How to Find and Read Your Water Meter

[Water Droplets] [Music Playing] Hello, I’m Tasmin from Water Plus. I’m
here to talk to you about your water meter – where you can find it and how to do a reading
and send it to us. If you send us regular readings it helps us
to keep your account up to date. It can also help you to spot problems, as a higher read
than normal is a key signal that you may have a leak on your business property. Let’s start with where to find your meter. If you have a smaller business premises with
a smaller meter, the meter is usually located inside the building, near to where the water
pipe enters the premises, or outside in a meter chamber or purpose-built underground
meter box. These chambers typically have a circular or
square cover, which is easily removed so you can get to the meter. At large commercial premises you’ll often
find the meter installed externally and located underground in specific meter chambers. You
may also find that larger meters are in a purpose-built plant room or meter house. Once you’ve found your meter you can take a meter reading, but please only do this if
it’s completely safe to do so. On your meter you’ll see 4 or 5 black and
white numbers and a couple of red ones. Some older meters only have the black numbers,
but that’s ok. You only need to write down the black numbers as they measure the amount
of water that’s passed through the meter in cubic meters. This is what we bill you
on. If the numbers on your meter have 0’s at the
beginning, you need to include these too. For example, you could have a reading that
was 00379. If you’re wondering what the red numbers are
for, they measure water going through the meter in litres. You don’t need to submit
these as they aren’t used for your bill but they’re very handy if you’re trying to
detect a leak. If all taps and water-using equipment is switched off and the red numbers
are still changing it shows that water is flowing through the meter and maybe leaking
out somewhere that you haven’t noticed. You can read more about this on our website. Now back to the black numbers. Once you’ve
taken a note of them you need to send it to us. Simply visit and select
submit a meeting reading. Fill in the online form, press submit, and your reading will
be with us. It is best to send us meter reads every 6 months.
So, there you have it. Taking a meter reading is quick and easy and definitely a good habit
to get in to.

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