How I lost  8 pounds/3 inches off my waist in one week|7 day diet plan for weight loss

in today’s video I am going to take you
all on my one week diet journey plus at the end of the video you get access to
download my one week detox meal plan so if you want to see how I went from this
to this keep watching currently I am a little bit out of shape
and unhealthy I have a really really sensitive stomach when I am eating a lot
of crap it just shows first in my tummy and the annoying thing is that when I’m
trying to lose weight the tummy is the last to go and when my tummy is like this
I usually have no energy, I’m irritable I mean I’m so difficult to live with At this particular time I have low energy so before you judge me
that oh the nutritionist is eating unhealthy so I just moved to Lagos like most of you
know and I had issues with accommodation I had to live with somebody and I’ve pretty
much been eating carbs and processed food I’ve been eating a lot of junk so
here I am from eating indomie and other crap
on Instagram last week I made a post about noodles and the amount of salt
that is in the sauce I don’t know about you but me personally when I’m trying to
lose weight I need to know my why I need to have a big why because usually I
like to kick-start things with a low carb diet so when I’m starting with a
look carb diet I need to have a good why because I love my carbs a lot I love my
rice so doing a low carb diet is a big deal for me I need to be mentally
prepared for it so I would identify my why so what is my why I don’t want to wear
a body shaper I don’t want to wear a waist trainer I don’t want to wear a gown and
have my tummy popping out in a really really bad way I don’t want I don’t want
that I know well you can say I’m vain but I don’t want it so your just it’s
my own why just know your own why also I want to be confident in myself I want
to be confident in my own person I don’t want to say that I don’t like the way
I’m looking I don’t want to look in the mirror and
not like the reflection I’m getting from the mirror I don’t want that those are my
own why so I identify my own why before starting any diet because if I
don’t identify my why I would not stay on track, after 2 days I’m just gonna
give up the diet because I don’t have a why and I tell my clients all the time
you need to know your why why are you trying to lose weight identify your big
why because it’s going to keep you going losing weight and making conscious
effort to eat healthy and healthy all the time is not easy it’s hard anybody that
says it’s not hard is lying so you need to know your why so that you can keep
yourself motivated yourself to be on track on your journey the second thing I
do is that I set a SMART goal for myself because I’m pretty much bloated I will
set a goal of losing 2 to 3 inches from my tummy so I can do that in a week
because I’m bloated but if it is actually belly fat I can set a goal of
one to two inches from my belly in one week so that is how to set a goal you
don’t want to set a goal of losing 10kg in one week. I’ve had clients lose 5 to 7
kg in one week though but their starting weight was above 80 kg so if
your starting weight is below 80 kg you wanna look at 3 kg in a week if you have
been eating healthy you want to look at 2 kg and if you are eating already and
exercising then you want to look at 1 kg so you need to identify your own person your
own lifestyle and see how many kg you can lose within a week the next thing I
do is I set a deadline hey I wanna do this within one week I want to do this
within two week I said a short deadline then when I achieve the little goal for the
short deadline I set another goal and another deadline but when you want to
lose 40 kg and it looks like it’s going to take you six months to lose 40
kg that can be discouraging but set a goal of losing 5 kg in two weeks
now that is doable now when we lose the 5 kg and we want to lose another 5kg we
say another short term goal within another shot deadline that is how to stay on
track since I asked myself how I’m going to
motivate myself on this journey because trust me you need all the motivation and
the support you can get so I can put a picture of somebody I like and use it as my
screensaver I can use lose two inches of your belly and my password yes I’m that
weird as my password on my phone I can put it quote as my screen saver
something like if you are tired of starting over stop giving up you can do
this you can win be consistent patience and consistent action I use all of those
things and I actually have a video on how to motivate yourself to lose weight
and exercise I will link the video in the description box below the next thing
you want to do is clear out all the junk in your house now don’t try to form that
you are disciplined you’re going to be disciplined and all of that you’re not
you’re not going to be that disciplined you so just clear out all the junk in
the house so let’s remove all the refined carbs and the processed food and
the carbonated drinks and the fruit juice anything that can distract me and
prevents me from getting my goal straight out of the house I can give it
out I can share it and just you know just get it out of my house there are
different options just do what you’re most comfortable
with if you want to try that now that all these stuffs are out of the
house we need to go shopping I’ll take you along let’s go so you guys
know that I love yogurt a lot now you need to check the ingredient and be sure
that when you’re buying your natural yogurt all that is there is milk, culture and
water you don’t want to have sugar on it and that’s why this is my
