How I Lost 65 Pounds With Intermittent Fasting And Walking: An Overview

so today I want to talk about how I lost
weight with intermittent fasting just kind of like a an overview if you will
because it took me a while to kind of land on my current plan so back in 2014
that’s when I decided to lose weight the reason for it was I saw a picture of
myself on Facebook and I was not pleased so I decided right then in there I’m
gonna change and I don’t know how I’m gonna do this but whatever I do I still
want to be able to eat the foods that I know that I will eventually go back to
eating and I want it to be maintainable like whatever whatever I do I don’t want
to end up back in this same place I just don’t want to do this anymore so and I
should mention I’ve you know I’ve always had problems with my weight you know
like there have been times where I’ve been thinner but generally speaking as a
kid you know a lot times I was chunky and then you know after I got married I
gained some weight then I lost it and then after I had babies that’s really
when I mean I had my first baby I lost all the baby weight had the second one
lost most of it and then the third one I just really didn’t lose any of it and a
fat in fact I probably gained some weight after that so so in 2014 I was I
knew I needed to change something so for a year there I tried like jogging
everyday 3 miles a day I tried you know high carb or higher protein lower carb I
just I tried a lot of things and nothing really worked and so in 2015 about
February I finally went to the gym and I got on the scale for the first time in
years and I thought I was gonna be about 195 I thought well no big deal you know
it won’t be that bad and it was 222 pounds so at that point I was like okay
at least now I know where I’m at because before I think I was a still a little
bit of denial about where I really was and and how far I had to go so I started
doing Crossfit I tried lots of different things I tend to get bored easily
I was trying to change up you know I do it you know CrossFit and then lean gains
and Lean Gains is where I heard about intermittent fasting so at that point I
started kind of toying with the notion of changing my eating habits along with
some really hard exercise so I started like pushing my breakfast further and
further into the day and eventually I got to the point where I was skipping
breakfast entirely on purpose for calorie restriction purposes and then
just eating lunch and dinner and and it was I’m starting to have some results
like I had basically lost I ended up losing doing that about 20 pounds and so
or a little bit more but at the time I was doing what I really enjoyed doing
was powerlifting the CrossFit thing I just I kind of it was too tough on my
body I guess I don’t know I just didn’t have in me to continue on with CrossFit
but I really did love powerlifting and so I was having good results with it and
then I hurt my back I was doing a deadlift apparently with poor form and
so I just I popped something in my back I don’t know what happened but it was
enough where I couldn’t do deadlifts anymore or at least I you know I felt
like I was gonna hurt myself even worse so I said I can’t do that and that kind
of put the kibosh on all the different kind of weight bearing or weight heavy
weights and everything I just couldn’t do them anymore with any comfort so then
I was like okay well what am I gonna do because at this point the scale had
started to tick back upward I wasn’t as active because my back was hurting and
that kind of thing and I was just kind of lost and I was starting to get scared
because that was back up to 206 and I was like what am I gonna do because I
thought I was having some I mean I was having success that I could just see
myself gaining all the way back so I said okay well I’ve got to come up with
a different plan so I kind of you know like throughout the rest of that year
for about three months I just kind of I was plateaued I was right there at the –
like 203 mark 206 – 203 I could not
below 200 to save my life so I was like okay well I’ve got to figure something
else out so I read Tim Ferriss’s book the 4-Hour Body and that book even
though I didn’t do the slow carb thing which is what he recommends one thing
that I took away from that book was to start experimenting on yourself just run
an experiment and if it doesn’t work don’t tell yourself you’re a failure
just say well that experiment didn’t work I’m on to the next thing
so okay well what should I do I tried the shangri-la diet which I also
read about in his book for just a couple of days and I was like this is
ridiculous I’m not gonna drink sugar water or you know whatever the thing
was I just I knew that I wouldn’t stick with that so I said to myself okay
you’re having you’ve had success with intermittent fasting and by this point I
had been doing intermittent fasting for a while I mean since probably July of
the previous year so that was a pretty long time that I was able to
consistently stick with that so I said okay well you’re gonna continue
intermittent fasting by that point I was basically having like a late lunch and
then supper and you’re gonna walk six miles every day and I chose six miles
why I don’t know I just kind of came up with it it was more than the 10,000
steps at that point 14,000 steps was six miles on my Fitbit so I said okay 14,000
miles six miles a day that’s like just it was just a good goal to me and so so
I just started doing it and slowly but surely the weight started to come down
and down and down and then somewhere along the way the stomach virus went
through our family and I didn’t get with stomach virus but I was so nervous and
and kind of like high-strung I could only bring myself to really eat once a
day and that week the scale went down by six pounds and it didn’t it that was not
like a true six pound weight loss because I always keep track of my my
running like seven-day average and it really was more about like two pounds
but I was like hey this this might be something I might be on to something
here so I said okay from you know for for at least a few weeks I’m gonna see
if I can get to 1 meal a day and just stay there see what happens and that was
the where I really started to see like
consistent going down of the scale a bit faster than what I was doing when I was
eating two meals a day and so so from from January of 2016 until November
that’s what I lost from like 203 down to 157 so that was you know
the best I was at the end of it I felt awesome I liked the way I looked and
even though at that point I was still a couple of pounds overweight like
according to my BMI I was still happy with where I where I was and so I
decided to didn’t see if I can maintain it and I have I’ve maintained it for
almost a year now so I just wanted to share that with you
guys so that’s what my journey was like

