How To Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days Safely Guaranteed

– Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. For today’s video I’m actually going to start you guys off with a question, who of you watching right now would like to lose some weight? I would. (laughs) So who would like to lose
at least 10 pounds to start? If the answer is yes,
then pause this video and go down and click on that like button so I know that you guys enjoy these type of videos and want to see more. Okay so I’m gonna go ahead and make this deal a little bit sweeter, what if I told you that
you could actually lose 10 pounds in just three days and, more importantly, it is completely safe? So I hope by now you’re interested but this video is going
to be about a diet plan where you can safely lose
10 pounds in three days. You can do this plan once a week and you can essentially lose
up to 40 pounds in a month if you follow the plan exactly. And it is completely safe, my mom, who is actually the person who taught this to me or shared it with me, my mom has been doing it for
years, no, not even years, my mom has been legit
doing this for decades. I remember when I was seven years old before my brother got married, she actually used this diet as
well and she got super skinny and she has actually been trying to get me to do it for years and I’m upset that I
didn’t try this out sooner. I was a little bit skeptical at first, I’m gonna be 100% honest with you guys. I was like, yeah ma,
like this is gonna work. 10 pounds in three days? But it is completely safe, you
don’t take any random pills or any weird things, no juice detoxing, you’re not starving yourself, you’re actually eating a lot
of food, which, a lot of food. So I went ahead and I
took my mom’s word for it and her experience and then I also did some of my own research and I tried it out about two
weeks ago before my birthday just so I could drop a
little bit of extra weight. I did get a lot of
compliments on my birthday and the couple of days before, like hey, you’re losing
weight, what’s going on? And I will pop in a picture
from me in my birthday dress. A lot of people said that I looked a lot slimmer in the photo, I don’t know. So I guess it works but anyway, I weighed myself to begin with
and I was 132 when I started and I lost seven pounds in the three days. So I didn’t lose 10 pounds
but I do think I know why and I’ll explain that to you in a second. So I have my little photocopy
here of the actual diet that my mom has had for
like 20 or 30 years. And on the diet it says it
must be followed exactly, lose 10 pounds in three days. And then it goes on to
break down the first day, the second day, and the third day and exactly what you’re supposed to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I do have vlog footage of
when I did the actual diet, showing everything that
I ate for each meal and I will pop that in at the end of this kind of informative portion for you guys. On the paper it also says, and I confirmed this with my research, the diet works on a chemical
breakdown and it is proven. Do not vary or substitute
any of the above foods. Salt and pepper may be used
but no other seasonings and this diet is to be
used three days at a time. In three days you will lose 10 pounds. After three days of dieting, you can eat your normal
foods but do not overeat. After your normal days of eating, you can start back on your three days. You can lose up to 40 pounds a month if you stick to this diet. It is a safe diet, remember
not to snack between meals. So I went ahead and I did
my research and I found out, I don’t remember the doctor’s
name off the top of my head but I will pop it in here in text. But there is a doctor
that created this diet and what it does basically
is the different foods, there’s a chemical breakdown that goes on in your body with these different foods and what they do is they
increase your metabolism, they increase your fat burning rate, and they help you to lose
the weight in just three days while you’re eating these meals. Now when your three days are done, you could eat normally,
just don’t go crazy, don’t like buy a whole entire cake and eat the whole cake
and things like that, just have your breakfast, lunch, dinner. You could have a little like
healthy snack here and there, just try to make better eating decisions. If you wanna have a piece of cake or a little bit of ice cream,
go ahead, have a portion. You know, don’t overdo it. I actually did have my birthday cake and I still haven’t gained back, I gained back two pounds
because I literally finished the entire birthday cake
myself in like four days. But I did gain back two of
the pounds that I had lost but I’m sure that’s gonna, you know, that’s all the birthday
cake sitting in my tummy. But I did it the week before my birthday and that first week I didn’t
gain back any of the weight, I gained it back the next week
after I had my birthday cake. So I do wanna discuss why I feel that I didn’t lose the 10 pounds, why I only lost seven,
which is still great, I’m not complaining at all, trust me guys. But it says not to snack between meals and not to vary from the diet. I didn’t vary ingredients
or anything like that or what the food actually is. But on the second day,
as part of the dinner or after dinner snack you’re supposed to have half a cup of vanilla ice cream and on the first day one
