How Powerful is the 20-Meter Emerald Splash?

The 20-meter emerald splash, how strong is
it? Why do I care? Well, the 20-meter emerald splash was an ability
that we only saw once. After seeing it getting easily defeated, a
lot of people believed it’s not that much of a crazy ability. Well context matters a lot, and stopping time
is busted. But I’m a firm believer in Kakyoin, and
I believe that there aren’t that many Stand users that have a chance against the 20-meter
emerald splash. So, let’s go over every stand and putting
them in the same position as DIO to see if I’m somewhat right. Starting this off with Star Platinum, but
let’s put this before the DIO fight, which means he can’t stop time yet. Star Platinum can absorb the shock from an
emerald splash with his forearm covers, but he would be unable to deflect the multiple
Emerald Splashes since there would be too many. It’s like the issue he had with the knives,
but the problem with this is that it’s a 20-meter radius emerald splash. The effect of knives being close was a problem,
but what if you end up multiplying the number of them? Along with that, you’re increasing the speed,
and the size of them. Plus, DIO couldn’t even matchup unless he
stopped time. So, this takes both Jotaro and Star Platinum
out of the picture. Onto Hermit Purple, a stand with not that
much… Yeah ok, onto Magician’s Red. Alright, well how does Stand Fire fair to
the Emerald Splash. This is actually one of the things that puzzles
me because it isn’t a confrontation that you would ever see. Well, along with telekinetic minerals, he
secrets some sort of telekinetic slime water that goes with it. With the combination of both, it should put
out that fire, but the fire isn’t exactly even there technically. The same fire is susceptible to getting manipulated
by other stand’s and their abilities. Like in the Polnareff Vs. Avdol fight. Almost forgot to mention that the flames of
Magician’s Red aren’t about to melt the Emerald Splash, especially since stand fire
is based more on melting physical things. Now, Kakyoin Vs. Polnareff. Silver Chariot is a ridiculously fast stand,
but it can’t clash head on with these Emerald Splash. If he moves his sword in the circular motion,
he can take care of the projectiles in front of him. The problem with that is that he wouldn’t
be fast enough to get the ones behind him. Take him out of his armor, and I believe he
would be able to clash with a 180 half of the radius, but the other 180 would be enough
to take him out in his now weakened state. Polnareff isn’t really made for a quantity
of attacks, and mostly prospers in 1 on 1’s. Iggy & The Fool, do they match up? Well “The Fool” can make a pretty strong
defense to protect Iggy from the Emerald Splashes. The problem is that he can’t really do anything
to combat it. So, if he can’t combat it then he’ll be
stuck in his defense for a while, and it will break after enough Emerald Splashes. Tower of Gray! Well, we had seen how well he had done against
singular Emerald Splashes going at separate times. He got trapped into a trap originally caused
by those singular attacks, and he won’t do well against the radius of Emerald Splashes. Along with that, it’s the stand and the
user standing together. Tower of Gray can do well if he’s not around
at all and has a surprise factor, but that’s not the case here since we’re positioning
him in the same place as DIO. Dark Blue Moon… Well there’s no water so… Strength! Yeah this stand can probably take the Emerald
Splashes, but it would be pretty odd. Since its power is binding itself to an object
and making it ridiculously stronger, the only thing around him would towers. So, yeah it can probably do pretty well. Side note: I hate this stand. Ebony Devil can’t match up. Yellow Temperance is cool, but won’t matter
here. Hanged Man is a stand that can completely
avoid this, but serves no defensive purposes to help his user. Emperor is literally a gun vs. an armada of
shotguns. Empress just sucks, and is very situational
since it’s based on getting on to the person. I give it credit if it’s already on Kakyoin,
but Kakyoin wouldn’t even need a single Emerald Splash if it was on his arm already. Wheel of Fortune, the original western stand-off. Man Vs. Car. Well, this man turns the car into Swiss cheese. Justice, this is a great stand. The problem with this stand is that there’s
no defensive capabilities for it. Now, instead of going through every stand,
I’m just going to tell you which stands don’t match up in a back to back way. It’s either they have poor defense, or they’re
situational. Lovers, poor defense. The Sun, situational with a poor defense. It has a poor everything too if the user must
be careful with his own stand. Death 13 is situational. Judgement has poor defense. High Priestess has a pretty good chance because
of Mineral Possession. It’s good in the same way that Strength
is good. Geb has poor defenses. Khnum is both situational and have poor defenses,
but it would be funny to see him change his face to one of the Stardust Crusaders. Or maybe even Kakyoin, just to freak him out. Tohth can maybe help by predicting beforehand,
but it’s not a stand for something instant like this. Anubis depends on who it is, but if he was
possessing Polnareff then he could possibly do something to get out of it. The stand by itself can’t do anything, and
it has poor defenses because it can’t do anything. Bastet is way too situational, and I completely
dislike this stand being in Eyes of Heaven. That doesn’t have anything to do with this,
I just don’t like this stand. Sethan, good but the distance would be too
far for him to be effective. Osiris can’t match up at all. Horus could possibly build a well enough defense
to stall, and then could also fly out of the web of Hierophant Green. Atum is completely situational, and doesn’t
match up. Tenore Sax… Well the web would still exist, but maybe
he could hide. There’s not thing he can do to combat Hierophant
Green though. Cream, now Cream is a Stand that’s like
“The World” in this case. The 20-meter Emerald Splash doesn’t match
up to him at all. Kakyoin gets easily stomped in this. Now, there are more stands obviously, but
there’s no point of doing so because we don’t have to worry about Kakyoin in further
parts. If we’re going to be fully honest, while
the 20-meter Emerald Splash beats the majority of the Stardust Crusaders stands, this isn’t
too much of a feat due to the Stands in part 3. If was supposed to go over every stand, then
it would be a large feat, because then we see something with stands that hold a challenge
and aren’t focused on being too situational.

