All right! Here we go. I start the day with progressive deadlift
program. I do my first set here with 80kg. Because one week ago I did eight reps with
this weight, so today my goal is to do ten reps. In deadlift I never use belt. I take so light weights that even the weakest
part in my core muscles can handle with it. And I managed! So, for my next set I load up more weights
to 90 kilos. As last time I did six reps with the same
weight, so today my purpose is to do eight reps. As the weights start to get a bit heavy for
my grip, that’s why I change my grip from regular, or a double overhand grip, to mixed
grip, this way preventing the bar rolling in my hands. Ten kilos more to my third set, and my goal
is to do six reps, as one week ago I did four reps. And if I manage, this will be my personal
best. And I did it! Yay! Five more kilos to my fourth set. I keep my back in a neutral position during
the whole exercise. And four reps is my goal here, which I managed! My previous record was three reps so here
I did a better result. Next exercise is wide grip lat pulldown. Good stretch here when the arms are straight,
and a proper contraction when I pull the bar towards the chest. I do four sets in total and load up more weights
to every set. One arm dumbbell row is the name of this exercise. And the other arm. And here I do so that there is a good stretching
effect when the weight is down and then a really tough contraction when I pull the weight
up so my back muscles work properly. Then comes hammer grip lat pulldown. Four sets in total and for every set I take
more weights, and reps go down like from 20 to 8. There was 50kg and eight reps. Now as my back is done, I take a few sets
for my shoulders. Seated dumbbell press is this exercise. I twist my arms on the way up, so that I start
with reverse grip and then I change first my grip to hammer grip and gradually to normal
grip. That went well. I did my personal best, overall best in deadlift,
so I managed to do six reps with 100kg, yay! That’s really my overall best. I feel now great, because of that. And after that I made lots of sets for my
back muscles, and then there was, there was actually twelve sets for my shoulders. I did three extra giant sets after my brothers
got away from gym and that’s why I couldn’t show those sets for you, but if you have seen
my other videos so you have seen also that giant set which is composed of three different
subsets. So, now my arms are trembling nicely as you
maybe see. And my back is like really in a good shape
actually. So, I ride back home and eat something because
I’m fasting, surprise, surprise. So, I need energy for my muscles. My muscles need protein and all the stuff
necessary for muscles to grow. So, hope you enjoyed. Try out this workout, but be careful with
deadlift. If you are starting deadlift, start with really
light weights because that’s technically quite a challenging exercise. So, see you soon again! Bye!


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