do because you’ve been on
this for so long and then forced all this stuff so your body basically for
two weeks has to reprocess everything get back to square one and basically
kind of give your body a break for producing insulin to you know help story
all your carbs and break down break down your carbs and sugar
so uh you know diet I noticed a lot of things after about 30 days my my skin
and everything was feeling a lot better my skin would not be as dry I wouldn’t
because I usually get really dry skin my hands all the time and they really get
dried out and they don’t do that very much it I think that’s a that’s a good
benefit to that you for the keto diet it’s a lifestyle change it’s the
lifestyle changes of how you’re gonna eat your foods for now on and what you
can eat and what you shouldn’t and so one big benefit that I have gotten off
the keto diet besides losing weight is my back and joint pain it’s gone I used
to always get inflammation in my back and stuff when I would be working I
don’t get that anymore my my hands would be you know oddly tense and you know
they’re good I can move around freely and I have no eggs or pains and so I
think that’s a huge bonus that I have gotten off of it the makita lifestyle
change starting I didn’t even think about how much weight well I did think
about how much weight I wanted to lose I wanted to get down to about 210 that was
that was my goal I’m like if I get to 210 that’s awesome well now I’m down to
about I’m down to a roughly 190 and I have not been 190 since seventh grade
I’m 36 years old and I have not been 196 to seventh period that’s that’s how big
of a kid I used to be in seventh grade and it’s just all through high school
and in my twenties and thirties I was just slowly I would have a gained weight
I would lose it but I wouldn’t lose that much I would lose I would lose ten to
fifteen pounds here or there but it was nothing really drastic and why because I
was always he I was just you know everything I saw ahead carve them and
that’s what I came to see is that you know carbs are kinda the enemy I don’t
you know I don’t want to say that too that it they are but to me they are the
enemy because carbs and sugar are for how my
body is taking in everything and absorbing everything carbs and sugar are
bad and so I have to stay away from them and you can’t say you know people say
well I’m on this diet I can’t eat that you know I don’t think I don’t say to
people I can’t eat that I can I don’t want to eat that because I know that
that’s not that’s not good for me I don’t I I don’t want to put that in my
body anymore because I’ve found out that my body does not like that and that’s
okay and people tell me you know the keto diet is is horrible but I’ve seen
the results that this is the results of the keto diet I’m a lot happier I’m not
as Rudy more relaxed I think um so that’s another bonus for me for
being on the keto diet but if even if it you know I’m happy to help anybody who
who has questions about the keto diet yeah just even you know starting it
because the other day I was you know I was I was working and well first of all
he didn’t even know who I was and I this is a guy that we I talked to but I
haven’t seen it probably before I started my keto diet and Eva he kind of
looks at me strange and he’s like um is your brother here and I go oh I don’t I
don’t have a brother and he goes well the bigger guy I go yeah that um that’s
me Phil he goes you’re not Phil I go yes I am i he you know he was kind of blown
away cuz you look great and I’m like so you know when people tell you that that
you look great you feel really good inside because the
payoff you know you’re not doing it for other people but you’re doing it for
yourself but when other people really notice because when you’re doing it you
may not notice that much because you’re doing it every day but when you haven’t
seen someone in a while and they’re just like you look amazing and he’s like what
have you been doing and I’m like why you know I’ve I’ve been doing the keto diet
and he’s like well you know you’ve been exercising I go no I just basically
changed how I was eating he’s like oh and he kind of you know kind of nods and
he goes okay well I’ll see you later after we got done with our discussion
and then about 15 minutes later he comes up he comes back over he goes you know
my wife and I have been trying to figure out you know how to lose weight and
we’ve been hearing about this keto diet you know and do you think it’s right for
us and now we go well you know I’m not a doctor or nutritionist I can’t say well
you know you can do this and stuff but I said
from my experience if you guys are healthy and you want to try a different
diet and I and I told him a lot of people do it just to lose weight but a
lot of people when they do it they come to realize that you know this this this
isn’t a diet this is a lifestyle change and it’s right for them and so that’s if
that’s what I was basically telling them and I gave them some tips of what how to
start off and everything like that and I think that’s what I’m gonna I’m gonna do
that in a couple series of videos I’m gonna talk about you know getting
started on keto and what what you should be looking looking for and half of what
you should eat I’m gonna do some recipes and we’re gonna we’re gonna make some
food because everybody acts to make food so I like making food but yeah I just
wanted to share share with you a little bit of you know my what I did to lose
the weight I did in the certain amount of time and I think it’s a bit six
months that’s a perfect time to lose 60 pounds and I just weighed myself today
and actually I’m not I’m like under that I’m like 62 pounds on dirt or whatever
but I’m not even trying to lose weight anymore because I’m just doing what I’m
doing keep them keeping my keeping my carbs down and just taking in my fats
and proteins and just keeping them balanced there’s an app that will really
help you manage your carbs it’s a cult carb manager you can get it on your
iPhone or Android I’ll try to find a link for it and I’ll link it down below
in the description it helps you when you 50 start keto
it’s a really great path and it’s free you can get a premium version of it
which also has recipes and stuff I highly recommend it because they have
some really good keto recipes in and so I thank you for taking the time my
journey on my keto diet you know made my six-month journey and basic no exercise
just a change in when I eat that all I did yeah
so I hope this was good for you guys like it down below
any comments put in the comment section I will gladly answer them to the best of
my ability and don’t forget to subscribe and I hope you guys have a good day

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  1. Seriously genetically our family just can not handle the sugar. I am on it for just the inflammation alone and fabulous results . It is so worth it to not be in pain everyday.

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