96 thoughts on “How I Lost 65 Pounds With Intermittent Fasting And Walking: An Overview

  1. How tall are you? I am 5’2 and as of this morning I weighed 202.2! That’s down like 10lbs from my heaviest. The 10lbs have been up and down for the last 6 months though lol but when I weighed myself Tuesday morning (my normal weigh in day) I was 203.8.

  2. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your perspective/ journey on OMAD. I’ve taken on the personal challenge of walking 6 miles a day. I too really enjoy heavy lifting but can’t be bothered to do it consistently. Walking is much different especially since I can do it at my own pace. I eat my meal with my family as well in the evening and I now take Sundays off (see the influence 🤗) I do not count calories and I do not restrict myself during this time. Fun fact: I’m also very introverted so I take my walks each morning at 4 a.m it’s peaceful and I look forward to my alone time without feeling socially awkward. thank you 🙏🏽 for what you do and keep up the amazing work!

  3. HI, did you snack / drink anything between the fasts? and how did you keep so motivated?..did you break the fast on some days? or it was a complete block fast once you started one meal in 24 hrs? It seems impossible for me .. I am still experimenting on the ist step of intermmitent fasting.. I wake up at 4am and sleep at around 11 🙁

  4. Seeing yourself in a photo that you had no knowledge of or didn't know it was being taken really shows you the real you and humbles you

  5. I hope everything about one meal a day , really does work

    I started one meal a day and cut all carbs
    Just fats and veggies
    Low carb, high fat, high fiber diet

  6. I hate the gym, but i love to be outside thats why i love low carb/ high fat w/IF, no gym required…..i dont have a scale anymore thanks to hubby i measure my waist and hips lost 2 in on both since i measure myself monthly and thats good because im not so focussed on numbers i can kind of tell when im haveing a good month my clothes tell me. either way.lost 20 lbs this way (down 178 from 198.) Picture on left is at my heaviest.

  7. I started at about the same weight that you were. I've lost around 50 pounds. Hope to lose around 10-20 more. I wish all intermittent fasters could approach it the way you do. I feel the same way about it.

