How to Change Oil in Your Car (The Easy Way)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel. Today I’m going to show you how you can change
your own engine oil and do it neatly without making a mess. We all know if you do your own oil it’s done
right, but instead of making a mess of it, this new Garage Boss Reacher, it lets you
drain it without splashing oil all over the place. It has an adjustable funnel to drain it, you
can make it real tall, medium, or for sports cars, the lowest version. It’s easy to use with your car jack up and
the frame on the jack stand. Just sliding it under where the oil drain
bolt is. Then decide which extension, we’re going to
use the longer extension on this one. Which now we screw into the base of the pan
so it’s nice and tight. And then remember to open the vent, so it
doesn’t bubble. Then slide the whole thing down the oil drain
plug so it will all drip in here and not make a mess. Then just get your long cheater bar and socket. Put it on, get it lose. Then you get the drain bolt out, it will drain
into the pan and it wont make a mess at all. As you can see, there’s no splatter anywhere,
everything goes into the pan. And since it’s adjustable, one size fits all. Take this long one off, you can put a shorter
extension on for less lift. And if you have a sports car, you can just
screw the funnel itself on, with no extension at all so it goes nice and low. And of course don’t forget the oil filter,
the drain pan will catch all that drippings too when you take it off from the top. And remember to lubricate the top of the new
oil filter with a little clean oil so it doesn’t stick when you take it off next time. And there’s another thing I love from these
Garage Boss guys, they sell giant funnels, and they have little weights you can stick
on the bottom so they don’t wobble and fall out of the hole, what an idea! Instead of having a funnel that goes in and
when you fill up it spills all over, you put the little weight on, it screws on, and it
fits right in and it doesn’t wobble at all now. And look what happens when I pour the oil
in out of this five quart jug, this holds five quarts. It’s not falling out, it’s not spilling, it
goes right in. Then what do you do when your all finish? Just screw the cap on, it’s totally portable,
you can take it to any auto parts store, and they’ll recycle the oil for you free. They’ll empty this out in their recycling
bin and you take this back home for the next oil change. So if you want to change your oil and not
make a mess, you might want to try one of these Garage Boss Reacher drain pans and their
giant funnels, with weights on the end. And remember, if you have any car questions,
just visit On The Road with Scotty.

100 thoughts on “How to Change Oil in Your Car (The Easy Way)

  1. Funny story. My nephew called and said his truck was leaking oil real bad. He said it was low and he put 5 quarts in it. He then said his girl friend put 5 quarts in it. He then said a few quarts were added. I told him to bring it over expecting to find s real bad leak. I was puzzled and couldn't find anything at all. After he told me how much oil he put in it again it finally registered how much he had put in and I said ok let's just drain this thing and see how much oil we got. So I drained 5 quarts then another 5 quarts then another 5 quarts then at least another quart of really clean oil with no coolant. I couldn't believe it even ran lol.

  2. Where I live the city gives out free oil drain pan/buckets to encourage responsible oil changes. You drain your oil into the pan. Remove the oil filter and place it in the bucket on a divider that keeps it out of the oil and lets it drain. You then pour the oil into the bucket and place the inverted drain pan into the top of the bucket as the lid. It holds 2-3 oil changes before you need to recycle the oil and filters. Most of drain pans out there ignore what to do with the oil filter, the part I've found to be the messiest because those things can hold a decent amount of oil.

  3. Hi Scotty, Do you know if Goodyear Wrangler tires off a 1998 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 AWD will fit on a 2001 Lincoln Continental?

  4. I have a 2015 Nissan GT-R. The dealer said that the oil change procedure is "extremely complicated" (direct quote) and they wanted $250 for the oil change. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….HA!

    So a friend and I changed the oil and it took only 30 minutes and cost only $50.

  5. Finally a bottle wide enough for my ENDOWED member you urinate in! no more small bottles making a mess for me while driving!

  6. Scotty,Have you ever came across with a car that has sticky dash board/interior plastics?And you can't clean it with Fairy liquid.Please help!!!

  7. Hi. I tried to ask questions on website but it won't let me. anyway my 98 beetle shows a slight misfir in two cylinders, I changed plugs and wires. helped a little , what else should I check

  8. I like Scotty, but that intro is a tad too long for YouTube. cough This is not TV. cough But that being said, I like the intro, so I'm not sure how I really feel about it.

