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  1. Tip: Only tighten the oil filter hand tight, never use a wrench to tighten it. Some shops tighten it so much that it's impossible to take off.

  2. Quick tip – you can’t always pre-oil the oil filter due to how it sits on the engine. On my engine, the filter faces down. So all I do is rub a little oil on the O-Ring then screw it in. My car takes 3.7 quarts of oil. I usually put 4 quarts and the level is full. I run synthetic oil in my 1997 Toyota Camry. I push the oil change to 4,000 miles if it’s pure highway. But I try to stay within 3,000 miles per change.

  3. I stopped buying Fram oil filters because I watched a video of someone cutting a new one open and it was full of rust.

  4. I have a slow oil leak, and think my oil pan has rusted through. Cheap replacement will take 1-2 weeks to get here. Can I drain the oil, and take the pan off to confirm it has a hole? Will it harm anything for it to sit that 1-2 weeks before putting new pan on and oil back in? (Not turning it on!) Will it do anything like dry out seals or gaskets in the engine?

  5. Hey ChrisFixit I have a 2007 Dodge Caliber and my engine shakes a lot and I know it’s my motor mount but I can’t locate then do you have any tips for me?

  6. What do you do if the filter is upside down or side ways? If you can’t pre fill it with oil do you just add more oil to the engine? How do you know when the oil is in the filter? If there is no oil in the filter will it hurt the car? What about the washer for the oil pan bolt? How do you know when you need a new one and how do you know which one to buy?

  7. I go to Toyota , give them my keys sit and play on my for an hour and don’t pay a thing . My way is much more simple

  8. I did the Oil Change succesfully, but when I was starting to get the car off the ramps, I disabled the handbrake but forgot to put it in first and apply the Brakes…. It Hit my Dad's Beetle and He was pretty mad at me… !!

  9. Haha I work at the dealer and been working on cars since I was 16, I know how to do everything in your videos for the most part but I just love watching your videos and learning new tricks and tips

  10. Good video thanks I am concerned about one thing. After changing the oil should the pan be cleaned (or changed at some point) that the oil is draining from? I'm sure there is debris on the sides.

  11. About to change the oil on this 01' Grand Cherokee I recently bought. I will be using 4 qts Castrol 10w-30 and 1qt of Lucas Oil Stabilizer to see if that calms the ticking noise down a bit. I already know the procedure but I like to check your vids to make sure I don't forget the little things! Good vid though

  12. Iv been watching every single video tht u have uploaded and I subrived in ur channel already sir.. Do you have toyota cars in your country? Could you please make some tutorial about toyota vios?

  13. Hey Chris. Just changed the oil and filter in my civic for the first time thanks to your guidance in this video. You explain the process so well. Transmission fluid change is next week. Thanks again for your videos!

  14. I also prefer using a jack and jack stands, i also throw a tire under the side I'm working on if I have the tire off. I made a pair of ramps about a 8" rise made out of scrap wood glued and screwed together, couple that with my pit in my shop i built last year it works great. I learned the hard way to make sure the engine oil isn't to hot, lol. Running for a few minutes is fine, anymore than that you gotta let it cool.

  15. Quick question, once I complete my oil change where would I dispose of my old oil filter and eventually my oil? I’m in Virginia.

  16. Run car for a few mins if it’s been cold. Take off oil cap so the oil drains out properly. A lot of times. On the oil cap it’ll say what kind of oil it needs. You can check owners manual if you have it if not google or auto parts guy can look it up. 0w20 is what my 09 i4 Accord took. Change your oil every 5k. Screw what the owner manual says. It’ll say 10k but what if you drive only city? Also if you own a classic and only drive a thousand miles a year change it yearly. My M3 hits 5000 miles every 3 years so I change it yearly. Ramps are nice on regular cars but most of my cars are too low for it esp with my front lip.

  17. On learning how to change oil, I moved up to upgrading lighting system, work on exhaust, breaks and finally graduated years later to opening up the engine.

  18. Always add oil to the second dot or x marks and be sure to drain old oil completely, because a gallon of oil can ruin a lake.

  19. Do you use websites like prodemand and all data to find out how to remove certain parts of a vehicle and how to do other work? Or do you just do guesswork until you get it right

  20. Man, just bought my first car, kia rio 2012, diesel 1.1 crdi. I will take a very good care of her from your videos. Thank You!

  21. Over oil will damage the engine because the oil will reached crankshaft and will becoming like bubbles,, in that case oil will lose quality and heated up the engine

  22. ChrisFix what do you suggest for oiling the filter if it goes on sideways and not straight up 14:00? Thanks…again!💖💖

  23. I stopped watching when you used your PINCH WELDS as a jacking point with a FLOOR JACK. Your scissor jack included with the vehicle is the only jack designed to be used on the pinch weld. A floor jack will crumple that weld and damage your vehicle.

