You’re 100 and 200 series lawn tractors now have the ability to communicate with your mobile device via the MowerPlus Hour Meter Connector this innovative Bluetooth technology keeps the status of your lawn tractor right at your fingertips Today we will show you how to install this device on your tractor Remember before installing any attachments be sure to recognize safety info understand safety signals and be familiar with your installation instructions Let’s begin Park the tractor safely on flat ground engine off parking brake set deck down and key removed next disconnect the spark plug wires Remove the wire harness from the ignition switch and connect the wire harness to the our meter connector from the kit Plug the Hour Meter module firmly into the ignition switch Making sure you hear a click to ensure the connection is fully seated Connect the our meter module to the ignition switch Reconnect the spark plug wires and close the hood All you need to do now is download the John Deere MowerPlus app on your phone Add your tractor to your profile and follow the instructions on the screen for setting up your Hour Meter Connector Turn the key on to the run position For more information visit JDParts.Deere.com. Thank you for choosing John Deere.

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