How NASA Plans to Discover Alien Life on Jupiter’s Moon, Europa | Countdown To Launch

The search for extraterrestrial life extends
into the far reaches of our galaxy and while several distant exoplanets are strong candidates to maybe host life, what if the most promising destination is right in our celestial backyard? The perfect conditions for alien life, might just be hidden under the icy crust of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, and since it’s in our solar
system, we can actually go to it. A new mission from NASA just got the green
light to proceed with building an in-depth, investigative orbiter named Europa Clipper. This will be the first time we send a spacecraft
to a moon other than our own, and perhaps, uncover that we might not be alone in the universe. So NASA has reason to believe that Europa is potentially habitable because of the information they’ve received from the Hubble
Space Telescope, and from previous space missions. These spacecraft weren’t destined for Europa,
but they took measurements of the moon’s surface while passing by. It was from one of these flybys that the strongest
piece of evidence of Europa’s ocean emerged. The Galileo mission measured a deep magnetic
field that could only be produced by an electrically conductive fluid under the moon’s 15 to
25 kilometers thick icy layer. Scientists estimate, even though the moon
is 10% smaller than our own, the predicted salt water ocean underneath could be twice
the volume of all of Earth’s oceans combined. Now, life as we know it needs at least three
requirements: liquid water, the right chemical elements, and an energy source. So while this icy world probably has water, and possible elements, it’s been hard to nail down an energy source on Europa, but NASA’s orbiter
is prepared to find it. The Europa Clipper’s payload will be stocked
with nine different instruments. Each built by researchers across the U.S.
and curated by NASA specifically for this mission. Some of the equipment are systems like cameras
and spectrometers that aim to map and produce high-resolution images. But other specialized machinery includes a
dual-frequency radar instrument that can penetrate the thickness of Europa’s icy shell in search
for subsurface lakes—like the ones found in Antarctica. There will also be a magnetometer device and
a plasma instrument that together, will measure Europa’s magnetic field and the ocean’s
depth and salinity. And even more tools will be searching for water plumes erupting from the
moon’s surface, and will be able to detect even tiny water particles in the atmosphere. These droplets might be connected to the hidden
subsurface ocean. Every instrument onboard is designed to paint
a detailed picture of the moon’s composition from the surface to the atmosphere, without actually landing on it. In fact, the spacecraft won’t be orbiting
Europa at all. The moon sits within one of Jupiter’s intense
bands of radiation. And although Clipper is armed to withstand some
radioactive emissions, it wouldn’t last more than a few weeks around Europa. Instead, the orbiter will be using Jupiter’s
gravitational pull to loop around Europa on 45 close flybys. Some as close as 25 kilometers. Now, just to be clear, at the very least,
if scientists do find life, they are expecting it to be most likely in the form of tiny microbes. Maybe similar to the extremophile creatures
we have on Earth that thrive in subterranean volcanoes, deep-sea vents, or arid deserts. There could be something more complex to find,
but at the moment, there’s a bigger hurdle still facing this mission; how will it get
there? According to NASA, the Europa Clipper remains
on target for a launch between 2023 and 2025. The question is whether it will fly on NASA’s Space Launch System rocket, which may not be ready in the next few years, or if it will ride atop a commercial rocket, like SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy or United Launch Alliance’s Delta IV
Heavy. But commercial options lead to more travel
time in space, which Clipper might not be ready for. Timelines aren’t matching up and the politics
are still murky for this pivotal mission, which makes the anticipation all the more
nail-biting. Because of the challenges of distance and
radiation, paired with the enormously tantalizing idea of finding life beyond Earth, Europa
Clipper is maybe one of the most ambitious missions ever attempted by NASA. We still have some years before anything is
leaving the ground, but we’ll be keeping a watchful eye on this mission that could change our perspective
of life in the universe forever. Europa Clipper is exciting, so exciting in
fact that people are pushing to send a lander next! But we’ll have to get there first. If you want more launch updates in your day,
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  1. Hi, thanks for watching! In the video we mention this will be the first time "we" send a spacecraft to a moon other than our own. However, to clarify, this is the first time "NASA" will send a spacecraft to a moon other than Earth's own. Seeker is committed to providing accurate and up to date news about all things science, and we apologize for this miscommunication. To watch more Countdown To Launch, check out our playlist:

  2. lol all these people who think Nasa is anything more than a tool to launder stolen money…. your idea of a heliocentric universe is completely false.

    aaaaand here come all the people who worship Science, not knowing what it really is. "But I have a degree in blah blah blah…I went to school. This is what they told me, It's facts.."sound science""
    Founded by nazis, and followers of Crowley. Wernher von Braun had Psalms 19:1 written on his Tombstone. I bet he knew more than you pretend to.

  3. The Firmi Paradox proves that alien's do not exist.

    Moon transit rotation proves that it is close, small, and passing over a flat Earth surface.

    And logic suggests NASA has not been to the moon or anywhere outside our closed Earth system.

    No ballistics coriolis effect no spinning ball. It's just that simple.