100 thoughts on “How Powerful is the 20-Meter Emerald Splash?

  1. "Geb has poor defenses" This stand was so fast it was able to blind kakyoin and slit avdols throat in an instant and the only reason geb lost was because N'doul was LITERALLY BLIND. Sure the emerald splash reaches 20 meters but Geb can be controlled with extreme precision from 4 km away. It would STOMP emerald splash no contest.

  2. just make some bulshit plot twist to revive everybody and I assure that if you do that everybody will cry of joy ceeeaser,kakyoin avdol,iggy,

  3. remember when kakyoin could hurt people by drawing them and hurting them in the drawing why didnt he used that against all the stand users so he could win WHY DIDNT HE JUST CUT EVERY PART OF DIO UNTIL HE IS DEAD.
    araki:i guess ill die ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. More like……..

    Next you’re gonna say; YOU THOUGHT IT WAS “belongs in the trash” BUT IT WAS I DIO! le gasp

  5. I thought Kakyoin was talking as Kaleb for a second, and assumed that would be the way the entire video was presented.

  6. If rubber soul built a sphere around himself with temparence he would be able to stop the attack because he can already can deflect an emerald splash rite?

  7. Wait, people thought that was trash? Why? Kakyoin is using his ULTIMATE technique against the Big Bad, and achieving something that could "One-shot" a good amount of Stand-Users.

  8. You're a firm believer in Kakyoin? First of all hes wrong about nobody deflecting the emerald splash. Next, he was wrong about a mirror world. Last, he licked the cherry and made me uncomfortable

  9. I'll save all you viewers some time, the emerald splash is so powerful that no one can deflect it

    Jotaro, dio, and gray fly who?

  10. 20 meter Emerald Splash is like the Pokémon move "Zap Cannon" yes it's good but very ineffective in a number of situations.

  11. -It's totally possible that Avdol could just make heat armor that incinerates the Splash, but unconfirmed. He could, however, return fire at Kakyoin himself.
    -Unarmored Chariot might be able to not only parry, but redirect crystals, but it's a disadvantaged spot to fight from, especially with Polnareff needing to be nearby and not being able to see through his Stand.
    -Iggi could burrow through some terrains or try to escape inside a ball. The environment affects the matchup a lot. Same with Strength, although Forever couldn't protect himself directly.
    -Enya was hidden. Her army being wiped out by the splash doesn't mean she would be.
    -High Priestess wouldn't be able to do much evasively; it'd have to facetank by becoming something massive, but Kakyoin's stamina to attack seems infinite.
    -Geb is much longer-range. Kakyoin would need an environment that lets him swing over to N'Doul to get in range, as physically striking Geb doesn't work.
    -Anubis has options, but they're mostly throwing the sword or trying to build up enough "momentum" to full-parry the Splash and walk out. High failure rates.
    -Thoth is a liability. Even if it predicts misfortune, you can't avoid it.

    The 20m Splash would also be able to beat the entire Morioh gang (maybe even 2s Stop Jotaro), except for maybe Yukako, interestingly. They each have immense potential, but none that works well against shotgun volleys from all sides. Yoshikage Kira himself would also be unable to resist, but Sheer Heart Attack would create a stalemate.

  12. i do think that the actual number of failed emerald splashes is very low in the whole series. most the times the emerald splash distracts or enables OR he gathers useful information about how the enemy stand user works. which also plays into kakyoins character quite well since he seems to be the more quite and "act with purpose" guy

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