number one brand when you want by playing yogurt in Lagos Ok so these are amazing spices, you have oregano, mint this is basil, this is thyme, this is oregano, this is parsley, so this is rosemary if you don’t want to buy the local one just got back from shopping oh my god
See I walked to and fro so one of the things you want to do if you are trying
to lose weight and you don’t want to exercise walking is a good way to lose
the weight just walk walk walk. This is basically what
I bought this is oats I bought oat I bought yogurt carrots this
is carrots I bought plantain these are spices turmeric and this is
curry so I have other spices at home so I didn’t bother buying them this is lemon now
I bought this because I wanted to show you guys something
now when you come to the ingredient I always say that once the ingredient is
more than three to five then you should not bother buying it now most people
want to drink h2oh and h2oh is okay I mean it is a lesser evil but see the
number of ingredients you have carbonated what I have lemon you have lemon flavor
you have malic acid citric acid you have sodium bicarbonate of sodium citrate
you have sweetener aspartame acesulfame k sodium benzoate it’s just too much and you
buy this 100 naira I bought each lemon for 100 naira so that means that and I will
use half of this per 50cl of water so that means I’m spending 50 naira on this
so most people think lemon is expensive but if you look at the alternative you
know that it’s actually affordable and then this is vegetable which I’m going
to cook with this chicken and fish this is pepper and this is cabbage so I tried
I really tried to make this super affordable so that nobody will say
that it’s too expensive this is SuperDuper affordable
if you don’t want to buy this brand of oats you can buy another brand this is
super affordable and it’s totally doable I’ll be cooking this vegetable with palm
oil so you can decide to do low fat but I believe in a moderate fat diet you
need fat to burn fat our and palm oil is if you’re buying the right one from the
good sources so pretty much those are the things I got I also got cucumber
beetroot I forgot to lay that out because it was in a different plastic
bag so what would I be eating I’ll be eating oatmeal and the plain yogurt I
don’t need to cook it I will just mix everything together and off I go I like
it as simple as possible I will add chia seed again you know I will add chia seed
right? I will add chia seed to it hmmm I didn’t really buy banana because I don’t
want to do too much fruits this week I I want to do a little bit of low carb but I
will still be eating carbs. I’m going to eat rice that was I bought vegetable because I
would do a little bit of vegetable stew with a smoked fish and the chicken so I
will do a little bit of rice and I would do semi-ripe plantain in fact by the
end of the week the plantain will be ripe so then I will eat the plantain
with egg which I already have at home that was why I didn’t buy egg I will also do
salad with my cabbage and carrot I will add beans normal beans I don’t
really like canned beans so I will perboil one cup of normal beans add it to the carrots
and cabbage and then add chicken that is it then I’m going to dress it with
extra virgin olive oil which I already have at home lemon I bought lemon and then
salt and pepper a little bit of salt and pepper then if I am in the mood I can add
cinnamon or turmeric when I try to lose this weight in one
week this was actually what I ate and I showed this meal and every other thing
around it in my video on how to lose weight fast in one week our link the
video in the description box below I’m scared because I’ve never tried
ugwu and beetroot before I’ve never tried pumpkin leaves and
beetroot before I’m scared okay okay here goes nothing I’m not going to deceive you it’s not
sweet I’m just laughing it’s not sweet it tastes it’s not bitter okay let me clear
that is not but it’s not sweet it taste like cucumber it has a plain taste pretty much
tastes like cucumber it’s not those kind of smoothie that you be like hmm and
you will quickly rush it no but of course that was the goal because I didn’t add too
much fruit I only I added watermelon and then the cucumber and the ugwu chia seed
beetroot and plain yogurt when I start a low carb diet like this because it’s
usually not too restrictive I’m not doing cabbage soup or any crazy diet I
usually don’t have cravings or think that oh my god if I don’t eat chocolate today
I’m gonna die I don’t have those unusual cravings because I incorporate the
foods I like or I plan to eat them at the tail end of the week so if you are
somebody who don’t like a restrictive diet please feel free to download my meal
plan in the description box below the struggle is real if you agree with me
that the struggle is real type I feel you in the comment section below
you need all the accountability motivation and support you can get on
this journey so if you will like to be a part of my community click the link below and
join us so that I can cheer you on daily on your journey I’m super proud of
myself for keeping up with this diet for one week I mean I lost the weight I
lost the belly part and I am feeling super confident I can wear what I like I
mean I can look at the mirror and I’m like whooo whooo I lost three inches now I’m pushing
in my tummy now pushing it I’m pushing it out so that you can see that I’m not
trying to suck it in because I know some police officers will
say that I’m trying to suck it in that’s why I’m pushing it in and out if you like this video
please give me a thumbs up share it with your friends and don’t forget to
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