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  1. our fishes died when we fed them once a day, one even got some sickness and got totally bloated (dont know if it was from the food) but we had to kill it before it exploded lol… now we feed every couple days, it works well but i often wonder if they're half way starving…

  2. Hello. My wife and I just bought the kids their own Betta fish. They have a maybe 1 gallon little tank and one fish each. What's the best way to care for these fish? The one fish had a smelly tank and seemed Ill? It's okay now, but we didn't know if it was too much food. If it was too cold in the tank. Thanks

  3. thanks, but my fish is like your back ground the color yellow ( prince) and small, how many times i feed them? what kind of food to give? and what kind of food to give to my goldfish? thanks your video advice is good…

  4. I have three fish that are about two inches long. How should I feed them-oh, wait, I just fed them some fish food flakes and I just fed them two pellets and they ate it all, and there was some white stuff in the container(not fish bowl because we just got one at Walmart last night and my sister didn't set up the fish bowl yet).

  5. Kayla here. I got two fish i got them last night at a b-day party.Darwin and nemo are their names.

  6. Can I feed it like humans do?morning like at 8 I feed it,10 I feed it,then at 12,then at 2,and 6 and before I go to bed I feed it

  7. I have 4 fish 3 Platys and 1 black moor I feed them when I wake up and in between 4 and 5 o clock in the afternoon /Chloe xx

  8. I need reply plz help.
    I am leaving home for 1 week and I can not take my aquarium fish and turtles for 1 week.but if they have not food they will die plz reply what to do?😫

  9. You don't need to feed them different foods. You can, it's not going to hurt them, but MOST fish are tank bred and have never been in the wild. We don't need to replicate their natural environment for them because of this. Even discus. Again, it's not going to hurt the fish at all if we do feed them several foods or create a natural glass box habitat….but it's not necessary. Research how breeders keep and care for the fish you have and go with that

  10. every time I eat at home so do my fish. P.s I have some carnivourous fish that I feed my own frozen mixture of beef heart , sea bass, squid, paprika, a little seaweed and a multi vit. been doing this for few months now and the mix looks like it'll last year's, saving me $$$

  11. I have too comet goldfish and I feed them a pinch of flakes when I wake up, after school and Before I go to bed is that ok ?

  12. I feed my goldfish 3 times a day, they get pellet's shrimp peas and broccoli, I only give them peas and broccoli twice a week and the broccoli is really for my snails but they but the goldfish eat on it too, I'm going to get some bloodworms next time I go to the store my fish are pigs and will eat anything.

  13. Ommggg my dad put half a spoon ful do fish food I'm soo worried my mom said not to feed him for 2 days IM SCARED

  14. What do you do with a fish that will not eat when you put the flakes in? In other words: the flakes just sit on the top, so my granddaughter continues to put food in the water <too much> … so how do you know what to do ? 
    thank you.

  15. my dad got these fish from a friend of ours. we had about 15. now weve got about 8. is it our fault they are dying or are theyy just old. ?

  16. I have 8 neon tetras that I got today and I fed them a pinch of flakes and pellets combined, is that enough for one day or should I give them more?

  17. I have 4 goldfish and 2 little white ones (dont know what theyre called). Should I feed them all just a little pinch of mixed food per day or a little pinch for breakfast, lunch and dinner? 6 little fish in total. Currently Im feeding them once a day with just a little pinch and even after feeding they keep rushing in the surface trying to eat tiny bubbles. Does that mean theyre hungry? This is my first time having fish as pets so i know nothing about them. 😛

  18. I have about 150 small fishes.. Please tell me how much should i give them per day.. tell me in terms of table spoons

  19. I think you should specify the "type" of fish you are trying to feed four times a day. A fancy goldfish could die from eating too much too soon. One, it could pollute the water quickly- ammonia rises- causing hemorrhagic septicemia. Two, it can cause bloating- eating a lot of food-stuffing up their tiny compact intestine. Be careful on putting up these videos it may cost a lot of fishes lives.

  20. When l fed my goldfish 2 times a day with less food they get sick (swim bladder) but when l change their food to sinking pallets and fed them once in a day l dont had any issues.I learned from my mistakes.

  21. I give my goldfish live plants to graze on during the day. They stripped the leaves off and eat them. I give them green peas to eat, too.

  22. I purposely feed extra so some makes it to the bottom for the khuli loaches if i dont the god damn greedy tetras and gouramis polish it all off

  23. Wtf im starving my fish? I just take a pinch of their food in the morning and same in the evening… Then thats it..

  24. I have Baby carps and I pour the whole container of fish flakes in my tank they ate it all and now they're fat

  25. I got 5 fish yesterday all of my 5 fish eat alegy so how many times should I feed them should I feed them in morning then at night

  26. In 5 minutes..you can overfeed goldfish..trust me.. it better to give them 3-4 pinch in 2 time.. day and nite..

  27. just want to say I love you still with great and I appreciate your attitude about its giving instructions you are very good at what you do and just want to say keep bring it all of the shows that are informative appreciated one Love one piece and one God over all of us I looked it up because we call him Leo righteous one that is filled to the rim with glory and honor and praise.

  28. I have a 30 gallon tank with a about 11 fish in the tank roughly, I feed them twice a day and I put in quite a large pinch and they eat it very quickly. Should I feed them more?

  29. Only 3x in a day because it’s what time you feed them and you wait for 6 hours and put some food and wait another 6 hrs put some food. I only do this 3x a day because i live in the Philippines.

  30. I had a clown loach {Spot}, alone in a 15 gal tank, who lived for 25 years just getting Tetramin flakes twice a day. It was so long that I don't remember if he ever had other foods. He loved it and I didn't dare live foods which can introduce problems. Aquariums reach a magic level over time and, once you're there, fish just flourish. Just don't overfeed.

  31. I feed me 1 young goldfish like 10 flakes a day i feed him/her Tetra Goldfish Flakes its a Shubunkin Goldfish mix i think from the regular pet store but good pet store is it enough what i feed him?

  32. I feed my community fish every time I eat, if I’m hungry they are hungry! U can check them out on my channel

  33. All my fish died because of overfeeding pellets. I used to think it was due to ammonia poisoning but now I know it's only because of overfeeding. I feed my parrot fish only 10-14 small pellets at maximum. If I ever increase the quantity his health gets gets bad.

  34. I rarely feed my fish.. I've gone over a week without feeding, multiple times. I've had him for about a year, but he's perfectly healthy. I don't get it

  35. I agree with your way. 2 or 3 time a day but with a small portion.
    I feed my fish on the morning, afternoon and before im bed. 😍

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