How to find accident damage – Elcometer 311 Automotive Paint Meter

How to Find Accident Damage
using an Elcometer 311 Automotive Paint Meter Hidden rework such as impact damage, respray and filled body panels can all affect a car’s resale value – – but are rarely found in public or commercial condition reports. By measuring the car’s paint thickness the new Elcometer 311 paint meter can quickly identify any rework that could affect the resale value. So how do we use the new Elcometer 311 Automotive Paint Meter? Using either Mils or Microns, press the paint meter on to the body work – it’s as easy as that. Move around the car, taking a number of readings from each panel, making sure you check body panels next to each other – – as they often show significant differences after a respray. So far the readings are consistent – indicating the paintwork is original. This paint meter instantly switches between steel and aluminium, so you can examine any metal panel without having to change a thing. Perfect for high end cars that use a combination of both. There’s a big difference in paint thickness here, suggesting there’s been rework of some kind – – it could be anything from a scratch to a filled body panel. If you ever see this reading it means the coating is over 500 microns or 20 mils thick, that means a body filler has been used. Here the paint thickness is a lot thinner which suggests this is a replacement panel, that’s not been painted properly. What’s great about this Elcometer 311 paint meter is that it displays a unique Elcometer Index Value – – a single number that determines the vehicle’s overall paint condition. The higher the value, the more likely it is the car has had rework following an incident. It’s fast too. We’ve just thoroughly examined a car, taking over 60 readings in under a minute. That’s a reading rate of over 1 per second. Using an Elcometer 311 Automotive Paint Meter will save you time and money – allowing you to inspect vehicles with confidence. For more information and training on the new Elcometer 311 Automotive Paint Meter, or other Elcometer products, visit

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