  8. I tried and tried to lose 20 pounds for years with no success. I am no good at counting calories (even with computer programs that make it "easier"), writing down everything I eat, trying new recipes, etc. I would get quickly bored and quit. Finally came across intermittent fasting and it worked! It fits into my personality: I can do it because it is so simple. It was slow, and I did notice that it works better with exercise. Finally lost my 20 pounds and have kept it off for a couple of years now. The funny thing is that my husband has been practicing what is essentially "intermittent fasting" for years and years (he was very much overweight before we met, but he's been skinny as a rail since I've known him) but never called it that. He just always ate only 2 meals, or even only one meal. This was probably 30 years ago. So it was right under my nose for a long time, but I had to hear about it on YouTube before I tried it. I was blind.

  9. The most I got to was 18.5 hours I don't like how shakey it makes me feel it's all so strange but I've been eating every hour for 12 hours a day for a year since I got my medication for depression changed and I went from 140lbs to 210lbs I've lost 3lb over 4 days so far but hmm think il keep it to 16 hours and weigh once a week 😕

  10. I love your story I also eat once a day and been seeing great results…. and I also walk every evening for 90 minutes

  11. But isn’t eating one meal a day essentially starving? How many calories is in the meal? What keeps you going the rest of the day? I can’t imagine how hungry I’d be all the time! I m not sure how great it is to recommend this type of diet as it doesn’t sound very healthy at all. Of course you lost weight quickly, but couldn’t you have stuck with the 2 meals a day and just lost it slower? I’m not trying to argue this video at all, I’m just a bit surprised that this is something that people commend.

  12. I’m enjoying your videos and learning more about OMAD. Just curious – how is your maintenance eating/exercising different from the weight loss eating/exercising phase?

  13. My mom is 50 and started intermittent fasting 2 years ago. She lost 44 pounds. Since I am 55 pounds overweight I started last week and already lost 5 pounds. I eat a lot, but healthy so I am always full and I do small training. It really works!!

  14. I need help with how much of each food you eat. I'm 280 lbs no thyroid and had hysterectomy. No hormones how long do u fast? And need an easy peasy foods I can make you meals

  15. Great story….congratulations. It would have been helpful to share what your meals consisted of and the foods you ate. It feels good to feel good.

  16. Just came across your channel! Do you OMAD every day or like once a week? Im interested in fasting to lose weight. Thanks

  17. It almost always come downs to- yes- making ‘that’ decision to commit – to a plan. Ha! Your talking with your hands is worth 500 steps. Just teasing.

    Curious did you ever actively balance Nutrition, or was it all about the weight?

  18. Love how you just get to the point! I'm going to try walking at least 5 with the intermittent fasting. New sub here!!!! 😀

  19. Thank you so much for sharing!Your journey sounds a lot like mine I just need to add OMAD to my routine as well as exercise and I hope that I get the same results.

  20. In 2 months if w edo intermittent fastting and go for a walking morning.. Can we really duce weight? How much do u think we can

  21. Do you have one meal a day everyday. Or is it like 3 or 5 times a week that you fast. I started fasting 17/ 7. I feeling good about that. I was planning on doing it everyday but was hearing that might no be good.

  22. When you do OMAD, are you allowed to have Keto snacks inbetween or have a Keto dessert? I'm very new to this. Thanks.

  23. Superb vid,,,,, I'm an ex gym instructor that was 24 years ago,,,, prior I was as big as 50" waist and from there went down to 28" waist,,,,felt great,,,,,,then in my 40's the weight piled on and I just increased cardio my weight hovered at 15st with 40" waist mostly,,,with time discs went in my back,,,,I did healthy keto,,alternate day fasting and once weekly 48 hour water fasts now I'm at my dream weight 12 stone,32" waist,,,,. It was all good but the blood pressure and cholesterol now need to be addressed and hence I feel OMAD is my next step and eat a well balanced meal,,,, late afternoon I'm a week in and thoroughly enjoying it,,,,Your vid's are super inspiring and proof that a gym pass is not essential,,,,,growing up in London in the 70s gyms were scarce and underground sweat n sawdust which I preferred then came larger chains of gyms,,,the walking 10'000 steps as advised in UK gets its origins from the Japanese Olympics research back in the 60s,,,,,for folk with probs as I have I walk less but add a cpl of walks to make the numbers up and the omad takes care of the rest,,,for resistance the elastics are great as due to back limited on what I could lift,,,,,the early
    Elastic tubes or bands are great and unlike weights keep tension through the whole range of movement,,,,,,,All good stuff,wishing everyone Health,Happiness,Wealth,,,

