1. Absolutely love this style of content! Keep going guys! ✌️Very informative and valuable, you’re now even more informative then ADAview is doing 😭

  2. I really liked the style of the video! Seeing how such quality tanks build up is really interesting and also following the discussions to get an idea on how you guys get your inspiration for the tanks. Already looking forward to more of these "tutorial" videos! Stem plants in the back are probably fine in case you can find a good transition between the mossy wood and the background (as Balazs already mentioned). It's probably gonna be a rather maintenance-heavy tank though…

  3. Мне интересно как вы будете крепить коряги:) а так конечно работа мечты:)

  4. wow love this video! also got a few great laughs out of it. I'm currently planning my 90p (a bit too slow) and looking at different videos and ideas of hardscape and making a nice show piece in my home. thanks for the inspiration and keep up the great videos, can't wait for part 2 and the next videos! Looks amazing so far and can't wait to see how it looks in a few months time

  5. What's with the language guys? U talked in english in the video, but wrote a hungarian title and description under. If I were you, I would use only one language and it would be the english, because of the many international viewers (most of the comments are in english). Nice job though. Can't wait the next episode.

  6. Good content gentlemen's you just remained me French author Alexsandre Dumas historical adventure novel "The Tree Musketeers"😁 from now I will call you Ahtos,Aramis,Porhtos and D'Artagnan. ✌
    Aquascepe adventures started now, really interesting to see how is tank getting a new life step by step by the professional. Always nice to see final product but more exciting how everything begins with an idea. Please can you carry on same style 🤛

  7. Man oh man oh man… you guys are SO on the right track!
    What kind of contents draws more attention and interest? I would say the “making-of” Videos.
    I assure you I have seen every single Video at ADA YouTube channel, but those I love to see again, and again, and again…. can’t get enough of … are Amano San’s Making-of Videos ⛩
    I’m sure you guys are on the same page and heading on the right way; this new tank and it’s sequels will be a huge success
    And you have a special twist that is unique to Green-Aqua DNA: you are very authentic and transparent with your audience!
    Love it, we appreciate it 😉🙏🏼
    Stay strong, and keep on scaping our dreams please…

  8. I’m always super excited when I see that you guys have released a new vid. I’m happy you are doing a stem plant based scape as that’s what I like to play with. Love your work as always lads. 🤙

  9. Hey guys !!Haha you guys are cute and funny at same time i can t wait and looking forward to see your new aquascape im already impressed that guys doing something together as bin alil long ago witch moss are you guys gona try?hou about some Anubias petit i think George farmer realy gona be curious about end results 😍😍👌👌 i wish i could show you mine plus im am crazy about Corydoras types would be Nice to be in the New tank some Adolfi or laser green Corys!!

  10. I got so excited when I got a notification on my phone that Green Aqua has uploaded a new 15 minutes video. Couldn't wait to come back home to sit on my comfy chair and watching this awesome episode. Cant wait for part 2!

  11. wow another nice video from you guys keep up the good work. good information done with a sense of humor. fantastic

  12. You guys gotta be careful! Keep putting out content like this and soon you’ll be responsible for the Worldwide boom of Aquascaping! Much love from over here in America!

  13. Just with hardscape it's looking beautiful ,eagr to see finished aquarium.why don't you guys try like very big aquarium with More then 1500 liters with 360 viewing angle.

  14. Hello guys, the hardscape looks great! You are so lucky to have such a great selection of wood and stone to choose from. Copying the shape of the scape next to it will make a nice contrast because they have such different style and materials, great idea! This layout is a team effort, based on combined talent and friendship, I like it.
    Excited to see part two of the build and what plants you will use. I'm sure that the 4 of you will make something amazing again!
    Keep on scaping and promoting the hobby, you do a fantastic job!

  15. Hi guys! What a great team! Balazs, you're the best 😝 Keep it up! Fantastic ideas and came at exactly the right time to inspire me in my new aquarium 😁 By the way, I love rotala's. We can have greens, oranges or Reds! That tank is not finished yet but im sure it will stay on Top☝️ Waiting for the next video💦

  16. Hi guys i see that you dont seem to do aqua scapes concerning fish that like caves etc. I would love to see you do a scape like that, now theres a challenge. 😊 keep scaping from a lady scaper here in the UK.

