this is how you glow up this is how you
actually improve your life this is how I really managed to lose weight hi so I’m
sorry for like the weird lighting situation and the mess in the background
but this is just how this video is gonna be I already made a video in the past
about my weight loss journey and kind of explained the entire thing and just how
I ended up in that situation and how I got out of it shared like what I did in
a more practical sense I don’t really want to repeat myself so if you’re
interested in that it’s gonna be here I think or there it’s gonna be somewhere
just figured that would add some context for anyone who didn’t watch it basically
I lost about fourteen fifteen kilos when I was around 14 so that’s the story I wanted to make this video a little
different and kind of talk more about the mental aspect of it and what really
makes the difference when it comes to weight loss in my opinion because
obviously anyone is gonna be able to just tell you yeah just eat better and
work out and yes that’s true it’s gonna like help you a lot but the mindset
that’s where it all begins that’s what I want to talk about because
I think that’s at least when it comes to my own journey what really made the
difference I don’t think I would ever have really like lost all that weight if
I hadn’t had the right mindset at the time so I feel like most people don’t
even really like believe me when I say that I used to be overweight because I
don’t know like most people just look at me and just see like a regular person
who has never probably dealt with this kind of issues but I actually have been overweight for a while like most of my life probably so to share just real
quickly a bit of my background story I always struggled with my own body image
I always felt just fat as a child and it’s kind of funny because I wasn’t even
really overweight at the time it just kind of came later I will show you
pictures if I manage to figure out how to yeah I used
to be basically just a regular child I wasn’t really overweight just maybe a
little bit more on the chubby side and I felt like this super fat thing it all
kind of began because I would look at my friends and they were all like super
thin and then I would look at myself and I just always had a bit of a belly
and just I wasn’t like them yeah I felt fat as a child that just kind of
snowballed all the way into my teenage years that’s when I actually like became
overweight I already explained the entire story but yeah I was struggling a
lot mentally I was going through a lot my mental health was terrible and yeah as
if being a teenager wasn’t already just horrible honestly I also just was in this
situation where I basically felt like my life was just falling apart so that
didn’t really help that didn’t really make my relationship with food this
great of a thing you know I would eat a lot just to honestly compensate and feel
better because food just made me like relax and not feel so overwhelmed with
stuff all the time oh yeah that kind of made things worse
as I mentioned in that other video the main reason why I really like even
became overweight at all is because I never really had much of an education on
nutrition so basically I would just eat whatever and my family was just kind of
the same way mainly that kind of turned into a problem what a shocking surprise
and this is exactly one of the most important things that I want to talk
about in this video okay so I’m trying to change the angle just so you can see
me when I talk and not just light on my face but it’s not mmm this is not the
best okay well whatever as I was saying if you’re someone who’s trying to lose
weight but you don’t really have any idea on anything concerning like
nutrition start by focusing on that first
I’m telling you it’s the most important thing when it comes to losing weight or
just generally living a healthier lifestyle because and I feel like this
is such an issue for like many people who struggle with weight problems or
just health problems in general there is not really much education on nutrition
like I don’t know about you but I didn’t really know much of anything about it
until I had to like learn it on my own skin so kind of not the best you know
they don’t really teach you this in school and stuff because it’s kind of I
guess assumed that you should learn it at home but that’s not always the case so you
end up stuck in this situation where you know you’re doing something wrong you
don’t really know what or how to fix it this is one of the reasons why I’m
always always telling to actually go and look for professional help if you are in
that kind of situation because it’s just easier to have a professional give you
advice and kind of explain things to you when you don’t really know nearly as
much as they do and that’s like normal obviously not everyone is gonna know
everything and if you have never really had anyone explain this stuff to you
growing up you’re gonna need a little help with it and there’s nothing wrong
with it I think like many if not most people don’t really know much about
nutrition but yes it’s so important many people think food is just like calories
and all that but it’s a little more complex than that there’s a lot more that
you need to kind of know just as a basis so yes the number one rule is learn more
about nutrition go see professionals if you can trust people who actually back up
their claims with evidence and know what they’re talking about you know knowing the very basic thing of just eating less calories than you’re consuming
might be enough to lose weight but it’s not gonna be the best way to do it it’s
not gonna be the healthiest thing for you if you don’t really know anything else
about it there’s just so much more to nutrition
than just calories and again I talked about this in another video too so I am
mentioning this because that’s what I started with like I didn’t really know
anything and I mean like anything but I feel like I would have totally done
better if I just knew more about it or had someone who was a professional help
me second thing aside from education on nutrition is mindset your mindset is
truly what makes the difference I was only able to actually improve myself and
my lifestyle once I started getting better mentally too because my mindset
was just so much better suddenly I really wanted to improve
myself I really wanted to just feel better do whatever you have to to take
care of yourself mentally because I’m telling you it’s just the key it’s not
easy especially if you’re starting from already being in a bad place but it’s
just so so important obviously your mindset is gonna affect everything else
in your life try your best not to start from a place of negativity and like
self-hatred you want to improve yourself because deep down you know you deserve
better and want better for yourself but that doesn’t mean but you’re horrible
right now when I look at myself in my old overweight pictures I don’t just go
oh no I was just like atrocious that’s not oh my god like no I was just his
insecure teen who was just trying to get through a lot of stuff in life and
didn’t really know what she was doing but still try their best so focus on
your mindset make sure you’re looking at this thing in an actually healthy way
make sure you’re not treating yourself like your own worst enemy because that’s
just what we tend to do usually and it never really works out it’s not easy but
a healthy lifestyle always begins with a healthy mindset because otherwise you’re
just like building this house that you want to live in for the rest of your
life on a broken basis and it’s not gonna really hold up that
well so education mindset and our third thing
motivation I used to be one of those people who just like thought you either
have like the motivation to do something or you just don’t but here’s the secret
that people just don’t tell you you don’t just wake up one day and suddenly
you’re super motivated just magically like that we think action comes after
motivation but most of the time I think it actually is the opposite way like
hear me out I think motivation comes after you have already taken action it’s
all about actually starting it’s all about taking that first tiny step and
just keep going day by day until one day you just look back and it’s like oh wow
I’ve actually come a long way don’t wait and just hope that maybe like one day
you’ll feel super motivated and ready to start because I don’t really think
anyone is ever ready to start start from wherever you’re at right now and start
with what you have at the moment because it’s all about starting it’s all about
actually taking that first step you will build that motivation as you go so yeah
that’s it I’m sharing all this because I just really think it would have been all
much easier for me if I actually knew about all this right from the start and
didn’t just have to learn it on my own so if this was in any way helpful
to you leave a like let me know in the comments and yeah thank you so much for
watching leave a life at and leave a life? and there’s light on my face again

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