7 thoughts on “How to Calculate Watts

  1. the power rating of a 2 kilo ohms resistance is 80 watt. calculate the maximum permisible current which can flow through it.

  2. So I have an electric kettle and here's what I saw
    How to get the Amp? Or it is impossible?

  3. Question please. The neutral conductor connected to a GFCI (white) is always
    insulated. Why is the EXACT SAME neutral conductor that runs from outside
    the home to the STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER not insulated?

  4. So I've understood it like this:
    If calculating watt: watts=ampere*voltage right??
    So my phone's charger uses 0.5 amp and voltage is about let's say= 5volts
    So my wattage is 2.5w??

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