How to do a full body detox using Enema or Salt Water Flush?

(soft music) – Hi everyone. Today I would like to talk
about a very important subject. The subject of detoxing
our body but in a fast way. I’m not talking about those
one week that we do only on water, or just fruit
juices and stuff like that. A lot of people are asking
me, should they do an enema or a salt water flush and
what does it actually mean and why do we actually want to do it. So in short, I’ll try
to explain it because you know people have written
entire books on this subject. Why do we do an enema, to begin with. Our body wants to detox. What does it mean? We eat a lot of things, we
have stress in our life, we breathe carbon dioxide all the time. And our body has toxins. Each cell acts exactly
like a regular human being. Each cell is conscious of itself, each cell has its own cleaning mechanism. That means that you have
junk inside the cell, and then the cell takes out the junk into the space that is
between the cells themselves. Now, our digestive system,
especially the last part of the digestive system,
it’s built in order to absorb, absorb vitamins, absorb nutrients. And the last part of our digestive system is where we take out all
the crap, as one might say. (laughing) And that part is also built
to always, always absorb. So what happens when we eat
junk and we eat anything that we usually eat. And we don’t eat like
we ate 1000 years ago, only organic fruits, vegetables, sometimes even animals 1000 years ago. What happens is that,
everything that is left over in that part, the stuff
that didn’t come out, is always reabsorbed by the body. And that creates more toxins in the body because everything that is left there, that doesn’t know how to come out, or that is not pushed completely out, is just left on the sides. And then it’s reabsorbed by
the body, the body doesn’t have any other mechanism
of cleaning itself. So it takes out pupils, you
see it through the skin, bad breath, sometimes your
skin itself smells kind of bad. Toxins come out of the
body in multiple ways. Now you will notice if
you were googling enema, and zits or acne, you will
notice a lot of teenage kids today actually found out
that they can do more enemas, and then they will have
their face really clean because the body will not need to detox itself in that way anymore. So it won’t need to take
it out from your pores. That’s the main reason why we do enemas. Now, enemas only cleans the last part of the digestive system. It doesn’t clean the
whole digestive system. I know some people go
to these health clinics where they push the
water inside and it goes a little bit deeper, that’s also good. But, it’s not perfect. The perfect way, if you really wanna do it and you have a few
hours to spend doing it, what you want to do is to
do a full salt water flush. Now I’m gonna show you in
a second what enema means. Enema means, that you’re going to the pharmacy and you’re
getting one of these, okay? Over here, you just fill that with water, you hang it up and this part, goes up your ass. Okay it’s very simple. You open the valve, and it starts pouring and you’re actually filling up from your asshole up a little bit. (chuckling)
Into your digestive system. And you put inside here, warm water. Some people would say distilled water. It doesn’t have to be. Some people would say coffee,
some people would say, lemon and a little bit of salt. It’s just to help with the cleaning. The hot water, or the
medium hot water, they help because it cleans up
everything a little bit better. From my own experience, which I do this at least once a month. After I got rid of the first
fear of doing it, you know. This whole thing has about two liters. I usually put, the first course,
I put about half a liter. And then you sit, you go like that, you clean everything inside. You let the warm water just clean everything from the inside. As long as you can hold it. Usually it’s about five minutes. I listen to some channelings
while I’m doing it, or other YouTube
sessions, stuff like that. Take it out. And then when it’s a little bit clean, or the hard parts are
a little bit cleaner, then you can do the whole
other liter and a half. And then try to keep it inside
of you as much as you can. It’s not going to hurt. Not some people do it a different way. This is my own way of doing it. I’ve been doing it for years. And as you probably know,
if you’ve been following me, I’m a very, very, healthy
person and I study everything as deeply as I can before I do it and before I recommend
to subscribers to do it. The other way of doing it, which is called a salt water flush, that method is that you take
a whole one and a half liter of any type of water,
usually I will ask you to drink distilled, or
fountain water that you buy. Not the crap that the
government puts in our sinks. And you take about two teaspoons or one regular spoon of sea salt. Himalayan sea salt, not the regular type of salt that you have. But it’s supposed to be sea salt, recommended Himalayan sea salt. You can buy this in health food stores. You put it inside. Mix it up a little bit and then take about an hour
to drink the whole thing. It’s better to do this not after you eat, meaning first thing in the morning, or after a short fast
of a few hours at least. Now what happens is that,
the body will actually try to digest it as it
recognizes the salt. And when it tries to
digest it, it will take the liter and a half as
quickly as it can through the whole digestive system. And because it’s just water, and because it’s with
salt, it will actually take the chunks that needs to be cleaned out from your entire digestive system. Now if you do this, and
this is a recommendation but also a warning, you
have to stay at home for at least three or four hours because you’re gonna go a lot of number twos. You’re gonna be on the toilet a lot and you’re gonna see a lot of stuff that is coming out of you. Now again, enema, probably you’ll have to stay on the toilet for about half an hour, put a towel down, just
lie there, play with it. Feel that you’re shifting it. You know in the beginning,
when you put the water in, you can make a handstand,
let the water wink inside, clean it with your hands
as much as you can. With this stuff you don’t have to do that. With this stuff, it just
goes through the whole system but you’re going to
waste about half a day. Don’t go on a date after you this. Don’t make any important
meetings after you do this. Don’t go to visit other people’s
parents after you do this. You know the regular recommendations. This is the main difference. I really recommend it,
that you read about it. And you should also know there’s
a lot of different methods. Some people say two spoons,
some people will say one spoon. Some people will say this
particular type of salt. Test it by yourself. Check it out, this is my recommendation. This is very minimum that you should do it is at least once a month. Some people do it once a week. And you will feel great after it. And you will see that
even if you have any sort of skin problems, it really
helps you two days after. You will feel great, you will
understand that you’ve washed down, that you’ve cleaned up something. And if you’ve never
done this in your life, the first time is the greatest. Because you’re gonna see what comes out and you’re gonna
understand that, oh my god, I haven’t had this deep
cleaning in my entire life. And you’ll want to get used to it and doing it once in a while. So my name is Ray Maor. If you like this video
just press on the like or share it if you want to. You can subscribe to my newsletter on my website (mumbling) (soft music)