  24. Hello there! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. You have inspire me even if I was considering to start this life style after making my own little research. I believe that God has put everything together for me, including finding your channel. I just started yesterday and so far so good. Just have a little question for you. Is it ok to add lemon to the tea or water you drink??? Thanks once more!

  25. I had so much success with fasting. I want to get back into it. It was the only thing that’s worked for me. I don’t like low carb or counting calories. Fasting is great for those who don’t want restrictions with their diet for the “off” days.

  26. I had been thin all my life, then BAM! I gained due to menopause. I started with 5:2, then 16:8, then 20:4 warrior, now I’m on OMAD. I do a 4 or 5 day water fast once a month to detox. I started in 2014 too and maintained my 50 lb weight loss now for 5 years and eat whatever I want. I also wrote books about my experience just like you. But I’m a grandma of 4. 52 years young because of Intermittent Fasting!

  27. I don’t mind a late breakfast to extend the fasting, however, can i have my coffee firstly thing in the morn, or its that considered breaking the fast already. ?

  28. What do u eat for your omad? I’m vegan and I have been doing IF off and on for one year. Now in day 3 of 20:4 for life. My plan is to stay on this for life. It’s the only thing that works for me. Thanks for your story it’s very similar to mine

  29. I eat one meal a day and do light exercise throughout the week. Been doing it for about 4 months now, and I'm down about 10 pounds. Not that much of a loss, but it's working for me. I wake up, have one banana or apple. Then go to work, get home around 5pm. Have my one big meal around 6pm. And it satisfies my hunger until the next day.

  30. Started Sept 9 2018 at 367 lbs with very similar story to yours. I have worked my way slowly from 16/8 to OMAD. I weigh myself daily but only record it once a week on Sunday afternoon. Today I’m was 302. It is a way of life and very sustainable. Thank you for sharing your videos and I’m very grateful for the interviews you conduct. Congratulations to you and all those on here that are also having success. Keep it up.

  31. Thank you for speaking so clearly, concisely and getting to the point! You make it so easy and enjoyable to watch!

  32. Nice! I lost 70 lbs in 3 months. Now incorporating dry fasting cause I got lose skin. Seems to be working. Easier than I thought since I’m so fat adapted now

  33. Kayla has published over 150 topical videos about intermittent fasting on this channel. If you have a question about Intermittent Fasting for weight loss that you can't find the answer to, you can submit your question here: and Kayla will work on making a video in response to it. If you need step by step courses and group coaching, go here: – J.R.

  34. Hi,great motivating video..can please advice me..i am working night shift,I need to lose around 40pounds,by June I am working night,I eat and drink coffee to keep me awake,,how to plan a window of fasting for me to follow? If can,plz advice. Thanks

  35. I am in intermittent fasting for the last 4days…i eat 2meals a day,1st one in 11am and last one in 7pm….i m taking low calories maybe😥😥…like meal1# one banana one egg and one brown bread,vegetables and meal2# 2piece chicken and one brown bread one banana, vegetables …but i am gaining weight😩😩…. I Don't understand why….i am getting so much frustrated😭😭

  36. I don't see how jogging doesn't work xD i also was surprised when i stepped on the scale so I started intermittent fasting 3 days ago… Eating 1800kcal a day plus breastfeeding let's see where it takes me 🙂 i will do this without exercise for first week or two… Then I'll add training in order not to shock my milk supply 🙂

  37. Congrats on your weight loss and finding something that works for you. I started a low carb diet and walking 10 months ago and have lost 65 lbs, which is half way to my goal weight. I walk between 4-5 miles a day, six days a week. I love walking. I wish I had done this years ago.

