How Much Does Thor’s Hammer Weigh?

Vsauce, I’m Jake, and Thor’s hammer…doesn’t
weigh that much. According to MARVEL it’s 42.3lbs which is still a lot to hold…especially
one handed (veritasium clip)…but the reason the hammer can’t be lifted isn’t due to weight
but because it takes someone who is worthy to wield it. It’s a common misconception that
Thor’s hammer was forged from a dying star when it was actually forged in one. But let’s
say it was made out of a dying star, specifically the densest in the known Universe…a Neutron
Star. Once a massive star dies and goes supernova,
the core may collapse to such a degree that the protons and electrons smash together to
form neutrons, giving us a celestial body that can contain two times the mass of the
Sun within an object that is only 12 miles in diameter. In Caleb Scharf’s great book “Gravity’s Engines”
he mentions how a sugar cube sized amount of Neutron Star material has the same mass
as all of humanity. Taking the dimensions of Thor’s Hammer, and assuming it’s made entirely
out of that material, it would weigh over 10 quadrillion pounds So now you have 4.6 trillion metric tons,
about 97 million Titanics, condensed into the size of an American Football. Let’s say
you and I are having a conversation, I’m holding my hammer, and I accidentally drop it – BOOM!
Being alive is no longer a thing you do. In fact living is a thing that a good portion
of humanity has stopped doing. The Tsar Bomb, at 50 megatons, was the largest
nuclear weapon ever detonated. Thor’s Hammer hitting the floor would be 1.3 MILLION times
that. The closest comparison would be the Chicxulub Asteroid that’s thought to have
wiped out the dinosaurs. When the asteroid impacted, debris was ejected
out of our atmosphere and upon re-entry, it grew so hot that it glowed white and rained
down globally, setting whatever could be lit on fire…on fire. Earthquakes shook the ground,
megatsunamis crashed into land masses, volcanos erupted spraying ash into the air combining
with the dust and debris to cover the surface of the Earth and fill the atmosphere, blocking
out the Sun. Since the hammer is so insanely dense and
covers such a small area, if you put it on the ground it would drill through the Earth
until hitting the core. So it’s best not to touch anything with Thor’s Hammer, however
it wouldn’t even have to touch you to horribly kill you. Newton’s Law of Gravity states that any two
bodies with mass will attract each other, and we happen to have an object with an incredible
mass, squeezed into an incredibly dense package. If you were 100ft away, you would be pulled
towards it at almost 1100ft/sec^2, which is close to the speed of sound and then things
get really messy because parts of your body closer to the hammer will experience a stronger
gravitational pull than parts that are further away and that difference near the hammer will
be so dramatic that your body will ripped apart by them also known as spaghettification.
If Mjolnir were made of a dying star, it’d be devastating, it would also make Thor one
of the strongest super heroes ever. And before we say, “but, Jake it’s magic” remember what
Thor said in the first film, “Your ancestors called it magic…but you call it science.
I come from a land where they are one and the same.” Or in the words of author Arthur
C. Clarke “Any Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” And, as
always, thanks for watching.

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  1. People who say elevators not worthy, it is, the elevator served its one and only purpose and has no intentions to do bad things, making it worthy

  2. I found this explanation senseless when I came to know that thor hammer is made of the magical metal uru but not From the mass of Neutron star. The energy of the star is used to melt it just like it did for the storm breaker..

  3. Magic and technology are the same in Thors world. Means the hammer has those properties. But "magic" to suppress those powers and to keep those physics within it. Then have the ability to release those powers if needed to. This is also why Captain America can handle it. Once he was worthy, the "magic" within the weapon allowed him to use it as if it weighed nothing.

  4. Neutron stars when they explode they turn into a blackhole so the hammer would have got ripped apart

  5. Its not Heavy the Person that is not worthy would simply unable to lift it, like in real physics its not heavy, Thor even put the hammer on a coat hanger in some movie

  6. Any magic that actually works, i.e. it works in the physical universe, is using the laws of physics, and thus is not actually magic at all. Our lack of knowledge does not make something magic, it's just a lack of knowledge on our part. Our understanding, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with the existence of said thing. Just like the lack of knowledge as to where the universe came from doesn't prove that God or unicorns exist, neither does this lack of knowledge prove or change anything. And if magic works only in make believe stories, then think about that for a second, because what that means is that within the world if said story it's not actually magic, because again, it's happening in that physical world, and therefore it's physical and works based on cause and effect just like everything else in existence. The term "magic' just doesn't make any sense. Nothing is magic! Things can be "magical", meaning they amaze us, but the word "magic" goes against its own meaning, which I believe makes it an oxymoron.

  7. People who have lift up mjlonir
    3.captain America
    4.Superman in the comics
    5.Red hulk in the comics

  8. Thors hammer is not put onto the table its put in a space or area that just so happens to be above the table.

  9. That moment it is made out of uru and it’s not made of a star but from it as shown in infinity war

  10. Remember when Thor puts his hammer down like, anywhere? If it was heavy, it would go straight through the earth, not to talk about the damn glass table that he puts it on during the party. Lets just stick to the "Not worthy" idea, yeah XD

  11. After the norse mytologi only the one who is worthy could lift it, wich they also say in the mcu.

  12. This is incorrect as if it were this heavy it would break trough the ground when placed down at land… but guess what it doesn’t😬 so it’s not as heavy as 4.6 metric tons

  13. Spoiler alert

    So in endgame captin America lifted up thors hammer so captain America is in the strongest human alive

  14. Wait but u cant drop it since nothing can have a stronger gravitational pull than itself in the area right? So wouldnt everything drop onto it?

  15. Thing is his hammer is made of uru, not made of a neutron star. The neutron star heats up uru to be made into the hammer.

  16. If Thor, Captain America and Ricardo Milos can only wield the hammer, then how can the gravity of the earth be stronger than the mass of the hammer???

  17. Thor's hammer don't have any weight, it weights nothing and it weights infinite.
    If anyone remembers, in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, all of the avengers tried to pick up the hammer but they couldn't because they weren't worthy.
    Thor, which is worthy, lifted the hammer like it's nothing.
    Also, The hammer was placed on the desk and if it would weight 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000ib, the hammer would just be going threw Earth (which proves he do not weight that amount) and keep going until he gets out of the atmosphere where there is no more gravity.

    Damn that comment is long.

  18. At 2:07 that’s a lie he put it on Loki in the movie Thor and he didn’t die and I’m pretty sure a planet is more durable than Loki so that’s not true

  19. So, what was your thought process going into this? Because it translated horribly to screen.

    I wonder how much Thor's hammer weighs, I bet it's some ludicrous amount and I can do some fun real world physics comparisons. Looks it up Oh… 42 lbs… well then, what about it being made of a dying star, surely that would make it heavier in the real world and thus get me back to point A. Oh, it was made IN a dying star… well. Screw it, I'm making the video anyways.

    3 minutes of content later I'm all out of ideas now, maybe this topic wasn't worth exploring anyways, especially since there was (for once) no real issue with the canon object in the first place.

    Don't get me wrong, I like your channel, but you really stretched it on this one and left me personally with nothing to enjoy because of it. Not that it matters at 7.5mil views.

  20. No, Thor said that his hammer is formed by an ultimate star trapped inside it. So the hammer is the weight of a star

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