hey guys want to talk about the success
of my weight loss and how I was able to move 58 pounds in 104 days the main
reason I was able to lose 58 pounds in 104 days was the simple fact that
through the trials in the era the times I picked up foods when I was supposed to
be juicing I never gave up I never gave up if you have a damn fall day where you
eat something you’re not supposed to eat while on your weight loss journey if you
you accept that and then you pick yourself up dust yourself off and you
continue that minute that second or that next day and you don’t take up a break
because you feel one day and then you saw eating terrible again you will lose
the weight you have to be consistent that’s it it’s not about you won’t lose
weight because you fell off and have Burger King and you’ve been eating for
five or six days good then you had Burger King know it might be a minor
setback but if you continuously dust yourself off and be consistent you will
lose weight people beat themselves up every day when they make a mistake and
they let their willpower overcome them and they pick up and eat pizza whatever
it is that they’re not supposed to be doing that’s not the plan it’s not part
of the weight loss journey and because they messed up one two or three times
the journey is over if you’re one of those people where you mess up your
journey your weight loss journey and then you go on a vacation for three
weeks you’re never gonna lose weight that way you have to face the struggles
in that journey head-on and just accept that you’re going to have struggles
there going to be days that are gonna be good and there’s gonna
be days that are going to suck and if you just continuously when you fall over
your feet or when you trip and you fall get up and do it again and you keep
doing it again and again and again and eventually you will get it and
eventually you will lose the weight but if you continuously feel at it and then
you stop for two or three weeks you’re not going to lose the weight I can trust
you trust and believe that I’m not going to make this a long drawn-out video
because you don’t need to hear a seminar on common sense you might need someone
to reinforce that what you’re doing is not right and how you doing it you’re
not going to lose weight but all I’m gonna say to you is if you fall get up
and if you fall again get up and you keep getting up until you lose the
weight consistency so with all that being said please subscribe to the
channel like and share this video and make it a favorite and I’ll see you in
the next video bye for now

10 thoughts on “HOW I WAS ABLE TO LOSE 60 POUNDS IN 104 DAY

  1. Thanks for giving us the motivation… to keep enduring our personal journeys! Your success💪👏 stories are a blessing to us!

  2. As always great video thank you for sharing congrats 🎉🎊🎈 700 subscribe next 1k have a great day

  3. To answer your question about my diabetes and sugar it is perfect. I just tested myself a couple of days ago 💯💯💯 💯😎😎😎😎

  4. great video i surpport your channel peace and love sister thank you for your information spread LOVE not hate

  5. So very true!!! Consistency is the key is so many things. Congrats on your weight loss journey! After recently having a baby, trying to get back on track to stay myself 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!!

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