How to access a water meter | Metering explained | Irish Water

Accessing a water meter safely. Before taking a meter reading there are some steps we recommend you complete so that you access the meter for your property safely. Taking a meter reading will involve kneeling bending and crouching For your comfort you may wish to use a foam pad to kneel upon. If you have any mobility difficulties we recommend that you ask a family member or a friend to help. Its best to wear safety clothing like a high-visibility vest and gloves. Ensure that you take a meter reading in daylight and that the ground around the meter is free from any debris and at the surrounding area is free from pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. You’ll then need to locate the water meter for your property. This is typically located on the footpath or verge outside your house. If the meter lid is metal don’t try to open it, please contact us. If the lid is plastic you can go ahead
with taking the meter reading. There are three small slots around the edge of the lid – simply insert a safe implement, such as the flat handle of a spoon, and slowly prise off the lid. Do not leave it open meter box unattended to prevent someone from tripping. After you’ve opened the lid you’ll see a frost inside the meter box. This is a white piece of foam which protects the meter from frost damage. Once you remove the frost plug the meter should be visible at the bottom of the meter box. If you see water or debris covering the plug or meter don’t try to clear it, please contact us. If you have any questions, or require further information please call us on 1890 278 278 or visit Irish Water safeguarding your water for your future

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