  9. Scotty – what's your take on the fumoto drain valve – they're about $20-25 – there's a lock to keep them from coming undone.

  10. Hey Scotty, decided I wanted one of those: GarageBOSS 7 quart Oil Drain Pans. so I searched for it. found it. added it to my cart, realized. if I click and buy this. Scotty can't afford new patriotic shirts. SO I clicked your affiliate linked Amazon and bought it through that.

    Thanks for the tips Scotty, THIS friggin thing will save me a lot of money since i don't have a lift, and my GTO sits too low, but the yukon I can get under easy.

  11. I knew a girl from HS that got a new GM auto for graduation. It was dead about 2 years later because she only put new oil in, no change or filter change.

  12. I just had the seal from my brake pedal to the booster pop on me. Could I replace that alone or would I just have to replace the whole booster?

  13. More dirty crap that needs storing.. I get an oil change..tire rotation..inspection…lube….wash….ass kissed… and a Lillie pop for the kiddies For $49,99 twice per year. or a bit longer…whilst I and the family spend quality time….less hours available each year….with the family….Welllll the kids…….and my wife.

  14. I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima
    After semi long drives and after the engine is cooled has a some trouble starting meaning a hard start.
    Could this be a fuel injection problem? Spark plugs?

  15. Hey Scotty winter is starting to come soon and I'm kind of curious about remote starters I've got a 97 SL1 Saturn and I'm curious if it's possible to install a remote start on older cars

  16. Hey Scotty I have an 02 civic with a p0113 error code for the check engine I'm smelling gas I need some help have any wisdom for me?

  17. Hey Scotty, I got a 2003 VW Golf and everytime I brake or turn right, theres a noise coming from the front left wheel, could it be the bearings? The wheel doesnt make any noise when going straight.

  18. Scotty, I need your opinion. I have a 2012 Rogue and I'm just about to finish my lease. It has 35,000 miles and the residual value is $13,000. Do I buy it out, or do I get something else. My parents want to buy it out, but I'm recommending them to switch over to a RAV4 – perhaps a lightly used one. Thoughts appreciated

  19. so i installed an oil filter relocation kit along with an oil cooler on my 90 miata and my oil pressure has droped. it idles around 30 psi and reaches only 32-34 psi when im on the throttle. cold start the oil presure is at its heighest, around 40-45psi (2000rpm) then drops to 30psi when its warm. before these 2 mods my oil pressure was 30psi at idle and 50-60 on the throttle. i have about 9 feet of oil line in the loop (engine -> filter -> cooler -> engine) Is this lower oil preasure going to hurt my performance or worse blow my shit?? I have not noticed a lack of performance and im not running hot. is this normal for these types of mods? Thanks for the help

  20. Just found this channel I frequently search YouTube for basic car repair videos mainly for my honda some guys show you stuff in 8-12 min some twice as long for same thing. But love your general purpose its easy to do for all git it attitude makes car repair almost seem like fun

  21. Nice,the pan is ok but instead of the funnel I use an old coke bottle,cut the bottom of,boom funnel!

    Cheers Dan

    P.S the German subtiles are really funny!

  22. Ah oil changes did them many times. Scotty, I love it when you wear gloves. I see a lot of amateurs doing the jobs without gloves and than their hands are a total mass. People, the roots of oil are natural, but with all the chemicals in it absolutily poison for your health. Wear gloves. What is more expensive, gloves or the doctor when he finds out you have a disease due to chemicals.

  23. You should have mentioned the extended funnel is Auto Zone exclusive. I bought one on Amazon without realizing they don't have what would have actually made it useful to me. My older drain pan is bigger and has a wider spill tray. Sent the GarageBoss one back for a refund

  24. Hello there i have a 1995 nissan king cab XE and when ur goin up hills like around 40 or 30 u hear a valve rattle but only that

  25. Hey Scotty, I do my own oil changes on my vehicle to save money, I recently noticed that the engine oil at Walmart is much cheaper for the same brand at pep boys or autozone. Is the Walmart oil cheaper because it is lower quality specifically designed for discount retail? For ex… Mobel 1 full synthetic 5w 20 is 6 dollars more at autozone then at Walmart. This cost savings for the stores also applies to the oil filter too. Is there a difference yes or no? And why is there such a price difference for the same exact auto engine oil at two different places??

