How to distinguish Americans

distinguished Americans from what like from other people yeah mostly yeah mostly I can distinguish them yeah yeah yeah well people from the United States an America americano from accent from their accent is the accent maybe accent maybe by an accent from their accent from the accent I don’t think we have accent so hey guys you mean America in total optimist um you’re mostly yeah fat white fat well that’s I usually to have a bit more weight on their hips usually there’s sometimes a little bit plump nothing a bit overweight speaker in sizes right some Americans might be said to be larger you know not always but sometimes you tell you what you guy might show me Ted okey hi Kaka documentas Americans have like more muscular face Jimmy look I could endure a bikini girl hot that’s a nice simple send in check out the world go sexy in a kadhai so elegant but for me I I can defy Americans and Europeans from the accent only other than that they look the same ah maybe their behavior yeah they eat a lot of hamburgers so if you see like a person McDonald’s and he’s probably American yeah they’re going to McDonald’s even if they’re in Japan there ya go thank you kids like they’re always eating oh yeah yeah always and sometimes they make their friends and they usually smoke and put out the smoke in there a way they want wherever they want you would say Hana without even go weirdo my house Intimidator on Sebago for example when we go out with Americans I think they always want to play drinking games they really want to you know make sure everybody gets really wasted and make sure everybody takes a lot of shots I think that’s a really American thing maybe buy clothes or fashion off from the way they dress they use bigger clothes also take a boil huh yeah they lose clothes maybe it doesn’t care about too much what they were thinking about sweatpants big t-shirts stuff like that I know they were shorts the only piece at the make that I’m pretty good is to not get about I think European fashions better the clothes that they wear when they’re sleeping they usually use it for their school they wear what they like business I care about what people think about it as soon as they start talking and stuff you can really tell their most in bigger groups the Chester louder a bit loud as well Americans talk too loud they can be jolly like happy jovial all the time jumpy yeah you know when you hear someone who is shouting at someone because it’s America outgoing and loud and quite confident I guess they’re American I think they have a bit more confidence in there they’re really outgoing I think and very confident if you if you talk to American people they smell like freedom you know so honest ah let you speak their mind I think they are kind of yeah almost annoying I know was it a little Americans kind of have that confidence within themselves so that’s like how they walk around and carry themselves like they kind of owned the place I’ll see something from Norway we’re not that noisy we’re not that open maybe we don’t go to people and say it was up I guess they tend to be positive they look like pretty satisfied with their life that’s what makes them different from British people’s real young people rich people and be our business a little bit like me they state that they think they own the world now I don’t know they’re back like Americans what if I say you look like the DA yeah well yeah it’s kind of odd yeah kind of yeah it’s okay we’ll call me American did they always chubby you guys laces to this I mean they worry a lot about money and working and I think oh so you can’t put more emphasis on you know having a good standard of living and being more relaxed and enjoying doberman anantam oh please our multicultural America Jimmy Tyler Cola materia medica limited Sona congestion a high do this

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  1. You could hear Americans a mile away. They laugh hard and loud in a really big group. Boys wear T-shirts and shorts and girls wear whatever period she is on.

  2. God we suck. You pretty much need to go back to the 1940s to find examples of "cool" American guys in Europe. Orson Welles in "The Third Man," Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca" (yes, I know Casablanca is in Morocco.) Sweet Jesus, we suck. Our accents sound like shit and we're loud, too. Did I mention that we suck ass?

  3. Me an American sitting outside in front of a tree eating an entire watermelon and chugging some coconut milk how offensive.

  4. 外人みんなアメリカ人だと思ってますwww いや、真実かも。少なくとも、みんな英語しゃべると思ってる。

  5. Apparently, if their teeth are white. Americans look like Europeans because tens of thousands of people came from each country.

  6. Americans may be fat, but Americans also tend to have more muscular builds than the rest of the world. We are also taller than most countries as well, besides Germany, Sweden and Holland.

  7. Yes we are confident,yes we like freedom the only truth spoken. Love your positive answers young man. Please visit our beautiful United States Of America where every state is unique and different. Just like every European country is different, God bless America.

  8. how to distuguish americans???

    look for people who are stupid but proud…..those are 100% americunts

  9. AMERICAN FAT PIGS ARE INBRED. Their white mother and father were anally butt fucking each other when they conceived them. They are raw cocks born out of their mothers' belly womb.

  10. If only someone could tell my father the truth this whole thing will be over…he doesn't believe piece of shit

  11. you're damn right we think we own the world!! how many of your lame ass countries won 2 world wars? I suppose we are confident because of things like that. How many other countries produced Hollywood, MLB, NFL, NBA, and have more Olympic gold medals than the beach has sand? And hamburgers are delicious!!!

