how to clean sticky plastic containers green cleaning Hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you have plastic ware that gets all funky feeling and sticky residue there is a simple way to get that off I am going to show you how to use natural solutions to clean get a bottle of white vinegar and you simply put it into an old spray bottle be sure you label it
so everyone in your family will know exactly what it then you take your items and you simply
spray white vinegar all on them on the inside all around sticky mess that the
outside and just let it soak in for a few
minutes it has been about five minutes I have a soapy sponge scrub them quick rinse and if you have any problematic spots still sticky little spot there sprinkle it with baking soda give it another spray of white vinegar spray right on let that do its job while you finish the
other ones a little soap a light rub ready to rinse them off everything is rinsed take a towel and dry them all the funky sticky residue is gone you don’t need to worry about any aroma from the vinegar because the scent will dissipate as these
completely dry won’t leave any smells in your
food you can see how nice and clean these are
now look especially at these lids all the crusty yucky sticky stuff is gone these all feel smooth and clean so try using natural cleaning solutions instead of chemicals use white vinegar to clean your plastic containers please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.com

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