  17. Srácok ez nagyon jól fog kinézni alig várom a következő részt mikor ültetni fogjátok. És kíváncsian várom mit fog mutatni a 2 akvárium egymás melett. (Y)

  18. cheers Green Aqua, for sure the new scape will looks attractive…will follow the second part…by the way…can i know the sound / music title you use on this video…thanks…more power to all of you…greetings from Doha Qatar

  19. Boas pessoal acompanho a vossa loja e youtube channel aqui em portugal you are the besth 😁😁😁😁 gosto do layout mas tenho uma pergunta
    Porque não criam algo para por no solo para travar para evitar que se perca altura de solo ? E assim ja nao leva tantas rochas😅😅😅
    Parabens pela loja e pelo canal muita sorte para todos

  20. This is a helpful design demonstration. I was surprised to see no use of amendment powders under soils or restraining shims to keep the soil in place. You are using the basic items most of us can get. Although I have a really hard time finding woods to use. Rocks I have in abundance that are native to my area.

    I would love someone to make a video of where the wood is found and processed.

  21. I find this channel so entertaining. I really like nature and having a piece of it in a fish tank still blows my mind.

  22. This was a great video with all of you joking and laughing. You guys really love what you do and it shows. Can't wait to see how this tank is going to look when it is planted.

  23. Looking possibly to be one of your best videos yet! Love the banter and humour in the beginning. Love this style of vlog. Hardscape looks amazing as usual. Wish I had this kind of huge store for planted tank in my country. Sad. Keep up the amazing work guys!

  24. Hey green aqua team. Please help me out its about 6 weeks to my DSM of 20 gallon tank which filter will you prefer me and which fertiliser should i use (except ada its out if my budger)😁 after flooding up my tank please help me..

  25. Dear Green Aqua, could you please set up a low tech aquascape? I mean no CO2, no ferts. Please i wanna see u do this!

  26. I got a question: I'm planing on putting up a 40g breeder soon mainly with wood: do you guys peel and get to dry your wood or how does it work?

  27. Nagyon kiraly, hogy vagytok youtube-on! 👍🏼 2-3 videotokat neztem meg eddig, de mar most rengeteg hasznos infot olvastam. 👍🏼✌🏼

  28. I subscribed and put notifications on, so I don’t care what others say about you guys. You guys are just ok! Ha! Ha! Ha! Just kidding! You’re great!

  29. Guys… You are just fantastic!!! I wish I had a work like yours… Walking in the shop and take anything I need to aquascape hahaha

  30. Guys… You are just fantastic!!! I wish I had a work like yours… Walking in the shop and take anything I need to aquascape hahaha

  31. Good day to your team, I'm kinda into Ryoboku Styles of Aquascaping, would you do tutorials of Building a Tank with lots of Epiphytes? Thanks!


  32. I love the thought of having some sort of geometric continuity with the two aquariums but hopefully ending up with two distinct designs

  33. Loved seeing the brainstorming part. There's a lot of videos on youtube showing people putting rocks and plants into tanks, but not a lot of discussion on the ideas behind various aquascapes.

  34. Hello from the Netherlands, I'm just about to start my 240L tank. And watching this gives me so much inspiration. And useful tips! Thank you!

  35. This video is amazing. Beautiful aquascape.

    I got one question. Did you use anything other than the visible hardscape to keep the soil in place? Or is the stones and wood enough to keep the slope intact?

    Love your channel. Your videos are the reason I started aquascaping.

  36. Sir..Please make a video..how to make a drieft wood in home..nd it safe or not..please explain us..thank you..nd this channel inspire me very much…thank you very muchh..sir..nd Green aqua channel..❤😍👌😊👌

  37. i really love your works. i wish i can afford to buy one of your work someday.. im an amature aquascaper and i have been settting up my 1st tank for 4 weeks now im taking my time gathering all the things i need and deciding & researching a lot so i can be succesfull in growing my plants soon.

  38. Thank you for the in-depth videos. I am looking forward to part 2! Thank you for sharing! -Little Bobby

  39. Where do i buy some of this stuff? I've been searching online for places near me but cant seem to find anything, do you guys have a store that'll deliver in the U.S.?

  40. Love Love Love your channel !!!
    I've learned more in the last month since discovering your site, than I have in the last 4 years . I started with one betta fish in a bowl. I thought it was lonely. I got a bigger tank and more fish. I added plants and realized I wanted to create an underwater home for them. I went from community tank, up to cichlids. I found your channel and you have me hooked. I'm in the middle of a paladarium creation, but I already have thoughts of aquascaping my next tank. I sincerely wish you the best with this channel. I am in Canada and appreciate that you all speak English even though your from many places. Subscribed, bell clicked, and definitely sharing. Look forward to the next video.

  41. jajaja you are the best! this is my first aquascape "easily" jajajajajaja amazing guys! awesome job! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEE3K9B9sYg

  42. "WELCOME TO THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD OF AQUA SCAPING" i would like to borrow this phrase for my 1st aqua scaping… Thank you Green aqua, i enjoy watching & love your videos here from Philippines

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