How to Gas Rate a Smart Meter

My name is Allen Hart and there’s been a lot
of talk about gas written and gas written on smart meters so one of the
labs on gas chap has done a little video and he said back and upload it to
YouTube so I’m just going to show you this clip from this video now so I’m
good enough good at writing a 30 kilowatt boiler on this meter so get the
stopwatch up ready to go nine nine nine start volume test 6 6 0 4
and the back of you shorten it down a bit
all right so 15 seconds all that about to go and so it so don’t so I’m just
gonna wait for it now you do is press 9 9 9 again so here we go not 7/5 8/5
so if we’d use the gas rate calculator and got first raided it’d be there so
that’s a six six zero four and then after two minutes we’ve got is read in
there which is seven five eight five and then with press calculate and then we’ve
got this gross thirty-one net twenty-eight and if we expand them
details there we can just scroll up on that just shows all rest it figures so
it’s the boiler I’ve just rated I hope that video was of some use
thanks for watching and if you look 98 the difference work sir – twenty-eight
point five two Galatz it’s well within the range so it did not say your item

14 thoughts on “How to Gas Rate a Smart Meter

  1. Cheers for the video. What gas rating app is that? I'm using a different free one but it's got a couple of annoying issues so I've been looking to try a different one.

  2. First time I came across this smart meter I didn't have a clue how to bring up the display! I guess I missed the technical bulletin. Lol

  3. I like how they roll out these meters but don't tell you how to gas rate them before they come out. A bit like air gas ratio gas valves when they came out loads of companies never had flue gas analysers. Really embarrassing when you think of it.

  4. Or the easier alternative is press zero three or four times until it says load it will give you reading of kW being currently consumed 👍

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