100 thoughts on “How to do a full body detox using Enema or Salt Water Flush?

  1. Great video! What I like about your videos is that you don’t beat about the bush and explain everything in a simple way.

  2. I had done salt water flush many time earlier… it works… and after that diet should be very light and watery…

  3. I strongly believe the one meal a day diet regimen is all a person needs to stay healthy. That said, almost 20 years ago the doctor told me I had a tumor and that he had to cut it out and I should expect to entertain at least the idea of chemo and radiation and I told him to go to hell. I won’t go into all the details, just Google Gersen therapy.I am 70 years old and for the past 18 years, I have along with a radical diet change, done a minimum of two warm coffee retention enemas daily. Call it gross, call it yucky, call it whatever you want, but I call it healed. I have been in remission the whole time and expect to stay that way. A small amount of warm coffee in your lower extremity serves to detoxify the liver and the liver is the filter for the entire body, so keep your liver clean and it keeps your blood clean and, well, you do the math. I am healthy, on zero medications, physically fit and 70 years old; living proof. Carry-on.

  4. I jusr use the shower hose witout the head and i put it up my ass on medium water tension and warm water and cuz of the force it actually brings stuff out way more faster an no need for other stuff. I also drink huge amounts of ginger and other cleansing healing herbal teas a day. I also take turmeric-black pepper capsules every day throught the day. Lemon water is also very good but not so good for the teeth thats why i prefer an acidic thea like ginger or lemongrass! Btw the combo of peppermint and licorice thea is also amazing for the digestive track ans stomach and so is Stinging nettle thee

  5. Yeah, my first SWF was all kinds of bad 'cause I made the mistake of NOT staying close to the bathroom. #LessonLearned {giggling}

  6. Good info.. in india we still take castor oil on an empty stomach which detox and clean the digestive system. once in a month it would be good

  7. I have the same enema-devise like you have. But my one has two sticks to put on : one for the vagina-shower (the one you showed) with several holes in different heights and a shorter one with one hole on top-end, for the enema – process.

  8. 😂😂😂 Love it! Always buying a package of plants that cleanes in 1 month. I double the doses, To do it in 1/2 à month… oufff ! Lol!
    Tomorrow! Sea salt! 😊

  9. I tried this again, using more salt and 1 lt of hot water. Downed it in 10 minutes. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Now, several hours later, I’m just nauseous, more bloated and miserable. Not doing this again!

  10. I've been doing the Master Cleanse for 11 years. 2 years ago I did it for 40 days . My results were amazing. I drink Senna tea before bedtime and then in the morning I drink one quart of salt water. I mix mine up the night before and put it in fridge. For me it's easier to drink when it's cold.

