How To Build A Shed – Part 2 Floor Framing

Welcome to this shed floor framing video.
Here you will learn about the steps to framing a shed floor! This video shows you the necessary steps for
shed floor framing from laying out the rim joists to squaring the joist system. The first step to building the shed floor
is to install layout marks on the rim joist boards. Prepare the boards for the layout
marks by cutting the rim joist boards to the length shown on the plans and then standing
the two rim joist boards on edge next to each other. Make sure that the crown edge is on
the top sides and the ends of the boards are flush with each other. Now you are ready to mark layout marks on
the two boards. We will be marking the floor joist locations at 16 inches on center. Hook
your tape measure on the ends of the two boards, pull the tape measure down and put a mark
at 16 and three quarters inches. Then put an X on the side of the mark closest to the
tape measure hook end to help you remember what side of the mark the floor joist will
go on. Continue making marks every 16 and three quarters inches along the edges of the
boards. The reason you go three quarters of an inch
past is because the floor joist boards that you will be installing on the marks are 1
½ inches wide. If the center of the board is to be at 16 inches on center, then the
edge will need to be three quarters of an inch past the 16 inch point. It is easier
to line up the edge of the board with a mark than it is to line up the center of the board.
Thus the marks are at 16 and three quarters, 32 and three quarters, 48 and three quarters
and so on. Wall sheeting materials like plywood and drywall
come in multiples of 4 feet, and the 16 inch layout allows the edges of the sheets to meet
on the center of a floor joist or wall stud. Once all the layout marks are made you will
transfer marks to the other board and make a line across both boards using a speed square.
Make sure that both boards have an x to show the side of the mark that the joist will go
on. The second step in building the floor joist
system is to set the rim joists and floor joists on the foundation rails. Start by separating the rim joists and set
them on the foundation rails. Make sure that the rim joist layout marks are still facing
up and that the layout marks start on the same end of the shed. Crown each of the floor joists and then set
them down on the foundation rails and align them with the layout marks you made earlier
on the rim joists. The Third step is to nail the rim boards to
each of the floor joists. For 2×6 and 2×8 floor joists you will use 3 nails at each
connection. Make sure that each floor joist end is aligned with its respective layout
mark before nailing. The fourth step is to attach the rim boards
to the foundation rails. Line the rim board outer edges up with the outer edges of the
foundation rails and then nail the rim boards to the rails by toe-nailing at 16 inches on
center. It is also recommended to use an angled framing
connector every 3 to 4 feet to strengthen the connection of the floor joist system to
the foundation rails. The fifth and final step is to make sure the
floor framing is square so you can attach the floor sheeting. This is done by measuring diagonally from
corner to corner. Your goal is get both of the diagonal measurements to be the same length. Measure the two diagonals and then move one
of the rim joist boards, and the floor joists attached to it, parallel to the other side
until the two diagonal measurements are the same. This is a quick view of the diagonals on an
8×10 shed that has been squared. You can view more information on how to mark
layout by visiting the How To Build A Shed portion of our website The address is in the
comments below. Continue learning about shed building by clicking
one of these videos. Thanks for watching! Once the floor framing is square you are ready
to install the floor sheeting. You can learn how to install the floor sheeting by Clicking
on the How To Install Floor Sheeting Video link at the end of this video Continue learning about shed building by clicking
one of these videos. Thanks for watching!

31 thoughts on “How To Build A Shed – Part 2 Floor Framing

  1. This week we are sharing the video on how to frame a shed floor. It describes how to layout the rim joists and then how to set the floor joists and nail them to the rim joists. It also talks about squaring up the framing so that it is ready for the floor sheeting install. 

  2. I love this video series, and I am getting ready to build a shed / workshop in the next couple of weeks, and I had a question. I was wondering why some use metal straps to build and hold the structure together and you are using just nails. I like the way you are putting it together, and it seems to be sound. It also adds an additional amount of cost to build with straps, but I would like to know if one is better than the other or is it the same?  

  3. GREAT series–t    TY so much for such easy to understand instructions……….I'm only building a 2'x5' tool shed, but you have helped me  get the idea!!!

  4. Hello cris, can i use scaffolding wood planks on my floor frame,, i got a concrete floor to lay my wood frame…

  5. Thanks for the videos! Started a while ago now I'm hooked and up all night. Quick question though: Some time in the next year or so I'm going to build a shed behind my house to use as a car workshop for body painting. I'll need a foundation that can handle 10,000+ lbs of heavy duty trucks. It's looking more and more like I'm going to have to build a whole concrete foundation as if I'm making a garage but based on your expertise would a solid wooden foundation like the one you use (just heavier duty wood for the larger shed of course) be good enough to support the weight? Thanks again!!

  6. Will this design work for a bigger shed? I am making a big shed for my man cave workshop and I need a design that can hold everything a good shop will need.

  7. Nice video, but I notice a small error. At 1:05, you say "continue making marks every sixteen and three quarters inches…" If you did that, they'd be 16 3/4" O.C., not 16" OC.

  8. Great video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you heard about – Mahorrla Wooden Paradise Method (probably on Google)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for building better sheds and woodworking minus the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my best friend Jordan after many years got excellent results with it.

  9. I'd love to share with you my playhouse for that I created after watching you teach me the basics. How would I show you some photos?

  10. I built a generator shed a few years back using your plans. I'm not carpenter or craftsman, I'm just a regular home owner trying to save money.
    I'm back again looking at building a garden shed for my wife… Damn generator shed! it, came out perfectly and now people think I know what I'm doing.
    If you can read and follow drawings the step by step instruction can turn anyone into Tool man Tim.


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  13. TERMITES are in abundance in GEORGIA. I do not recommend placing shed on floor. what is the next best recommended solution per iCreatables?
    Last shed I set up I used "multiple" cinder block (2 high) and even poured concrete in the two cells to set up before I built shed on top . I had to extend the ramp on front a bit as it was high. But I was able to spray the entire bottom for termites and pests when needed to keep them out. Plus air flow kept it dry underneath.

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