How to check your Gas Meter with npower

Hi, my name is Andrew Fox, from npower home
team and I’m a gas registered engineer. A common issue in many people’s households
is either a lack of heating or a lack of gas to their appliances.
Before you do any DIY, obviously make sure you know what you’re doing.
If unsure, or have any doubt, don’t hesitate, give npower home team a ring or a gas registered
engineer. So if you’ve got a fault at your appliance,
the easiest way to check that you’ve got gas to it, is to either check your gas hob
or gas fire to make sure they both work. So if there is failure at one of your appliances
and there is no gas coming through to your hob or your cooker, you may have a gas supply
fault. So the next thing to do is to check to see
where your gas metre is. Now it may be underneath your stairs or it may be in a kitchen cupboard
or it may even be outside. So now you’ve actually found your gas metre,
make sure that it’s easily accessible and that you can’t smell any gas.
If you do happen to smell any gas, give the emergency number a call on 0800 111 999
And step away from the actual gas meter if you’re going to use a mobile phone.
So if there’s no smell of gas, make sure the handle is on its on position, so it’s
on its upright position and obviously if you’ve got a pre-payment metre, make sure you’ve
actually got credit on your gas meter itself. So if the handle has been turned to the off
position, what we now need to do is turn the actual handle back on.
So you should be moving it back to its upright position but bear in mind if you can smell
any gas whatsoever, give the emergency number a call.
Now we’ve turned our gas back on, we can go back to the appliances and make sure that
they all work and then you’ll be perfectly fine.
So now you know how to do it, that may save you a call-out fee and stop me from coming
out. If there’s any other problems, don’t try
and fix it yourself, give us a call and we’ll come do it for ya!

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