    8 years ago I bought a "board" so I could start doing coffee enemas at home. I cleaned this info from the Gerson Method. I also follow Dr. Terry Whals protocol as best as I can. Her MS story is truly inspiring!

    I feel that this combination works best for me. This isn't for everyone. I believe there are additional methods out there should an I individual choose to seek them out. I have auto-immune and central nervous diagnosis.

    Shalom and blessings

  11. this vid will also be linked in the ‘LucidDream – Mind Over Matter – Pranic / Breatharian Lifestyle’ Documentary I am about to produce, find here all about it:

    esp this vid triggers a information that wants to connect:
    I want to cross-mention Ayahuasca as a great detoxic-flush of the digestive system and organs, squeezing you out ! – even more than a enema or salt flush can do – without having to drink a lot, it's purifying and opening up … one Ayahuasca flush can shortcut 3 days of suffer-fasting – no healing crisis, no missing power, no hunger (after a initiation of at least 3-5 times aya to detox you and raise your frequency) … also get informed about Sapo Kambo Frog Medicine (see article on, what is one of the deepest detoxifications and spiritual aligning / emotional cleaning one can undergo in only 20 minutes … this can ease long periods of dryfasting so so much … find all do-it-yourself info at

  12. I was about to buy himalayan salt and i see some videos in you tube saying that seasalt migth kill you..pls help me on this. thank u

  13. I’m sorry there is no way on earth you should put hot water in a enema it should be lukewarm or room temperature not hot you could cause serious damage using hot water you need to be more responsible with your information!

  14. I don’t have school or practice today. I’m going to wreck my intestines and clean out whatever my mom been feeding me the past 16 years. I’ll come back with result and video.

  15. Hi, Ray, thank you for sharing the info, could you please explain how often to do the flush,I’ve tried 1 day (after video- never done before) but it happened somehow worse for my digestive system (constipation and unease) , thanks a lot in advance

  16. nothing really happened yet–but my sinuses finally started draining, and they've been kinda stuck through all the storms that have come through in the last week–not really stuffy, not any pain or even pressure, but I could feel and hear some congestion. hope more will happen today (I did this cleanse last night before bed–probably better to do in the morning). thanks for the idea, though

  17. Hi Ray.

    I sipped 1 liter with 1.5 tablespoons of sea salt in 70 minutes and also 750 ml of water with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar.
    I peed a lot over the next 2 hours, but no poo.
    I felt very sleepy, and my tummy only gurgled a tiny bit.

    After 3.5 hours , I inserted glycerin suppositories and release the lowered poo.

    If nothing happen after 5th hour, I m thinking of doing a Camille tea enema?

    Any thoughts as to why , I didn’t get cleansing action?
    I do have a good effect with just 1 tsp castor oil.


  18. I did the salt flush first but thought I had to drink all water in 10 minutes. I felt like puking so I didn't drink all of it. At 40 minutes mark I barely made it to the bathroom on time. Over 8 trips to void (lost count) and The smell was soooo foul I was glad to be alone and was close to puking again, candles and essential oil didn't help at all. Lots of liquid and lots of small 'pelts'. I've attempted 4 enamas, I can't hold much water nor can I hold it very long (7 minutes). I'm very exhausted after…not refreshed at all…do I still have more to flush out you think?

  19. hi. i was taking tramadol for years. i want off of it. what can i put in the enema to help with withdrawals. it's so horrible im close to giving up. please help.

  20. I have a question: Does a salt flush destroy good bacteria? I have recently been taking (goats milk) kefir in the mornings to try to restore balance, so would doing a salt flush ruin all this?

  21. When doing the salt water flush, I want the water to be pure, so how about using coconut water with the salt water flush, would coconut water work?

  22. 1) Never use tap water for an enema!! Chlorine and its variants are not good for your rectum or colon. Plus all the other junk that's in the water!

    2) A salt water flush should be done in under 20 minutes, not an hour. Honestly, the quicker, the better since it's difficult to drink.

  23. Water: ''Not the crap that the government puts in our sinks.''  So right LOL!I haven't used tap water for anything that goes in my body (drinking water, coffee, tea, steaming vegetables, baking, etc.) in 20 years. I have about 35 one gallon bottles and a couple of 5 gallon water containers and I drive out to a spring a couple of miles from my house and get pure spring water every couple of weeks. Doesn't cost me anything but a little time to take a nice ride in the country. If anyone lives in the New England area I guarantee that they can find a spring within 5 to 10 miles of their home or work if they do  some research. I have two springs I go to, one within 3 miles of my home and one within 9 miles.