cup of vanilla ice cream, so I accidentally had one full
cup on the second day too. So you know, I didn’t do the half a cup, that could be part of the reason
and also with the dinners, the dinners were very
abundant all three days and I didn’t finish the entire plate, I ate about half of it only and my mom was like you
have to eat the food. Like even if it takes you an hour, if you take a break between,
you just gotta finish it because the food works
together in a certain way that that’s what gonna
help you lose the weight. And I’m like yeah yeah mom, I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it, and I just, I’m like I’m
full, I don’t want anymore. So I lost seven pounds,
which is still great. The meal choices are
actually not that bad, I was a little bit skeptical just because I’m a very picky eater and I’ve never tried tuna before. I never tried grapefruits before, what else did I not try previously? I think that was it. Oh and I’m not a real big fan of coffee, which you do have to have
coffee for breakfast. Actually tuna is not that bad, so I went ahead and I tried
it, it’s not that bad at all and the grapefruit was
sweet, it was really good. The black coffee I just
hated but whatever, it’s only three days, guys. Oh and beets, I’d never
tried beets before, they were okay, they weren’t that good. But I will have a blog post
accompanying this video that has the complete diet
listed and written out for you exactly how I have
it here on this paper, so that you guys can
have all the information. I’m also going to have the
vlog footage of each meal, showing you guys the portion
sizes and what it looks like. And what else did I wanna tell you? Just to kind of give you an idea, the last day for dinner, for example, you’re supposed to have one
cup of tuna, which is a lot, I actually used measuring
cups and everything to make sure that I got the right amount and it was a big amount. One full cup of beets, one
full cup of cauliflower, half of a cantaloupe, like
a whole half of a cantaloupe and half a cup of vanilla ice cream. So what I would do is actually have like the food together for dinner and then like an hour later have the fruit and the ice cream kind of as a dessert. But it is like I said
a nice amount of food, the lunches are a little
bit on the lighter side. But the breakfasts are pretty good and it is enough to hold
you through the day. One thing that my mom also told me, which I was surprised to
find was true was that on this diet you don’t feel
hungry throughout the day. The food is abundant
enough to keep you going until the next meal and in between you’re supposed to drink water just to help flush out your system and a lot of the times I think
the statistic is pretty high, like 80% of the time, I’m
not sure on the number, but I know a big percentage of the time when you think that you’re hungry and your body feels hungry,
you’re actually just thirsty. But hunger and thirst is
like the same feeling for you so some people just really
can’t distinguish it. So drink a glass of water before you eat. If you know that you ate like an hour or two ago,
drink a glass of water, maybe your body is just
thirsty, needs to be hydrated. So that is what I was doing
and I was going around with my little thingy of water whenever I had to go somewhere and I just drank water throughout the day. The last thing that I will mention before I pop in the vlog footage is that dieting is a lot of
times more mental than anything, especially if you’re gonna go out or you’re gonna go to work and see like food stores and things like that. A lot of times temptation
is the hardest part. I know that’s the case with me and I’m sure with a lot
of other people as well. But the thing that I like about this diet is that it is only three days. So I kept reminding myself like it’s just three days,
it’s just three days. And you know how the first day you usually start strong like yeah, I’m not tempted today,
blah blah blah whatever. That’s fine, you get over the first day, then comes second day, you’re already like I wanna go to, I don’t know,
Applebee’s or whatever. I just kept telling myself, dude, like there’s only two more days, just today and tomorrow and that’s it and then I can eat normal again. And I would think like
okay what am I gonna get? I started on Sunday, so it was Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday for me. I was like what am I
gonna eat on Wednesday? Maybe I could go get this
and then just switch back into today is Monday and
today I’m eating on my diet. It’s kind of like a mental trick that you play with yourself
but that helps a lot as well. And I hope that this
can help a lot of people because I know weight is a huge
struggle for a lot of people and it’s sad to say but your weight really does affect how you
feel about yourself sometimes, even though it definitely
should not at all because you are the same
person at any weight. Sometimes it does and sometimes
we just get a little bit sad when we get those extra pounds. So three days a week, you can lose up to 40 pounds in a month and I hope this will help you guys, 10 pounds in three days is a
great deal for me in my world. So I definitely wanted to
share with you guys after I tried it myself, I was like
okay, this actually works. I definitely wanted to share