  38. How tall are u ? I’m guessing 5’9 ish.
    I’m 215 and 58. I want to get down to 170-175.
    I walk 2hrs 7-9am and try not to eat till 12 noon.
    What foods do u avoid ? Candy ice cream cakes cookies coke ?
    Thx for your videos.

  39. I tried TRUE fasting NO EXERCISING, and NO FOOD CHANGE, 16/8 everyday. For 2 weeks now weight fluctuated between 2 and 3 lbs staying the same.

  40. You just inspired me to go back to OMAD. I've also started walking as my workout when before I was doing weights as well and even though I was toning I wasnt happy withthe results. I honestly think walking is a much better and healthier excercise. Thank you for the tips and congratulations on the weightloss!!

  41. I just started this Mon. June 10/19. Have seen so many videos and have seen so many contradictions ! I am following the
    16/8 fasting and as of today it's been 4 days of this diet. Amazed of how easy this is to follow. Have lost about 3 lbs so far and I am happy with this.
    Will take a break for 3 days and continue this coming Monday.
    We will see how it goes.🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  42. Thank you for the informative video. I can relate. I lost 44lbs/20kg within 4 months through intermittent Fasting and enjoying all my meals. My body inflammations vanished. My blood pressure normalized and many other health benefits.It has been a breakthrough for me since I have battled with obesity for 30 years. I have shared some informative videos also on you tube on my channel – Just Eat Intermittent Fasting Discussions.For More informations kindly check my website:

    Well done and keep on changing lives…

  43. You have to decide that you will do intermittent fasting. If you have a family or friends and eat out, or eat at various times day and night, it may be a bit more difficult. I started intermittent fasting for a second time 5 days ago. The first time I tried this, I did not keep fasting, but gave in to eating out with my wife. It's your body. You've got to decide whether or not you are willing to forego eating whenever you feel like it. Its your body. Decide. For myself, I have been working out a the gym with weights for 18 weeks now. Wasn't losing the belly fat, so decided to do intermittent fasting. I am almost 66 years of age. 6' 3" height and weigh now 279.4 lbs as of this morning. Was at 286 lbs five days ago.

  44. Hi. I'm doing 16/8 on keto diet and hiit workout for 20-30 min every day/ week. 3 weeks and no results. What I'm doing wrong? First meal at 1pm and the last at 5pm ….I drink tea and lemon, or water while I'm fasting and sometimes just plain coffee.
    When did you notice the results? Weeks? Months?

  45. I'm a witness to this. I've tried working out but still eating 3 meals a day and I could never keep the weight off. We dont need 3 meals a day. We need to eat for energy so clean food is what our body needs. The more you eat the more insulin your body releases which means your body goes into fat storage mode. I'm diabetic so fasting is a must for me anyway. I lost 5 lbs in the 2 weeks that I have been fasting for 18 hrs out of the day. I was 168, now I'm 163. I want to get down to 135 so I won't need anymore diabetic medicine, it's so hard to lose weight on meds or insulin, cause the very meds that's supposed to help your condition makes it worse by releasing more insulin.

  46. Six miles a day……. 😒
    Okay but I’ve been doing a workout video Monday Wednesday and Friday and Tuesday and Thursday soccer…. just started intermittent fasting and I’ve lost 10-12lbs in 3 weeks, I break my fast in the weekends and it puts me up 3 or so pounds again so I need to be a bit more strict and avoid getting off the wagon.

  47. Baby u ramble so much, that I skip all through out your video, make it more informative and interesting so we can keep watching your transformation and come back for more. Honest opinion.

  48. Please help me I really want to loose weight how many steps shall I walk and how many calories shall I eat my height is 5foot 1 inch

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