How I Lost Over 30 Pounds Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

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that I want to do some commentary on and the reason for that is because yes when
I was on my accountability weight-loss journey where I did a post every single
day on my channel updating you about my weekly weigh-ins and my ups and my downs
I may have spoke I have spoke about apple cider vinegar but I didn’t do a
wonderful presentation like this young lady has done in this video where she
explains the one adjustment that she did to help her lose 30 pounds with no
effort and I wanted to do this video because I’m an agreement with her on two
things which doesn’t really make the apple cider vinegar like people say oh
what are you trying to say is this a miracle natural miracle yeah it does
actually make it a miracle because there are two things that we are in agreement
with that cause probably people to lose weight like in her case she lost 30
pounds is apple cider vinegar when you when you take at least two teaspoons of
that I used to take it one time in the morning and then at night it suppresses
your appetite and also it helps with digestion so in this video to cut to the
chase the reason she lost 30 pounds is without getting into graphic details you
cannot even imagine how much waste we carry around inside of us that doesn’t
get eliminate eliminating even in a 24-hour period that when we
get on the scale Waze is down and what she basically was talking about in this
video she described in very minimal details is that it helped with her
digestive system they basically help her with moving things right along let’s
just say in that department and because of that it kept her stomach flat it kept
her regular so basically whatever she was probably eating after she started
doing the apple cider beniker was basically eliminating from her body
quicker which when something eliminates from your body quicker it helps with
digestion and it also helps speed up your metabolism so this is how she was
able to move 13 pounds she also was talking about the benefits that she
received from using an apple cider vinegar and when she didn’t use it how
it affected her which I’m also in agreement with her because when I
started using apple cider vinegar one thing that I will say that it did help
me with is appetite suppressant and also it helped me with my digestion and also
it helped me with bloating because once you get your digestion under control
then the bloating and all that other good stuff goes away as well I do
recommend that if you decide to try the ACV apple cider vinegar I would get the
Bragg’s there are other brands um with the mother in it but I think the brand
that works the best and I know that there are other organic brands but what
brand I think works the best and gives you these results is the Bragg’s now I’m
not advertising for Bragg’s apple cider vinegar but if you’re going to try this
and you just want to change one simple thing in your regiment you’re not ready
to quite stop you your bad eating habits or whatever
you’re trying to do right away incorporating two tablespoons in the
morning and two tablespoons at night using the Bragg’s apple cider vinegar
and I just want to emphasize that using the Bragg’s apple cider vinegar you can
also receive these results and the reason why I say this and I’m guaranteed
that you you get results from this is because for number one when you start to
incorporate the apple cider vinegar you will feel the effects of feeling
satiated you know and that appetite suppressant so you will eat less and
also apple cider vinegar is know you know and a lot of people talk about the
dis and videos to burn fat so you know you’re getting the best of all for our
world you getting the appetite suppressant you’re getting the apple
cider vinegar burning the fat in apple cider vinegar also is a good detox of
the cater for the blood the kidneys the liver and it makes you feel overall
better especially when you go to sleep I usually take well I haven’t lately I
fell off the wagon usually take two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before
bedtime and this is times when I have restless night sleep and it helps me
sleep wonderful at this time I don’t have any more so I have my days where I
don’t get good sleep but if I had the apple cider vinegar on on deck I would
be able to just take it and within a half an hour
I’d knock right out don’t really get the science behind that but it does work for
that I have watched plenty of videos also dr. Burge he also suggests is to
take two teaspoons before bed that’s where I got the idea from it worked for
me see if it’ll work for you so I don’t want to make this video too long just
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  1. TFS I drink Apple Cider vinegar everyday & every night Amen Amen Happy Sunday to you Amen take care of yourself Amen & have a blessed day Amen

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