How to install a Korky Ultra Water Saver Toilet Flapper

Hi i’m Jewels and welcome to in the tank with
Korky. Today I will be your personal guide in showing you how to install the Korky Ultra
Water Saver Flapper. As always with the Korky the installation is easy and this flapper
will take you less than ten minutes to install. The first step is to shut off the water supply
to your toilet, then flush your toilet. Then mark the water level with a pencil and drain
the excess water. Remove the old flapper and install the Korky Ultra Water Saver Flapper.
Attach the flapper ears to the tabs on the flush valve. Then attach the flapper chain
to the flush lever with minimal slack. Turn the water supply on and let the tank fill
completely. Now, turn off the water and flush. If the water level drops within a half inch
of the pencil mark your installation is complete. If not, rotate the white band to the open
position … and turn your water supply on and let your tank fill completely. Now, turn
your water supply off and flush. If the water supply is still not within a half inch of
the pencil mark the Korky Ultra Water Saver Flapper allows you to fine tune your flapper
for optimal control. Adjust the dial to align with the next lowest number using the arrow.
Repeat the process by turning the water supply on and let your tank fill completely. Then
turn your water supply off and flush. The dial can be further adjusted until the water
level is within a half inch of the pencil mark. For the most popular toilet settings,
see the back of the flapper card. If you need further assistance with the installation of
the Korky Ultra Water Saver Flapper, please visit our website, or contact us at 1-800-LAVELLE

4 thoughts on “How to install a Korky Ultra Water Saver Toilet Flapper

  1. You aren't saving any water by adjusting it this way. To save water, you want the flapper to close sooner, so you want the new water level to be above the pencil line, the higher it is, the more water you are saving.

    This video shows you how to adjust the new flapper to use just as much water as the old flapper.

  2. I've had mixed results with this product. The first one I installed was perfect. The white bands on the next two were sticky and I needed to use slip-joint pliers to turn them; there was no way to get them to move with fingertip power alone. Of the two sticky flappers, the dial on the bottom of one had no detent action and I had to use a piece of electrical tape to keep it in position; I'm considering taking it back to the store for an exchange, or I may have to resort to a dab of glue to keep the dial from turning. Come on, Lavelle, you can do better than that!

    That said, this flapper design could save Americans hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars in unneeded toilet fixture replacements, turning old 5-gallon-per-flush units into the equivalent of 1.6 gallon-per-flush toilets. Adjust the valve so that it barely flushes the toilet with a 2-second tug of the handle to remove liquid waste; hold the handle down for a complete flush of solid waste. I have an old high-volume flush toilet that now uses about 1 to 1.5 gallons to flush liquid waste, greatly reducing water usage. It just takes a little "potty training" to learn to operate the flush lever the new way.

  3. The apartment installed one of these flappers and a fill valve because the old one was leaking. After installation, the water line wasn't as high as it was supposed to be so I adjusted the fill valve. After adjusting the fill valve, I had to hold the handle for everything to go down. I thought maybe they put putty in the air pocket under the flapper but instead, I discovered a dial. I turned the dial to the largest hole and closed the white ring. I didn't have to hold the handle but now the toilet was taking two gulps/flushing twice. I found this video and the instructions online. Now my toilet works better than any other toilet I've used. I like how you can adjust how much water goes in the bowl. I take pretty big dumps so made it to where a lot of water goes in without the toilet taking two gulps.

  4. I just purchased this, hoping it would be the end of flapper hell with my Kohler. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to rotate the band until I realized there was no band. I purchased the Ultra High Performance No. 100.

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