How to Change Transmission Fluid : How to Refill Transmission Fluid

In this step we’re going to talk about the
proper way to refill your transmission with trans fluid after the transmission service.
The fill point for your transmission is located on the dip stick tube. It is in fact the tube
itself. You’re going to want a transmission funnel in order to fill it properly. Most
of the time the dip stick tube is located down, so regular filter doesn’t have the dept
to reach it. This one here will do just fine, what you do is remove your dip stick tube,
or your dip stick actually. You’re going to wipe it off so it doesn’t make a mess, and
slip it into the tube and begin adding fluid to it. Before you fire the engine you’re going
to want to add between three to four quarts to give it something just in case or so you
don’t run it low. Take and pour the fluid in, what we’ll do once we have our three to
four quarts added, is take and fire the engine and run the transmission through it gears.
When we run it through the gears, what that will do is ensure that all of the internally
lubricated components of the transmission that are supposed to be filled are filled
with fluid. We’ll then shut the engine off, and check the level as specified, or leave
it running and check the level as specified. You can find that either indicated in the
owners manual or on your dip stick. Alright, and that’s three quarts, just because it’s
a very small transmission pan on this particular vehicle. You should add between three to four
before you fire the engine. What I’m going to do is step back, and fire the engine up,
and with the wheels off the ground run it through all the gears individually. Take if
from park, and put it all the way down into first, second, third, drive, and over drive
if so equipped, and then reverse, let the engine run for a few minutes and put it in
park. From there you will be continue filling it up until the transmission fluid has reached
the appropriate level, and then you’ll be all set. I’m going to step back and fire the
engine now, and run it through the gears. Now that I’ve run the vehicle through all
the gears, and check the fluid idling in park, you’re going to take and adjust it to the
appropriate level. Depending upon the specific make and model, it may take upwards between
four to twelve quarts. Like I said depending on the specific model. Refer to your owners
manual or local parts professional for assistance. I want you to take note of my transmission
dip stick here, as you can see we have several marks one here and one here on this side,
and one here and one here on this side. What this is is temperature calibrated for your
fill level. This is the add mark at twenty degrees Celsius, this the full mark at twenty
degrees Celsius. We’re a little bit below twenty degrees Celsius, so we’re going to
be just a little bit below the full mark. As you can see we’re right there. If your
engine was hot, you’re going to want to be between the at the low and the fill mark or
the low and the add mark on this side. This is the low and this is the full. Depending
upon the temperature of your transmission fluid, that will be where you want to line
up. that is the proper way to fill and check your transmission fluid.

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  1. all filters every 3k miles and same with the oil….fluid can go for about 12k, check the dipstick level and read it often

  2. u put the new fluid through the FILL PLUG. I know it sounds crazy but it suppose to be like that. Most likely, u will need a FLUID PUMP to suck fluid from the transmission fluid bottle into the fill plug hole until it starts to spill out, meaning ur done.

  3. Because the transmission oil pump operates by the input shaft which is connected to the torque convertor and the torque convertor is connected flywheel of the engine. Even when the transmission is in park or neatral the trans oil pump still operates off of engine RPM. You need to have that fluid pressure in order to get a accurate reading of tranny fluid.

  4. The dipstick on my car starts with 'add' on the bottom,then a hole,then a big chunk says 'warm',then a hole & then a small section which says hot.I checked my fluid after driving the car for about 20 mins,so the car was hot,& the level was at the low end of the warm section (a little over the first hole). When I checked the level a few hours later when the car was cool, & the engine off, the level was on the second hole. Should I check it when car is HOT or when engine is running (& car is cool)

  5. you are a irritating guy the way u talk " like so" you are not talking to 1rst graders u pain in in the ass can't even listen to you " like so''

  6. Ive been getting help with auto repairs from Nathan McCullough's videos for a few years now from Expert Village, ehow and now youtube. Ive done quite a few major repairs that I never thought I would be able to do on my own.

  7. Ok I have filled in 4 quarts already and ran the engine for about 5 minutes or more but my dipstick is still dry?? what could be the cause?

    I got a Honda Civic 02 EX Coupe 1.7L DOHC VTEC

  8. I've used his guidance and so far things have been great. Learned a lot and saved a lot of cash. BTW I also check my service manual for cross reference too.

  9. @TwinBeClownin it doesnt have a dipstick there is a little plug on the side of the transmission you take out after u gone threw all the gears and let run in park or neutral then you take it out and if any fluid comes out then its over filled if nothing comes out add a little bit of fluid to the addplug on top of the transmission my 2000 grand am gt has same thing GM took dipstick out so stupid people wouldnt over fill the transmission and have it taken to gm dealer for them to look at level.

  10. I have a small transmission leak, and I have to replace the transmission fluid about once a month, is there any way of resolving the leak?

