How Much Water Do We Really Need to Drink?

In elementary school,
most of us learn the human body is
75% water and we are supposed to drink
eight glasses of water every single day. But that H2O knowledge,
that’s evaporated. Hey, hydraters. Trace here for D News. Babies are wet. Yeah, they are soaked in water. A recent NPR blog post talked
about how hydrated babies are. They are 75% water
when they’re new. Just for comparison,
potatoes are about 80% water and bananas, they’re 74% water. As we grow older, we dry out. Adult men are only 60% water
while women are 55% water. The reason being
men tend to have higher amounts of muscle
and women more fat, which means muscle stores
more water and fat cells are bit drier on average. But the fluid is actually
stored all over our body. Some is extracellular, stored
in the liver, the kidneys, stomach, bladder, spinal
fluids, and so on. But more than half is
actually inside of your cells. The bottom line is that
water is vital to our health. It helps lubricate joints. It gives our waste
something to dissolve into. It keeps our tissues
healthy and pliable. But we lose it. We lose it all day, every day,
sweating, pooping, peeing. Constantly, it’s
evaporating from our pores. And if we don’t replace
it, we become dehydrated, and our body suffers
in a number of ways. Which brings us to
a very good question that D News fan Vijanti Persad
asked on our Facebook page. What is the right
or required amount of water intake for a person? That is an excellent question. We’ve all heard
that you’re supposed to drink eight glasses
of water a day. But where did that come from? No one knows. The debunking
masters at couldn’t even find
original research on it. They talked to Barbara
Rolls, a nutrition researcher at Penn State who’s
written a book about water, and even she doesn’t
know where it came from. The Mayo Clinic says the
science is contested, but it sure is easy to
remember, so why not? Honestly, a lot of our fluid
intake comes from food. The rules say that we
need to drink fluid, so if we eat a
banana or an orange, we consume their fluid, which
is to say, we take their water. Like fricking Dune, man, the
spice must flow and all that. An orange contains approximately
eight ounces of fluid. But if you drink a lot
of diuretics, like soda, your kidneys start to shed
sodium, meaning you need more to replace it, which is bad. So while, yes, by drinking
sodas you’re drinking fluids, you’re doing it wrong. Exactly how much
water or fluid you’re supposed to drink
every day depends on things like body size and
how much exercise you get, how hot and dry the climate
is and whether you’re sick or pregnant. The truth is it
probably wouldn’t hurt you to drink 8 to 12 8
ounce glasses of fluid per day, but a really good way
to test whether you’re drinking enough water is to
look at your pee– seriously. When I was hiking in
the desert, the guides told us that it should
be clear and copious. If it’s yellow, that
means you’re dehydrated. So drink up and keep a BPA
free water bottle around to fill it up directly
from your tap. What do you do to stay hydrated? Give us some strategies. Let us know in the
comments, and thanks a lot for watching D News everybody.

100 thoughts on “How Much Water Do We Really Need to Drink?

  1. I heard somewhere that the plastic in bottled water can slowly detoriate over time (a long time) and get into the water. This true?

  2. It's a touchy confession to make, but I am an alcoholic.
    I've been noticing abnormal amounts of sweat. Does alcohol contribute to sweating and if so how? 
    If you've already posted a video answering this question, please tag me in the video. I'm just a curious young adult who wants to know it all!

  3. 1:03 It is also used to make wires that transmit protons instead of electrons, a hydrogen atom without the electron, down a one molecule thick chain of interlocking H20 molecules. Water is also used inside cells as buffers between proteins, a way to fill gaps in exchanges of information of protiens, and other amazing functions.

  4. actually, completely clear pee mean's you're drinking too much water, your pee should be a "pale straw" colour (basically slightly yellowed)

  5. And a doctor told me yellow pee is good, and clear pee means that there's something wrong with your body, I dono whom to believe anymore…

  6. 3-4l per day with near 1l right after I woke up 🙂
    Better drink more then less, the only downside is to pee more but the benefits are much higher ^^

  7. no one should worry about drinking too much water unless they are a professional runner. It is very VERY difficult to consume too much water and most people do not drink enough.

  8. You cant always rely on the color since vitamins and minerals can sometimes affect that. Good rule though for those who dont take anything supplements.

  9. Water is the stuff of life lads. Humans don't need as much food, but we sure as hell need plenty of water. If you're thirsty, drink. Drink to your hearts content until you feel you don't need any more.

  10. We should be able to generalize ourselves for the right amount of water to be drunk Whatever quantity of water we may drink, our digestive system absorbs only the amount enough for the kidneys to process. If we drink more than that. Prrrrrrr…. it flows out through the digestive tract. Right quantity is what keeps the urine colorless and one feels like urinating once every hour.

  11. I forget to drink water and hence need a daily reminder so I started using "Rewire – Habit & Goal Tracker" an android app. It reminds me like every hour and keeps me hydrated!😊

  12. IF it's yellow your dehydrated. Wow…there was like one time when it wasn't yellow literally only one time I urinated and it wasn't yellow. Damn.

  13. lol I literally only drink sodas. ive had maybe one glass of water in about 6 months. My urine is clear quite often.

  14. After i swim in chlorinated pools, my pee is completely clear and it burns? (my pee is usually light yellow or yellow)

  15. I drink around six 10oz glasses of water a day without fail almost every day, I've drank 4 glasses today back to back and I felt strange almost light headed…

  16. it is absolutely wrong. We definitely don't need all that water, and if your pee is yellow, it doesn't mean that you are dehydrated at all.

  17. Ty now I know why my heart keeps beating fast. This video make sense I appreciate it. After drinking a lot of water I feel good

  18. Overhydration is more dangerous then dehydration
    -the more you know
    You have a better chance to die from over hydration then you do dehydration
    Death from dehydration only occur in cases of extreme illness and extreme isolation

    To know if your hydrated listen to your body
    the feeling of thirst acts as your bodies indicator that you need water

  19. I drink 3000 to 4000 ml of water daily coz I have kidney stones and the only way to beat the pain and get rid of them is by drinking loads of water.. I used to hate drinking much water before and drank soda instead.. look at me now I damaged my kidneys health 🙁

  20. Well sarks I've done my yoga, I'm just glugging down the last of my water, washed & blowdryed my fringe so I'm gonna have a cuppa tea , put my candles on & watch tele. 📺📺📺

  21. I drink about a gallon of water a day. I also eat a lot fruits and vegetables, along with 5 days of exercise a week.

  22. I red somewhere that you need to drink 30ml for every kilo..for example i weight 70 i need to drink 2.10l of water per day which is plausible…

  23. i think colorless urine is a sign of a little bit of overhydration. So, just keep it pale yellow and you should be goooooood

  24. I think I got too much water everyday, Imma skinny guy(not penis), not moving too much, and thirsty every 5 minute cuz of quite high temperature room.

  25. Trying to get back into exercise but I think the best start – is 2 litres a day or a glass (medium) every hour at least.

  26. I think I drink too much water my pee is very clear, but I can’t stop it I’m always thirsty. Any idea what it can be?

  27. Everything in this video was on point except for the last thing he said “you should get the water directly from the tap”😂👍

  28. wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll i heard that clear pee is bad and ur over hydrated it should be light yellow (a little yellow)

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