  24. Whoever changed my oil last, either welded it on, or used an impact wrench. I've tried going lefty loosy with so much force that the drain plug is now rounded. It was 13mm but it's now a 12mm. I don't want to assume I'm an idiot, as I went left with a socket wrench that cannot go right, but now I have to figure out how to get the rounded drain plug out and possibly replaced. Worst case, I go back to the oil change shop and tell them their jerks. Any advice outside of that?

  25. Thank you, ima use this on my new car I just bought, a used 1999 Nissan Altima. Has jumpy problems that I assume are from the oil not being changed by the previous owner for months and kmonths

  26. Chris you dont like supertech, 5w-30 full synthetic? i heard a lot of good things about it!
    i use it with a mobil 1-212A filter.
    i have a 2015 chevy impala limited, it runs good so far??

  27. Dude you don’t need all that stuff to change oil you make it sound so difficult it’s simple it’s not hard and as far as gloves all I use is a rag to wipe everything! Ramps 😂

  28. Just wanted to let you know that I used this video to drive onto a curb, drain old oil, change oil filter, and pour in new oil. Thanks for the help!

  29. Most people think an oil change is a simple operation. Generally it is, but there are many ways it can be screwed up and cost the car owner big time. Drain plugs can be over-torqued so the threads on the drain plug are stripped and cause leaking or not torqued at all and leak or fall out. On certain cars, drain plug gaskets have to be changed every time and are often not changed. Oil filters are either over-torqued and ruined so they leak or not torqued at all and leak or fall off. Sometimes the wrong grade of oil is used or the oil not changed at all. Both under filling and over filling of fresh oil can cause serious problems. I do it myself and get it done right.

  30. I dont listen to the interval in my owner's manual. 10k miles seems quite long. I've been an auto tech for about 3 years now, and I gotta say, engineers seem to overestimate their work quite a bit lol

  31. My inlaws bought a retirement home and the guy who was there before was some kind of maniac genius. In addition to having a full smithing facility and smelting furnace, he had a 5 port garage with 2 lifts installed. Seriously, this guy was mad-scientist level. Thanks to him, they've almost never had to take their car into a shop since.

  32. Hey Chris. Got a question here. I’ve been restoring my Dads Isuzu Trooper. It’s been 6yrs since it last started. Should i use an Oil Flush??

  33. Step 4: Clean up the 20 inch circle of oil because you thought you had the drain pan in the right spot, went inside, came back out and realized after the initial release the oil started hitting the side of the drain pan…. "ask me how I know"

  34. Thanks for this video, Chris! I work at an oil change shop and I'll definitely be using your tips to make sure I do a great job on every vehicle, every time.

  35. a good tip: to make sure all the old oil is out start the car up after you drained it and rev it really hard up to redline for a few seconds

  36. Old video but I will still drop a tip for new people, if you don’t have a tool to get off a stuck fuel filter, you can drive a screw driver through the side of the filter so it’s easier to twist off

  37. Tip if you have a toyota gust wait until the maintenance required light comes on that will tell you to change your oil

  38. Hey Chris, I was wondering is it harder to change oil in newer models than older models and I recently got a new jumpsuit and have had hardy professional series mechanics gloves and I was wondering, should I where nitro coated gloves under them.

  39. I bought my first car that I paid for a couple weeks ago and that combined with working in a parts shop for almost a year made me want to do the maintenance myself! I loved your video, and I actually have a Sentra so I feel that much more confident! I'm so pumped now I can't wait until I need an oil change!!!!

  40. Me just being curious but some cars have a notification on the dashboard for when the oil change has to be done. How do we reset that?!

  41. Used this to help me on my first oil change, at age 31! Your channel is simply amazing and easy to understand for car noobs.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  42. Is Purolator what you prefer for oil filters? I have a 1988 Toyota pickup 22re and I just use the oem Toyota filters. Although I do want the “best” oil filter in the truck. I have done a ton of research and everyone has their “best” so it always leaves you still wondering. Do you have any insight on what the best could be?

  43. 😱 I freakin love you for the tip on driving the car on a curb For the lift!!! I was a bit scared of jacking the car up and getting under there. The other stuff I know how to do !!! 💃🏻

  44. I had a friend who passed away becuae he wasn't safe when changing the oil on his car. What ever was holding his car up snapped and fell on top of his chest crushing him and killing him instantly. When Chris fix says you can never be too safe I agree %1,000

  45. my grandpa doesn’t want me to do an oil change on the car but i’m gonna show him video so he can see how easy it is and he won’t have to pay $59.99

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