  11. If there no dipstick, look at your transmission pan….ther should b a plug and undo it, stick the tip of your finger in it, if u feel fluid at the top of your finger your good, if not top off till you hit the tip of your finger

  12. Its a very complicated process. It also depends on the car. Honda's for instance are built exactly the same in every way with a few different parts for the auto and the manual. It usually requires getting the entire pedal assembly, M/T ECU, the manual trans, Master and slave cylinder for clutch, and manual transmission mounts. Doing the pedals some times requires pulling the dash. Its cheaper to replace the car.

  13. You gotta pull an axel to change gear oil on a fwd trans im not to sure about a rwd manual, they almost never need maintenance!

  14. yea well im doin this soon i hav some transmission noises wen its cold and i figure new fluid might help if not ive been told it culd b a flywheel

  15. Thanks I am a single mother of two sons. My 17 year old son bought some transmission fluid for his truck and asked me where to put it… one of those questions that a dad would be more suited to answer.. looked around "no dad" but thank God for your video here on YouTube 🙂 He and I watched it together and now he is good to go… appreciate the help!

  16. CAUTION:
    Only use the specified NISSAN CVT fluid.
    3. Refill until new CVT fluid comes out from CVT fluid cooler hose
    About 30 to 50% extra fluid will be required for this procedure.
    4. Check fluid level and condition. Refer to CVT-16, "Checking CVT Fluid" .
    Delete CVT fluid deterioration date with CONSULT-II after changing CVT fluid.,
    "Check CVT Fluid Deterioration Date" .

  17. what about a 2007 nissan versa cvt transmission. I have googled more than 1 method to do it. Both are very different. One is pretty much drain (by removing the plug at the bottom of the car) and fill. The second method is:
    1. Warm up CVT fluid by driving the vehicle for 10 minutes.
     : Vehicle front
    2. Drain CVT fluid from CVT fluid cooler hose and
    refill with new specified NISSAN CVT fluid in the CVT fluid
    charging pipe with the engine running at idle speed.

  18. I warmed my truck up as well as can be, and added fluid to the begining of the cross hatch marks. It's only 35 degrees outside so I don't think the fluid is actually hot like it is in the summer heat or while towing. I'm thinking be carefull filling in the cold. When it warms up outside I think it will be just right I think, and the manual says DO Not over fill !! EV do you agree, caution filling with cold "Ambient" temp???

  19. I hear nothing but problems with flushes and know a transmission repair shop that makes money off of flushes called repairs which are more than the flush.Lines are above the filter full of dirt and crud.That dirt and crud ends up in the valve body causing problems

  20. GM 4T60Es and 4T65Es,start with 6 quarts,take 8 to 9 quarts.Also use the recomended fluid such as ATF+4 in Chrysler automatics,Mercon V in 1998 to 2005 Fords and Honda Fluid in Honda automatics

  21. I have a 2006 Nissan Frontier, 2×2, automatic with 76,000 miles on it. I just dropped the transmission pan. I then put the same amount of fluid back in that I took out. When I check the dipstick after driving around my neighborhood for 5 minutes the dipstick is so low that no fluid is on it. I let it sit over night and now the fluid is passed the hot full mark. I would say I need to add some more fluid but I heard damage can occur if it’s over filled. I just think it’s weird that the transmission is so low when warm and way high when the transmission is cold. Thanks for any advice. The auto shop keeps giving me the wrong gasket so I just reused the old one. Is that common practice or should I remove the pan in 30,000 miles or sooner if it leaks and replace the gasket? Should the filter/strainer be replaced? Some mechanics say it’s permanent and some say replace it. I rather hear it from here; someone that is not trying to just take my money. Thanks for any help buddy.

  22. Help, help, help!  I don't know how/where to refill the transmission fluid in my old Chrysler LeBaron 1988 convertible.  I can't find any opening or receptacle for it, even though I do see the dipstick on the lower right side of the engine.  Do I do it through the dipstick?  The second and third gears are sticky but the transmission is fairly new, so I think it might be the fluid or filter?  But I am a girl and have no clue about mechanics.  I can't find it online anywhere.  Is it the same as this video?  Does anyone know?  Thanks so much.  Nice videos.

  23. Got a Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998 and recently lost reverse. I've been hearing a lot about it possibly being due to low on transmission fluid. If so, how would I know how much to add to the pan? All the gears work but reverse

  24. Need your help as a 2008 Jeep JK afternoon to do the transmission oil and filter the Jeep will not go into gear to move in reverse very little freaking out now any tips or help will be great thank you

  25. hi, just wondering why the car must be idling to take txm fluid level. what different does it make if engine is cold. sound stupid but i am curious.

  26. So far two of your videos have sufficiently answered two questions I had. Thanks bunches! But what do I do now that I have already put the same amount of oil in that I drained out, should I try running the car anyway or drain half (down to 3 quarts) and then run it…then re add?

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