  26. removing the oil filter off my 98 chevy s10 is a pain in the ass. it sits sideways by the passenger front tire. mess every time

  27. Just,saw your video with the flooded cars…. thanks. Hopefully I'll never need to use it. Great videos. Had to subscribe

  28. I had one of these containers and had the oil changed in my car at home. Then my dad complained that it leaked everywhere.

  29. I accidentally used 5w40 instead of 5w30 for my nissan rouge will this cause damage to my engine should I switch it out

  30. If one does a lot of oil changes, the vacuum extractors save a boat load of time and effort.

    There's no need to change an oil filter every time the oil is changed if you're doing it yourself.

    Be sure to research whether or not your vehicle will allow a clear shot from the dip stick tube to the bottom of the oil pan, however. My old 1993 C1500 still has to have the oil changed manually via the drain plug due to some type of internal obstruction.

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  32. Hey Scotty, if the design allows it do yo recommend filling the filter with oil before you put it on? Thanks

  33. Scotty: That's a nifty gadget, but it takes the fun out of oil changes. Look here to see how Red Green does his:

  34. To me the biggest mess maker is removing the oil filter. Oil goes on the hoses and the exhaust manifold. I love the way Subaru has relocated the oil filter on the top of the engine and removing does not make a mess at all. Thanks for the video.

  35. I remember my first oil changes when I got my first car amd forgetting to open the vents on the drain pan.. Fun times ahah

  36. Hi Scotty!

    Quick question!
    Do you recommend using thread sealer on the drain plugs when doing an oil change and transmission fluid change?

  37. I bought "the reacher" from auto zone last week. Works like a charm and you carry it like a briefcase to your local oil recycling center! Great product!

  38. Seems like more work having to always buy oil, filters and driving down to recycle the oil, vs paying an extra $20 on top of all those supplies to have your shop do it….

  39. I found this magnetic tool that once you get the oil plug loose you can use the magnetic tool to unscrew the oil plug preventing your hands to get oil on them and also of you would lose the oilplug in the oil pan you don't have to fish it out.

  40. wrong, smyths wont take oil that isn't in an approved container meaning you have to use the bottle that the new oil came in. They don't recycle the oil, instead they burn it.

  41. A little expensive from Vatozone at over $20 for what is basically some molded plastic. But it's designed smartly enough to make it worth it.
    Didn't spill a drop. It's nicer than the standard wide pan that causes you to have to fish the drain plug out of a puddle of oil. I like to change the oil hot to try and dislodge as much muck as possible and I can just let the hot drain plug fall in the funnel and not have to fish it out later.

  42. Even better: get an oil drain valve with a drain hose. You don't even need to jack up the car! Just reach under, put the drain hose on the end, and flip the valve. No mess when draining the pan at all! However all bets are off with the filter if it screws sideways on the back of the engine, directly above the hot exhaust pipe like mine does……

  43. Or… use an oil drain valve instead of the oil drain bolt. You put a tube right on the valve opening and put the other end directly into the jug that you will take to the oil disposal facility… then all you have to do is turn a lever to open the valve to start draining… no oil on your hands, no spill, no splatter, no oil pan to deal with… and if you are in the business of testing oil samples you can get just the amount you need for a sample, and no more… if you accidentally overfill your oil tank, you can let a bit out.

  44. April 11th 2019 I like that Trump shirt looks good Scotty great inventions. How do you get a Target removed from your oil pan. Almost mechanics remove the strip plug I want to cost $700 to have it removed with a new pan.

  45. Scotty I love how you open and close your videos! Always amazing information and entertaining! I hope I am supporting your channel when I buy through your links!

  46. Then you drop the bolt and it goes down the funnel and you make one hell of a mess trying to get it out again. 😀

  47. Thank you Scotty! I was about to take a hole saw to the center area of my brand new reacher pan! Glad I saw your video. I can be very stupid sometimes 😂

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