How to loose 7 Kg weight in just 1 week | Chia Seeds Weight Loss Drink | Sabja Seeds for Weight Loss

Hello Friends, this is Aditi and you are welcome to my kitchen. Today I will share an excellent weight loss drink recipe. This weight loss drink is especially good for loosing belly fat. this drink will make you loose 4-5 kgs of weight in no time. you will notice its effect within 1 week it will not only remove your belly fat, but will simultaneouly remove excess fat from across the body in a nutshell this drink recipe is a very good fat loss formula and it will do its work quite quickly. Before we start video don’t forget to subscribe my channel to do that click on red colored subscribe button also click on bell icon to get latest video notifications let’s start take one glass normal water Add 1 tsp chia/sabja seeds You can get chia/sabja seeds easily from any departmental store. Chia comes in black and grey color We will leave chia seeds for half an hour in a glass of water. Now these seeds will swell up and come into jelly form you can also leave them soaked overnight as you can see these seeds have swelled up Chia seeds are very good for our body It contains antioxidants which are really good for our skin. It contains lots of dietary fibre which makes us feel full due to which we don’t over eat it contains calcium, protein, phosphorous, pottasium, magnesium, vitamin B1, B2, omega 3 fatty acids this drink also helps in removing constipation. it also controls excess cholestrol. chia seeds/ sabja seeds are extremely beneficial for our body you will feel differency in your body within 1 week. add cinnamon powder (only in morning drink) keep in mind to use 1/4th tsp cinnamon powder only once in a day in morning those suffering from thyroid or sugar can also take this drink preganant ladies and those who breastfeed should NOT take this drink Those suffering from diabetes should not add honey honey is very good for our body and helps in boosting metabolism. It also improves the taste of this drink. we have to mix it properly and completely our drink is ready! this drink also maintains our bodies optimum pH level chia drink makes us full and stops overeating, thus reducing weight so let us now talk about the timings for taking this drink first drink we have to take in morning on empty stomach after having it you should not eat anything for 30-60 minutes we have to take this drink 3-4 times a day in the night, take either just before going to sleep or 30 minutes after dinner. this is very good for boosting bodies metabolism. take this drink regulary till you achieve your weight loss target also take care not to eat deep fried and junk food while you take chia seed drink If you liked this video, please hit like button, also share your experience Don’t forget to subscribe my channel. Also share with your friends! so let’s meet in a new video with new topic.. till then bye.. bye..

100 thoughts on “How to loose 7 Kg weight in just 1 week | Chia Seeds Weight Loss Drink | Sabja Seeds for Weight Loss

  1. Aap Amazon India se bhi Chia Seeds Online Order kar sakte hai:
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    agar breastfeed wali lady ko weight reduce karna hai to dieting nahi karni kyuki doodh nahi banega.. uske liye aap ye wali drink use kar sakte hai.. Jeera Water for Fat Loss:

  2. It do fat loss and weight loss fast….i loose 5 kgs in a 15 days near about…damn effective…mene bs alag way se liya tha….do try dis… can loose overall weight of anyone in 2 months….i m doing it…n ya chia seeds & basil seeds are different …basil seeds are sbja seeds….all d best guys do try dis

  3. Sab jhut ye maine kai month use kia tha isko meri farnd ne btya tha hua kuch bhi nh kahi month kia tha ye pine mai bhi gilga lagta hai agr aaap ko wait lose karna hai to mujhe cmnt m btaye maine 20 kilo kia hai apna wait lose wo bhi bina kuch kiye

  4. Ma'am, I am 68 kgs with a height of 5ft 5 inches. Can I reduce from 68 to 55 kgs with this drink? How long do I have to take this?

  5. Paani ke saath saath iss bhi khana hain mam ya sirf sirf pani peena ye batao mujhe mam subha na lekar after dinner le sakte hain?

  6. Mam please check what you are saying Chia seeds and sabja seeds are completely different, don't create confusion

  7. I did it for 8 days and guess what !! I didn't lose even 700 gms! Nothing is substitute for exercise and diet control ! Do not waste time & money trying this!

  8. Chia seed and sabja is different, sabja is known as basil seeds, the two seeds are very different, gather some information before doing video, do not confuse viewers ??????

  9. Sorry, this is not chea seed. It's basil seed locally call tokma. And PL don't touch food with left hand at least when u r going to post the video. It seems nasty.

  10. Mai 100 kg se 65 karunga.. blog banake youtube pe upload vi karunga .. please subscribe my channel to motivate me .

  11. U said to take it empty stomach in morning..wat if someone is taking thyroid pill those pill are to b taken firstly in morning..
    Plz reply

  12. Plz mujhy jawab den Kya such me weight loss hoga Meri ShAdi hai mujhy weight loss krna hai mujhy reply kren

  13. The Seed you used are Basil Seeds Not chia seeds you can check the difference between the Two and Chia Seeds are bit Brown in colour.

  14. और कुछ नहीं खाना है क्या, सिर्फ चिया सीड्स का ड्रिंक पीना है सारे दिन…???

  15. hi mam tell one qus plzz this chia seeda yah sajba seed m confused jo vdo mein use kr he wo konsw seeds plzz tell me

  16. Hi madam

    You told that take this in 4 to 5 times in a day there is any side effects for it and what diet we should take with this
    Please reply thank you

  17. Mam ye jo seeds h pani m golne k baad kuch minutes baad pani k saath negal jana h ki chaba kar kane k saath pina h please answer me

  18. Hello aditi please i want to ask you something ye jo aapka video hai iss may chia seeds hai ya basil seeds hai please mujhe bataye, isko hindi may kya bolte hain, jahatak mujhe pata hai k chia seeds ko sabja bolte hai aur basil seeds ko tutmalanga kahete hai please help me know which is the correct one…

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