  12. i was really surprised by the smoking comment cause i actually thought that america was pretty good about that

  13. Even in the USA we have accents within America. @[email protected] I for example can have a Texan accent. I’m from Texas so we basically a different country. I always say I’m from Texas when I travel abroad.

  14. Not all Americans are fat. Not all are white. That’s just plain stereotypes. Want to say a country is white? Britain. Want to say a country has a lot of fat people? Nauru. Most Americans aren’t fat, just more than many countries. And MANY Americans aren’t white. I’m American, I’m only half white. I have like 50 black American relatives and like 3 are fat

  15. Americans do have accents. There are four American accents, in fact. At least 4. Yes, we have accents.

  16. We are not fat…

    Ok a lot of us arent fat. Y'all need to chill. I work out all the time and I am in great shape.

  17. How can I tell someone is from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua…….When they are crawling across the U.S. Southern border because they made their country into a shithole.

  18. Some of the fucks are so damn arrogant. Talking down on America. How about we don’t lend lease and your nation starve

  19. How to tell an American apart from a normal human is very easy , they are loud stupid uneducated migrant offspring morons , with bad nasal voices and poor English , they are classless bastards , usually eating fat foods always chewing like a cow , and very bad manners,

  20. The damn German girls. What they don’t realize is how many people live in the US that’s ancestors were German immigrants

  21. Some of this is just stuff that I see on tv I wonder how many of these people have actually hung out or been around Americans ???

  22. 0:35 … Ok but I’m not fat or white but I am still American… And it doesn’t matter if they are or not to be honest it’s there life

  23. Americans aren't outgoing maybe by northren european and far east asian depressive standards you should visit real hot weather countries to know what outgoing and confident mean
    as for other thing they said it's in every country you find fats and lean fit ahtletic
    the only think i noticed about americans they are fake alot and they lie so much specially in work which kinda weird they talk on behind people back like it's normal thing

  24. i think some of these observations are an interpretation as best as can be managed but not necessarily correct.
    I don't believe "I own the place"….I do believe that "I own myself" and I'm not going to alter my dress or behavior based on social dictates. I have confidence in myself which in no way means that I look down on others…..i simply know myself and i'm comfortable in my own skin. I hope that explains what many may be misinterpreting when they see my manner. I don't require that others judge me as "satisfactory" by their social dictates to feel self-confident. That being said, when I travel I do research local cultural customs and try to honor them.

  25. Based on my experience, I feel like Europeans tend to be rude, more so than my fellow Americans. They are always on a mission and will run into you, even if it’s not my fault I will say “excuse me”, or “I’m sorry” even if it’s not my fault. Also, I’m close to Canada, so……..

  26. A high percentage of American kids get orthodontist work done, braces and such. So they have pretty amazing teeth!

  27. “White, fat.”

    Ok so like I’m kinda offended but at the same time I kinda understand where they’re coming from

  28. I am ashamed of these german girls as a german. They really don't know anything about americans, they are so racist. Germany has lot of "fat" people aswell. Also we germans do only eat our food aswell, also abroad. Idk… They seemed kinda to be racists

  29. Yet they talking shit about Americans . But yet they depend on us ??‍♂️ but trump fixing that ??? right !! People from Boston and the south . Don’t have accent . Dumb ass 3rd world idiots !!

  30. 0:52 guy looks like Brad Pitt and Guy Pierce had a baby and grew up an orphan on the mean streets of London…

  31. It's really black and Hispanic Americans that are outrageously fat. White Americans have more fat people on average than white Euros, but less so than the other groups.

  32. Man, not that i hate Americans, i don’t, but when i see american tourists in my City… they are so annoying and loud…

  33. Me: An American citizen
    Also Me: Is of Indian decent and people gasp when I say that I was born in the US
    Happens to be Me: Doesn’t scream unless my friends get on my nerves
    Ayo it’s me: absolutely hates pizza and McDonalds

  34. America The land of the free! Proud to be American ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  35. I am an American, and I am most definitely NOT fat at all. Where do people get this idea that all Americans are fat or overweight? There are over 300 million Americans.

  36. It's like saying all Germans are Nazi's.
    I'd like to HOPE we as humans are not that ignorant… but after watching this I stand corrected.

  37. Everyone in this video is adorable. And most of them look like any American I see any day of the week, lol. As an American, I can agree with a lot of these stereotypes. I'm also someone who doesn't exactly fit the ideals of most of America, but hey, we like being different, too. Also, I feel they used the wrong flag for identifying the guy at :52? He sounds more Australian?

  38. Shout out to the few Asians who had nice things to say. The rest of those rich hippies can suck a fat cock, they clearly only know Americans who are rich snobs.

  39. How to distinguish Americans…..ask some questions….to some people…. the people who are the dumbest are Americans

  40. If this video was silent, and they didn't list where anyone was from, I would believe they were all American. They all look like people I've seen walk around some college campus.

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