How to get the most out of your smart meter | Smart Energy GB

Smart meters are here and they come with
a handy in-home display which shows you how much energy you’re using, so you can
see when you’re using a lot, work out how to use less and ultimately start
trimming your energy costs. Budgeting is easier too because you’ll be able to see
in near-real-time just how much you’re spending on your
energy in pounds and pence and that’ll help you choose the right supplier and
the tariff that works for you. With smart meters you’ll receive accurate bills so
you’ll only pay for what you’ve actually used instead of paying the wrong amount
which can easily happen with estimated bills. There are new tariffs out there to
help you save money based on when you use your energy these time-of-use tariffs
could mean that energy is offered at a reduced price or even for free during
certain times so you could end up paying less to mow the lawn, charge your devices
or use the washing machine. It’s all about paving the way to a more
energy-efficient future. Contact your energy supplier today about getting your
smart meter at no extra cost.

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