it with you guys as well and I hope that it works for you guys. Let me know in the comments
below if you do try this out and how it worked out for you, I would love to see
your before and afters, you can send them to me
on Instagram or my email, Facebook, I’ll have all
of the links down below in the description as well. And yeah guys, I’m
really excited for this, I am really excited that it works and I can’t way to see how you
guys enjoy the diet as well. So I love you guys all very much and I will now pop in the vlog footage so you guys can watch that. Don’t forget to like, comment,
and subscribe for more videos and if you guys want more
health and fitness stuff, let me know because I am going on more of a healthy life journey type of thing, which I have mentioned in my
previous couple of videos. But if you guys want more videos like this or more workout routines,
more dieting things, healthy eating, some actual
like food preparation videos or snacks, things like that, let me know and I will be glad to
do that for you guys. So, I love you all very much and I will see you really
soon with another video. Happy Monday, guys, and have a great week. And stay tuned for the
vlog footage right now. Okay so it is Sunday morning, September 7th and I’m doing day one. So I have some black coffee, yum, half of a grapefruit, two
tablespoons of peanut butter, I’m using the creamy Jif reduced fat and one piece of toast and
I’m using whole wheat bread. And this is my breakfast! Alright, it is time for lunch, so it’s 12:30, 12:23 right
now and I’m gonna have lunch. And it’s another disgusting
black coffee with nothing in it, a slice of toast, I’m using whole wheat, and four ounces or half a cup of tuna. I’ve actually never tried tuna before, so this is going to be interesting. Alright, it’s time for dinner. So I was supposed to have three ounces of any kind of meat, so I made pork chop, one cup of beets and
one cup of string beans, these are cut green beans. I’ve never tried beets before, so I don’t know if I’m gonna like that but this is my dinner,
then I’m also supposed to have a fruit and some ice cream but I’m gonna wait a little while and then have that in like an hour or so because this is a lot of food. And it’s 6:09 right now. Okay, it is 8:13 and this
is my last food for the day, which is one small apple and
one cup of vanilla ice cream that I’m going to savor so much right now. Okay so it is day two
and this is my breakfast, my first meal for today and we have one egg, so I just made it scrambled, half of a banana, one slice of toast, and a cup of coffee or
tea but just plain black, no milk, no sugar, which
is (disgusted grunt) and that’s my breakfast. Alright, it’s time for my lunch meal and it’s one o’clock right now, 1:06. I had breakfast at 8:30, I
don’t know if I mentioned it. But for lunch it’s one
cup of cottage cheese and five, count them,
five saltine crackers. So it’s small lunch but I have a bigger dinner coming up later. Alright guys, so it is
time for my dinner meal. Again, written with the dinner is included some ice cream and a fruit, but I’m not gonna have that now, I’m gonna have that little bit later because it is just too
much for me to eat now. So for dinner I am having today, two hot dogs, one cup of broccoli and half a cup of carrots and water because the only thing
I can drink is water. Alright guys, last night at
like 10 I got home kind of late, I had the rest of my dinner which was one cup of vanilla ice
cream and half of a banana, so the rest of the half from
what I ate in the morning. So now it is day three, it’s
Tuesday, September 9th today and this is my last day, thankfully. So for breakfast I have
five saltine crackers, one slice of cheddar cheese
and one small apple and coffee. Okay it’s lunchtime, it’s
about one o’clock right now and for lunch is one slice of toast and one hard boiled egg and water. So now day three, this is my dinner. One cup of tuna, one cup of cauliflower and one cup of beets,
which I just heated them up a little bit and then mashed them like you would mash mashed potatoes because I thought it
would be easier to eat than eating the big chunks
but I don’t know, we’ll see. And then fruit and some ice cream as well but I’m gonna have that a little later. Alright guys, so it’s about
nine o’clock right now and I’m gonna have my last
part of my day three dinner which is one half of a cantaloupe and 1/2 of a cup of vanilla ice cream. Thanks for watching guys,
if you wanna see more, you can go ahead and click on the video that’s playing in the left little box, so watch my corset training video. Just information, tips,
how I do corset training and things like that, you
can click on the video in the middle box to watch
my lower body workout routine for my thighs and my butt. And you can go ahead
and click on the video in the right box to see part two of how I lost 60 pounds after pregnancy. You guys can watch part one as well but that’s more like a background story, so I put the link to part two because that’s more of actually like what I did. Also don’t forget that the full three day diet will be on my blog, so the link to that will
be down below as well. And yeah, thanks for watching and check out another video if you’d like. Don’t forget to like,
comment, and subscribe and I’ll see you guys soon, bye.

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