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What’s going on everybody. Thanks so much for tuning
in for today’s episode of Detail Garage, where we
brought in this beautiful blue Volkswagen Golf R. Recently it was taken to a body shop where it was polished incorrectly
and now it’s covered in swirls, scratches and
marring as well as holograms. Now, the last time we
tackled this subject, we had virtually the exact same car. I don’t know what it is
about these Volkswagens, but we keep getting the same
dark blue cars with holograms. But I wanted to show you
the easiest way to remove it using V36 and an orange hex logic pad. To begin any detail, you
want to remove as much of the bulk dirt and debris
on the surface as possible. So we took the car outside,
gave it a foam bath using Citrus Wash and Gloss,
which lays down a thick layer of suds which help
lubricate the surface to help prevent any kind of
future scratches and swirls, while also enhancing some of that gloss. Then we gave it a light
clay bar treatment because, although the car is new,
it’s still gonna have some kind of contamination
in the pores of the paint and that’s something you
want to remove before you start polishing because
it can create more damage. But now moving on to the polishing steps, we’re gonna be using a
TORQ 15DA which throws a 15 millimeter throw, because
this car doesn’t have a lot of intricate designs,
it’s got more of a flat panel effect so that’s
going to give us the right amount of throw as well as
the five inch pad which covers a lot of surface area. This way we’re not wasting a
lot of time or having to cover up some kind of tire (murmur). And then we’re going to refine
it after we use our V36. We’re gonna move down
to a white pad with V38, to really jewel that paint. So let’s get started. Before we begin I want
to mention a few things starting off with what
is marring and holograms. And we’ll start with marring. What that is essentially is usually during a clay bar treatment if
the clay bar goes dry or it creates a lot of friction,
that starts to flatten out the paint or it gives
this really rough look. A lot of people have probably
seen it where your paint looks kind of cloudy, and
that’s usually due to marring, which is lack of lubrication. Moving on to holograms, that’s
where you, usually with the light as it moves you can see
kind of a faint ghost trail, or a buffer trail as
it’s commonly known as. As that’s because of either
an extreme angle of the pad, which means that you’re not
placing it flat on the surface. It’s digging in creating a hot
spot on the edge of the pad. And this is cutting at an uneven
rate and that’s what gives you that kind of cloudy look
as well as that hologram look. But the way to remove
that is machine polishing. Now obviously that’s going
to remove a fine layer of your clear coat, but it
also removes the scratches, the swirls and any other
kind of defects that are on the surface layer of the clear coat. Now also, why we’re using V36
is because, as I mentioned, this car was just polished
and I’m not sure exactly how much paint was taken
off in the initial polish, so since it’s a new car we
don’t wanna remove as much possible clear coat as
we can and we want to do the least aggressive approach first. This way we can have as much clear coat for as long as possible. So now we’re gonna go down
here and grab our machine. The TORQ 15DA which I mentioned
has a 15 millimeter throw, this is going to cover a lot of area and since this car, again,
has very flat panels, we don’t need something
that we’re going to have to necessarily use in a
tight controlled throw. But we also have our
orange hex logic pad and why we’re using that is
because this is going to be a heavy polishing pad
which has a minor cut. So this gives you that
perfect combination of, again, using the least aggressive
approach while also refining it and giving you that mirror finish. Because in some cases you
can even finish with V36 if you work in properly, but for this car, since it has this really deep blue paint, we’re going to do a two step polish. Which means one step with
the orange pad and V36 and the second step with
a white pad and V38. But to begin we’re gonna shake up our V36 and apply five dime size dots to the pad or about the size of one hex. And the reason why we use
five is so that we can let the polisher create enough
friction and also diminish the polish, let it do it’s job thoroughly. And then to prevent any
kind of excess heat, we’re gonna use some
polishing pad conditioner. This also kind of helps to
save your pad so if you’re replacing your pads often,
you probably wanna invest in a kind of polishing
pad conditioner or maybe use less product which
will help save the foam. Now we’ll go back up here and
we’re gonna blotch it out. And on the lowest speed setting
we’re going to spread it out and on the highest speed
setting that’s where we’re gonna be doing our polishing. What a dual action does is
it’s going to oscillate in one central area as well as
oscillating around that area, so it’s creating two motions. And when you’re polishing,
you want to make sure that the machine is
completely flat because again, that’s going to prevent
the holograms and marring and then you wanna do,
apply a light pressure, about the weight of your
hand is good enough, you want to make sure that
the pad is still spinning because if it stalls
out or if it slows down you’re not polishing. It’s basically just going to
be vibrating on the surface so you wanna make sure that
it’s spinning at all times. This way it’s properly
diminishing polish and that’s where you’re finding that clear coat. And then we’re going to also
make sure that we’re not dipping and diving too much
front to back because, again, that’s going to create
holograms so you wanna keep it nice and flat on the surface there. And use it on the highest
speed setting whether you’re using a dual action or random orbital, Or if you’re using a rotary, you’re probably gonna have
to fine tune your RPMs, but for today we’re gonna
use the highest speed setting which is speed setting
six on the TORQ 15DA. (polisher vibrating) So once your polish has
gone basically to clear or translucent, you want to
take a clean microfiber towel and just wipe away any of the excess. So we can check your work. I already can see that
is a huge transformation. There’s a lot of deep
lustrous blue brought back. And also I split the gas cap
here in half just to show you guys what it look like
before in case you forgot. Because it’s literally
a huge transformation, because over here you have
the marring, you have slight scratches and swirls here
and it just looks awful compared to how it should look
with this really rich blue. Now we’re gonna continue the same process around the rest of the vehicle
and then we’re going to refine it using V38 as I mention because, although this looks great,
it can always look better. So, we’re gonna do that and
then whenever you’re done with your polishing job this
is a great time to either put on a ceramic coating,
or you can put your favorite glaze sealant wax combination
on there to really enrich the shine, but more importantly, you’re adding paint protection. Now on car like this, it’s
brand new, we want it to look as best as it can for as long as possible. So having a triple combination
or even just a stand alone ceramic coating is gonna
be the best way to do that. So if you guys want to
check out these products, head over to our website, or to
your local detail garage. If you like today’s video, be
sure to give it a thumbs up and drop your comments down
below to tell us what you guys want to see in the next video,
and we’ll see you next time, right here in the Detail Garage. (upbeat music)

