How To Calibrate the edge® Multiparameter Benchtop pH Meter

Hi everyone, I’m Kassandra and today we
will be talking about how to calibrate your edge multi parameter meter. Perfect for lab use, this advanced meter measures
3 different parameters – pH, EC/TDS, and DO simply by changing the sensor. In this video, we’ll go through the calibration
process for each parameter. Hanna Instruments provides you with affordable
and accurate equipment to help you achieve professional results. Calibration is an important step to ensure
your meter is working to it’s peak performance. We recommend calibration before each use. To Calibrate pH, first be sure your edge®
pH Electrode is plugged into the meter and rinse it with deionized water. Pour your hanna buffers into separate beakers
and Press the CAL button to enter calibration mode. We recommend doing a 3 point calibration with
the standard 4.01, 7.01, and 10.01 buffers. By default, the meter asks for pH 7.01 buffer
first. Use the arrow keys to move the first calibration
point to pH 4.01. Then, place the electrode into your buffer. Once stable, press confirm and the meter will
ask you for your second calibration point, pH 7.01. Rinse the electrode with deionized water,
and place it into the buffer. Again, once stable, press confirm. Rinse the electrode again and place it into
your pH 10.01 buffer. Once you have calibrated your 3 points, press
the CAL button to save calibration and return to measurement mode. For EC/TDS Calibration, plug the Hanna HI763100
EC/Temperature Electrode into the meter. For accurate calibration and to minimize cross-contamination,
use two beakers for the calibration standard; one for rinsing the probe and one for calibration. Use plastic beakers to minimize any EMC interferences. Press CAL to enter calibration mode. Then, rinse the electrode in your first beaker
with your standard, then submerge it into the second beaker for calibration. It’s best to use a magnetic stirrer for
the most accurate readings. The sleeve holes must be completely submersed. The recognized standard value will automatically
appear on the display. Once stable, press confirm and the calibration
will save and the meter will return to measurement mode. To perform a 100% dissolved oxygen calibration,
Rinse your HI764080 polarized probe with clean water and then dry the tip. Suspend the probe just over a beaker of water
and press CAL. When the reading is stable and is within the
limits, press confirm. The meter will display WAIT and 0.0 % will
be displayed in lower right corner. Press CAL to calibrate to one point and exit
calibration; To continue with a 0% Dissolved oxygen calibration, Submerge the probe into
a beaker containing HI 7040 Zero Oxygen solution and stir gently for 2-3 minutes as the reading
goes down. Be sure the temperature sensor is covered. When the reading is stable and stops decreasing,
press confirm and the meter will automatically return to measurement mode. Rinse the probe tip off in water before taking
measurements in samples. So that’s it. The edge multi parameter meter is perfect
for business and educational lab use. Available in 3 different configurations, It’s
versatility and advanced technology set the standard for benchtop meters. To learn more about this meter and all that
it offers, visit us at Thanks for stopping by and we hope you found
this helpful. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and
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