How modern food affects human health. What products are dangerous to humans.

Hello! goo today’s products human life began to
indicate early few people think about the composition of their purchases and
in general other purchases in general and is it worth it now maybe they have
something left on the store shelves that we can safely eat let’s look at the
harms of food in general and ovulate the one most frequently consumed and at the
same time incredibly secretive and harmful let go let’s start with the fact
that of course now eating all the following we have no one died and it
will not be bad we will talk about products that over time violate certain
function of your body and therefore harm only after certain time but believe me
they will not make themselves wait long first we are talking about salt as it
violates water balance creating prerequisites for the appearance of
edema in success in food increases with the concentration of sodium which
disrupts the structure of blood vessels they’ve all become seen and brittle
blood permeability decreases the speed of unconditional reflected slow down
next in line sugar which does the brain a disservice by eventually reducing the
sense of J caused by serotonin it turns out a vicious circle sugar is required
more and more and the pleasure of seeds is less there is an increase in the
number of cakes and sweets reducing the proportion of sweets can use prolonging
it depression so don’t bring the body to a generous point professor fragment and
lunch Quad Cities increases the risk of formation of hollister on plaque we see
on the walls of large and small vessels this increases the risk of stroke and
lead to the development of atherosclerosis hum is produced at times
if together is a meat dish to use the large amount of leafy greens including
parsley coriander deal onion feathers chips and crackers
are the letters in the content of trans fats like plasticine clinging to Essos
they are difficult to remove and with regular use of these products as a
received significantly exceeds the output milk and white chocolate combines
sugar and flavorings which does not correspond to the original recipe of
delicious see little chocolate is produced in small batches and is very
expensive in hipper markets it almost does
not appear their implementation goes through specialty stores if you don’t
have the strange to give up your favorite delicious e design you should
go to the dark and bitter types of each let’s talk in more detail about the same
deliciously consumed by everyone every day and delicious things that is
necessary for life and at the same time has become so dangerous now we will talk
about meat and products made on its basis even the World Health Organization
for all it’s not infallibility and passion for silencing or agitation of
some facts was first in 2015 to recognize that modern meat products are
concerns no words and no weakest and asbestos or arsenic which lead to censor
who recommends reducing the amount of meat consumed rather than improving its
quality today who does not hide that bold sensor which occupies the second
place in developed countries second only to breach sensor is provoked
by meat food however zamzar is a slight distortion of the problem who refers to
the Chinese Studies which in 2008 published the results of a study
confirming that both sensor was more of registered in children from wealthy
families whose that was the me naked by meat lasers the Chinese know the
Europeans North American says that a pure randomized experiment was conducted
in at least one country in the world in which patients were fed
environmentally-friendly products it is simply stated that there is increase in
the incidence of gastro instanced no sensors and respect is associated in
minds of the public with the consumption of meat the conclusion to is the who
experts lead has is that meat consumption is artificially inflated
let’s reduce it and eat plant foods but everyone knows for sure that modern
tomatoes cucumbers cabbage and greens are completely stuffed with new traits
and superphosphate which also cast great jobs or their
safety what doses of Mitchell we eat to our our needs and not overdo it
two days ago scientists recommended that we eat 150 grams of meat now suddenly
lowered this bird to 45 grams why the transition to same a finished product
from low quality meat is unacceptable from the point of view of sensor
alertness but a 45 gram meat ration is also capable of to brings to the poor
condition of almost any man we offered to look at the problem from the point of
view of banal iron defiance and mia or rather is prevention
Mangala being contained in meat he is an ideal source of iron for humans nazar
personally nor apples can give her person a daily need for iron in the most
the guests Bell form in the intestine can be absorbed about two milligrams 100
grams of beef contains two and eight milligrams of iron but only 20% of the
eaten iron is absorbed from other products and even less that’s even 100
grams of meat per day is not enough to prevent anemia in a healthy person
weighing 80 kilograms what can we say about 45 extra grams now industrial
production of meat products is primarily a business production of sausages and
sausages with who is the loss of mandatory States standards has become a
vital field for experimentation manufacturers every manufacturer not
burdened with moral cleanliness or for us to complete in the modern market try
to reduce the cost of production to a minimum uncontrolled additives in meat
products modern sausages and sausages contain to no more than to 5 persons of
meat instead of a mixture of beef and pork is a no percentage of liver is
unknown whether this abundantly mixed with soy protein and flowers risk
by this of all colors and styles among which there are many other types that is
not only that white the abolition of three standards for production everyone
asked them to the products and their discretion but also often perfumes and
flower enhancers masks to put it mildly the immediately quality of the meat
product this list can be consumed for a very long time but let’s try to figure
out how we can reduce the risk of meat products I don’t buy already mash meat
products cook yourself at home from fresh meat it is better to refrain
from pork choose beef lamb chalky chicken rabbit nutria ideal
if you know a farmer ever eating meat and poultry awful to minimize the amount
of a powerful substance in the meat after purchases it should be soaked in
water for at least 30 minutes and on the Zen cook or freeze cooked chicken broth
only from poultry when preparing the soup first let the meat boil for 5 to 10
minutes then drain the water and pour again all ready for cooking the Brewers
this is how the situation around our food is developing now if you agree with
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3 thoughts on “How modern food affects human health. What products are dangerous to humans.

  1. Well, modern food certainly does not affect human health very well. Now new products are appearing and, as they say, they should be useful, but if you read the composition and see what it all makes of, then not everything is as colorful as it really is. So I recommend better buy proven products.

  2. I agree that it is difficult to choose food that will be absolutely healthy, you must always check for quality and shelf life, otherwise health also affects food, if you eat only sweets you can get some disease or get fat and die earlier than you could if would eat right.

  3. Damn, well, this is generally a problem with choosing healthy and non-hazardous food, because damn they come up with something new and harmful to our health and don’t understand that it’s impossible to do this. And we are trying to try something new and not everyone understands what it will affect. So it’s better to think now, so you don’t regret later.

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