36 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Holograms, Buffer Trails and Swirls! – Chemical Guys

  1. Nick, just a question: If you had already detailed this vehicle before and it had the marring and holograms, then why was it back in the body shop and the same problem of marring and holograms were left all over the car? Thanks for a clear and concise explanation of how marring and holograms occur.

  2. That before polishing job was a huge yikes! I'd be interested to see a video on after polishing/waxing clean up. We've all had that white crust show up a day or 2 after polishing/waxing around trim, lights, mouldings, etc. Would be great to see how the Chemical Guys folks clean that up

  3. Some obvious advice to people is to not be like me and buy a black car in the rain. The next dry day I found out my X3 was completely hologramed.

  4. Was it new employee training day at this backyard “body shop”. I’ve seen some mistakes that leave you speechless but are caught BEFOFE they get to out of hand. The abuse to this VW is next level

  5. This happened to me as well Bodyshop ruined my black car. Filed a complaint to the attorney general in AZ and got no results. Body shop said I lied and asked them to polish my car. Now I have a great looking hologrammed vehicle. Body shop refused to pay for a professional detailer to correct their mistake. If you live in AZ and need bodywork dont use Fix It!!!

  6. I can't believe the shop that did such a terrible job would actually allow the car to be returned to the owner without fixing their crappy detail.

  7. It clearly looks that the scratches are created intentionally. There's no body in the earth that will do this terrible job.

  8. @chemical guys I have a black car with this same issue. I have the v series sample kit and black car kit with the black light glaze and v07 products. I don’t have a rotary machine, what compounds should I use and in what order, also can the car look good if polished by hand?

  9. Lol the detailer that buffed that vw shouldn’t be called a detailer….I’m thinking lazy is a better description for the individual. Either the paint was too fresh and it out gassed after buffing or he just sucked and didn’t get it hot enough to melt the da scratches together and judging by the swirl I would say he just sucked…love chemical guys products!!!

  10. went to a local Toyota dealership the other day to pick up a part and there was an older black camry there that had the worst holograms that i have ever seen in my life. i dont think i could even make out the color at first until the sun got hidden by a cloud.

  11. Awesome!! Here in Florida there are sooooo many "detailers"who just screw up alot… I am not one of them! I take it very seriously! Great products you guys have!! Song choice… You pick great songs btw!

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