How to lift 50lbs of animal feed

Hi my name is Jonathan Miot director of
the Santa Fe College teaching zoo and the zoo animal technology program. Today we
will be demonstrating how to move a 50-pound bag of feed correctly and
safely. We will be demonstrating this to you so that you learn how to do this
throughout your entire career without injuring specifically your back.
You’ve always been taught lift with your legs and we’ll be demonstrating that
technique today. We ask you to understand and practice this technique so when
you come into the program you’ll be able to perform it on your first day of class
if you do have any questions about how to perform this technique please let us
know thank you and good luck. So when you begin the test the bag of feed will be
in front of you you can have either of your knees on the ground so you can have
either your left your right knee on the ground whichever is your stronger knee.
From here you will begin to lift up the bag and what you want to do is you can
hold the bag a little bit but you want to try not to grasp it too much
what you want to do is cradle underneath the bag once you get into position and
then rock that on to the knee that’s closest to the ground. From there again
you can cradle underneath it and get it onto the the higher noon at this point
you can stabilize yourself at any time you want to get your hands underneath
the bag again and lift it onto your shoulder and then once you’re stable you
go you move into a standing position once you’re standing, when we ask you
to do this as an exercise we will have you walk 50 feet for this exercise we’ll
just show you how to put it back down onto the ground and you do the the
entire process in reverse moving it back to one knee
and then sliding it off to your other knee once you’re stable, and
then sliding it onto the ground and then the bag is on the ground so
again notice that the bag was not grasped very much at any one point and
you can take a pause at every movement to stabilize yourself and make sure
you’re stable please again practice this technique become full with it and be
ready to perform this once you get into the program if you have any questions
feel free to contact us thank you

3 thoughts on “How to lift 50lbs of animal feed

  1. 1st of all you should be the one getting fed if you cant pick up 50 lbs. 2nd of all if you arent strong enough to pick it up, you are not going to be able to single leg lunge it up. You put your core abdominals in a weird position when you are taking a knee and if you move the weight onto your shoulder your back is going to feel it eventually. Dont take lifting advice from people who dont lift please.

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