    No deaths in space even though they say over a million man hours have been logged. Not even a major injury or illness jeopardizing a single solitary mission. Not one.
    All injuries and deaths due to the so called space program have happened in Earth's atmosphere. That's a joke, because space is the harshest environmental known to man. On one side its nearly 300 degrees below zero and on the other side nearly 300 degrees above zero all in a vacuum that wants to pull everything with pressure apart with the force of a friggin freight train. But no injuries or deaths, they only happen in our safe environment of our atmosphere.
    If you balltards ballieve all that it's because you're all blue ball suckers. Lol no injuries in space, someone call OSHA and Genus world book because we either got a fraud or a safe work place record. I vote fraud because the Earth is obviously flat the moon landings looked fake and no injuries in over a million hours is just impossible.

  4. Theres no alien life on other planets.
    Earth is flat with a dome ( firmament ) over it. Earth doesnt move. As God created it.
    Nobody can come in and nobody can go out.
    Nasa is deceiving many!


  6. Gov been all over our whole solar system. Any earth like planet is occupied. The moon and mars as well. We have government here on earth. So does our solar system. Laws down here and laws up there. Nothing new!

  7. Oh yes there life forms on other planets in other universes & yes in our universe if not on the planet but inside the planet those who can’t accept this is because they live in a box & don’t know they have power to make their lives better and if they don’t want to that is up to them but they don’t need to stop those who are open & expand their lives

  8. Insane, even NASA admit they can't and never have passed Van Allen Belt, so dream on and live in fairy tales You stupid and indoctrinated globalists

  9. We cannot breach the Ionosphere when do people actually learn this harsh truth instead of being gullible imbeciles science will clearly speak if you idiots would read learn & assert the damn truth

  10. I know I am the only one posing the honest harsh truth on this video I do it on many because people need to learn the damn harsh truth of their fictional nonsense

  11. The money that mission will cost could have been spent curing individuals of diseases and feeding the hungry. They should concern themselves with the wellbeing of human beings on earth.

  12. With Europa being within one of the bands of radiation, what would the point be of sending an expensive probe to investigate it if machines, let alone humans, can't deal with the intense amount of radiation?

  13. It is so sad to think that we tend to find life from other moons and planets rather than fixing our own planet to sustain life?

    WE HAVE AS OF NOW what we call Free Energy Technology
    And I present you HEMP

  15. It's weird how I start binging on cosmos related videos and suddenly I see a video about our current geopolitics on earth and realise how trivial we are and how much time we waste on fighting each other…

  16. Oh that’s easy, NASA will lie, cheat and CGI their way into declaring they found life on one of Jupiter’s moons. Wake up people, these cowboys haven’t been ANYWHERE!

  17. Colonizing Europa is NOT possible.
    Jupiter’s Van Allen Radiation Belt is 10x stronger than Earths which would kill humans.


  18. We did land on Titan. Europa's ocean is of course the subject of Arthur C. Clarke's 2010, always decades ahead of his time. The film is a beautiful rendition of Jupiter and it's moons.

  19. This is bullshit the military already confirmed life outside of our own a week ago so this is pure bullshit where is the news coverage on that cuzz people been talking about it for the past week

  20. What if we find no life at all. Would it be ethical of us to release dolphins or octopuses there? We could call them Europeans too.

  21. The end of nearly every sentence is ruined by her Vocal Fry. Why must American's insist on talking in a weird way? It makes you sound like fools and untrustworthy

  22. Of course out there are so many different living organism , different than earth, based on their surroundings conditions, we just need to find exact location of them.

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  24. I am looking forward to this mission to Europa.
    ESA sent a probe to Titan!
    Don't let the Israelis send Tardigrades there! ?

  25. Yes! We need to know if our Earth is alone in bearing life, & know it NOW, whenever that is ?. If many of the known parameters point to Europa then off we shall go there, may it be just tiny microbes.

    If nothing is found, well may be we looked for rain in the Sahara and we need to look more to the South.

    But, if we find life, if we … OMG! This hope legitimizes all the expenses.

  26. Hang on, ESA’s Huygens spacecraft landed on Saturn’s moon Titan in 2005.
    But then again, you might not include the rest of the world under the definition of “we”

  27. It reminded me of the Cassini-Huygens mission launched in 1997. Huygens probe landed on the surface of Saturn's moon, Titan in 2005. So this will be the second time doing a mission to a moon other than our own. ✌️
    Huygens' landing on Titan:

  28. Kinda feels silly to say you're looking for ET on one of Jupiters moons using a craft that's propelled with fossil fuels when just a few days ago the Navy admits to unknown aircraft that defy the laws of physics as we understand them, just flying around our battle strike group. And not just one, or even one type but "fleets" of them… Either ET it's self or much much better tech than a fuel rocket exists on earth already.

  29. Still, it doesn't register in my mind that we are essentially on a rock, flying through an open space that goes on for all eternity.

  30. Aliens are real and are there between us on Earth. We "ufogists" know 😉 and so the search for life elsewere is a honest job, but only mildly interesting such a card came could be.

  31. Europa's energy source comes from jupiter's EMF, Which is powered by the birkland currents(electrical filaments transmitted from the sun)
    Same for all planets and moons, the only difference is scale.

  32. What if NASA found oil in Jupiter's moon instead of aliens?
    The US military budget would be all spent in sending space satellites.

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