How I lost post-pregnancy weight 20 kg in 7 months-1

Hi Everyone This video is about how I lost post-pregnancy
weight. I was around 80 kg and I lost 20 kg post – pregnacy.I had 2 children in quick
succession. I wanted to share with you how I lost weight.After my first pregnancy, I
was doing lot of calorie counting but didn’t work for me . I was always food junkie. I
wanted to how I lost 20 kg in 6-7 month span . The first step is
– Eat lot of Fruits and Vegetables –
Eat in its raw and
organic way.
– Cook
it – Alternatively juice
it – Fruit juices, try to adopt in diet
– Have smoothies – doesn’t destroy vitamin and minerals Fruits are naturally sweet. If you want more
sweet , add honey/agave syrup. No sugar please Tips
1>Change your lifestyle rather than diet 2>Have Sweet Potatoes rather than Potatoes
3>Have Brown rice rather than Rice 4>Eat fruits and vegetables whenever you
are hungry 5>Juice them
6>Make smoothies I hope you follow this lifestyle change. Be
fit and lose weight. Mothers please check with your doctor before following any strict
regime. This is part 1. I will come up with more tips
in part 2.

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