  24. I did not watch the video but will comment on the subject. Do not do either. Eat correctly and the body will heal it's self. As the ancient pholosophers use t say, " Come, let us eat for our health." The body heals it's self. There are NO medicines, pills, shots or etc. that will heal the body, they help the body to heal it's self. Thats why a doctors liscenes says, " Practicing medicine."

  25. Using a teaspoon or more of salt will that raise your blood pressure if you have high blood pressure do anyone know is it safe for people that have high blood pressure

  26. Hello ray iam suffering with rheumatoid arthritis I have digestive problems I want to follow this salt water blush
    For this we have to use only distelled water only or we can use mineral water also

  27. Please don't do it unless you get full information and knowledge.. please visit for complete information

  28. I recently did a salt flush and it did not work. I account this occurrence for the fact that I must have been very dehydrated and my body needed the H2O. And while it found the opportunity to take it, it did. But I know how well SWF clean. Excellent video today!!

  29. Is it ok to do this if you haven’t been eating clean? Would you suggest starting this to start eating clean since you won’t have all that junk inside your body craving the sugar and carbs?

  30. I do a full enema every day sometimes it can take up to 2 1/2 – 3 hours to fully flush everything out but well worth it as you feel great and everyone notices your skin

  31. First and foremost THANK YOU. I am on my 3rd day of a "3 day dry fast". Can I do the Sea salt detox immediately my fast is over?

    I said "THANK YOU", because you have just made my entire life easier from your videos, espcially from your advise on fasting.

  32. Hi ray …from last ten days i am taking himalayan pink salt with lemon and i feel like it is detoxing my body but from few days i noticed a heavy hairfall i dont understand is this a reason for hairfall…plz let me know

  33. Thank you so much!!!
    I am doing liver flush which involves enemas before and after. This gives another way of doing it.

  34. Thank you for explaining now I understand what's happening when I do an enema I'm keeping you vid for future help

  35. I seriously love you hahaah you make me laugh! You are so intelligent and I love the way you get a little embarrassed and yet still tell the truth .. You are adorable. I am on a Dry fats now and I just like to research and watch your videos when I fast for some reason. Anyway how can I contact you directly for questions? If you want you can Facebook me at "Sanna Joshy" or my Instagram is _Spiritual_Sunflower… The channel you see here is my son playing Legos hhe but you really are knowledgeable and really cool to watch and you make me s,ile and laugh so thank you for that. I love you very much 🙂

  36. Can you do the salt water flush while breastfeeding? After drinking the salt water what types of food should you eat after or throughout the day?

  37. I usually make a coffee enema. But not the salt flush . I would like to give it a try. Thanks for information. 👍
    My question is, does enema breaks the DRY fast? Coz the water and salt or coffe goes through the large intestine and it reabsorbe the stuff?
    Regards 🙌

  38. תגיד ואם אחרי השתיית מים עם מלח לא קרה שום ניקוי אבל כל הגוף נהיה נפוח,יודע מה זה ?

  39. Hello Ray,
    I tried water flush twice and it was at least two hours after meal
    First time i used two teaspoons of sea salt which i bought at salt pans from Gozo/Malta and about 2 litres of water. Drunk it as you say thorough two hours. I went many times to pie during next three hours but no nr.2
    Second time i used flaked sea salt from local Tescos and again just pie.
    Khmmm kind of works differently on me

  40. I am begging for your help PLZZZ ~ MY 20 yr old son has 6 WARTS on his fingers and I was hoping you would now what and how we can help him cause he's studying to be a Cosmetologist and everyone sees his hands ~ do u think soaking his hands In Epsom salt , Borax and Baking soda would help or do you have any other Eastern Medicine healing or cleanse that could benefit him ? I've also noticed my 8yr old beautiful daughter is starting to get one on her hand ???? Would love to hear back from you so I get some "REAL" HELP FOR MY BABIES ?

  41. So I'm on Day 18 of my water fast. Last night I did a sea salt flush & it was awesome!!! 💩💩💩 I'm a vegan so it wasn't any solids released but the release was amazing. I feel so clean inside & out & mentally. I have 12 more days on my fast & just love the higher states of consciousness I'm achieving. Much luv ppl 💕♥️💕♥️💕♥️

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