100 thoughts on “How to Guess How Many Candies Are in a Jar

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  2. 2 ways 1. If ur smart do this 2. If ur dumb or don't wanna do too much counting do this
    1.Eat the candies
    2. the answer is 0

  3. 1. is there any candy in it
    2. if it is then eat or pour it all out
    3. your answer is zero
    . .
    ____ Seems Ligit

  4. while the math is useful a lot of competitions don't really let you take the jar and measure the dimensions let alone the candies inside the jar haha sooooo… 🙂

  5. And will I be able to do that at the school summer fair where people with be watching me doing my worst maths like "What the heck" it will also probably take me 5 hours and it's only on for 3 hours.

  6. Step 1. Open Jar. Step 2. Spill All Of The Whatever Spheres. Step 3. Guess 0.


  7. here is how i do it:
    1. find the person who filled it up.(if they are mean or grumpy realize that you are screwed)
    2.try to convince the person (or one of their relatives) to tell you.
    3. if all else fails find the bags the candy came in because it might tell you how much candy is in the bag and also look around for partially empty bags of the same candy.
    4.make a rough estimate of how many candy pieces are there by adding up all the candy you saw marked on the bag(s).
    5.don't get caught!

  8. Step 1. Unscrew the lid. Step 2. Pour the candies out. Step 3. Say 0. Did you know? AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR MATH

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  10. Umm…the only times I've seen things where you have to guess how many are in a jar, you need to guess right there and then. They don't give you 24 hours to guess.

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  12. How to always get the answer right on guessing on how many candies are in the jar:
    Step 1. Open the jar
    Step 2. Empty out the jar
    Step 3: Guess 0

  13. Why would you bring a computer to the contest?? and how would you  estimate the volume if you can't take out the candy????????????

  14. Step one: just give up and live with it.
    Step two: if you don't like defeat, then count the candies on the sides of the jar.
    Step three: multiply it by three, then take away about half of the number you counted before multiplying.

  15. Someone would be my hero if they made an app specifically for this kind of calculation.

  16. I just looked up the same exact article today when determining peeps in a jar at the dentists. But I didn't use the same exact measurements as determining the peeps volume is too difficult so I just did the length. Hope I win

  17. how about get the volume of the jar, a jar with that same volume, and the same candies. Guess the amount you put in the jar.

  18. Instead of a Vernier caliper you could use a micrometer:  more precise and you don't have to hold the caliper over a ruler to get the measurement.

  19. If the candy is conical (such as kisses) use Pi x r^2 x h = volume per candy.  Then the challenge is estimating the airspace: this varies by how much settling has occurred during packing, transit, shaking by users, etc.

  20. 1. dump all the candy out
    2. you can see the answer clearly now, it is 0 because all the candy has been dumped out

  21. Explain where you get the percentages for step four and I would like to see you run the numbers, not just explain how to do it.

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